MST Chapter 98 : Fruit Run

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It is not wrong to say it.

The program that Ye Guang wants to do is a story-telling, similar to a story-telling program. This kind of program, all major TV stations are disgusting, and even if it is to be done, is this program used from studio outside company? I can do it in minutes.

No idea at all, how can I send it to TV station? Several TV stations saw the planner “Journey to the West storytelling TV program planner” sent over, and they did not turn it over. They refused directly. There are also several TV stations who watched the planner, but they also all refused, the planner was too ordinary, the show was not creative, right? Also counting on TV station to invest in production? Is it the burning money? Besides, if you are really interested in making a story-telling program, you can do it yourself, and we still need your Studio?

The only TV station that was a little better was Jiangxi satellite TV, Ye Guang worked on Jiangxi Radio Station, his ghost Blows out of the light is now broadcast in Radio station, for so a sudden late-night program, TV station up and down basically are clear, but also know the original author Ye Guang this person, Jiangxi TV stations received this planner case, a look is Youxianqi Entertainment, or Ye Guang Planner, the story is also he wrote, suddenly came to interest, Ye Guang they know, although the last very pity did not retain this talent, but his ability everyone still recognized, Ghost Blows out The Light’s grades are still there.

However, when looking at the complete planner case, Jiangxi TV station also gave up, only to say that you can consider the copyright of the story of Journey to the West. As for the production of the program, they are not willing to take risks.

After Jiang Fengxian said these things to Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang, the two are somewhat entangled, but there is no good way.

Liu Chiyan has no choice but to smile. “Brother Jiang, trouble you at the event, let’s run it. I really can’t think of other ways.”

Ye Guang is also very helpless. How to make a program is so difficult? No one is optimistic about such a good story?

Big Brother, you haven’t figured out the situation yet, it’s not that your story is not optimistic, but the planner is too low, the subject matter is too creative.

That night.

The Fruit Run company’s advertisement was officially aired. They put out 7 TV stations in one breath. The promotion is very strong. It can be said that they want to rely on this advertisement to make a fortune.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan in home at night also saw this advertisement, they certainly feel good, especially Yiyi, the jade carving is very cute, when she twisted their buttocks, very photogenic, but the light is not enough, the biggest role of advertising is to bring reputation and sales to the enterprise, These will have to look at the market test, or advertising to do in good, but also empty words.

Fruit Run company situation is already at risk, to tell the truth, even Ye Guang in the mind also not much confidence, dare not pack ticket said must be able to return, the main advertising too fast, soft text effect has not completely out, now advertising, in back to see soft text, discerning eye one eye can see, This is deliberately and for the promotion of advertising, the effect is naturally less than the pre-burial pits.

The next day.

A supermarket.

A young girl in front of the shelves to pick drinks, too many kinds, she a little dazzled, suddenly, she saw a “Fruit Run” really fruit drink, suddenly eyes bright, shelves Fruit Run really color, several flavors, the girl picked the mango and orange two flavors, each took two bottles and put them in the trolley.

There is a big aunt who is very enthusiastic to interject, “Hey, little lady, don’t buy this kind of drink, this drink is not clean, don’t buy it!”

The girl seems to look at the drink, and looked at the aunt again, wondering, “It’s good.”

Aunt quickly explained, “Well, their drinks are not clean.” Then she took a bottle of Fruit Run from the shelf, “You see, this thick layer is buried below, how dirty it is. If this person drinks too much, it will not cause problems to your body. And this kind of drink is still expensive to sell, much more expensive than the other ones, girl, don’t buy this, change it.”

The girl also looked at it, and there was a lot of precipitation on the bottom, but she smiled. “It seems to be true!” Aunt is enthusiastic, the girl is also enthusiastic, take the drink from the aunt, “Aunt, you misunderstood, this drink under the precipitate is pulp precipitate, not dirty things, this drink but conscience products, are made with direct fruit juice, and our home juice is the same, the most natural, most nutritious, than the other drinks do not know how many times, you see the price, if not real fruit production, they dare to sell so expensive? This is because they are real fruits, so the cost is big, and the expensive points you buy are taken for granted. If you sell cheaply, I don’t necessarily believe it.”

Aunt looked confused. “Are you saying it true?”

The girl nodded affirmatively. “Of course it is true. There are now advertisements on TV. People say, Fruit Run Beverages, fresh fruit straight squeezed, flesh visible, shake before drinking. It is the sediment of the flesh. When you drink it, shake it and shake it evenly. The taste will be better.”

It was said that the girl took a bottle Fruit Run, she really shaken in front of the aunt, then unscrewed the lid and took a sip. “Well, the taste is really good, it is the taste of the juice.” Then, the girl may be thinking of herself. This is in the supermarket. The drink has not been paid, and some of the vomiting spit out the tongue. “Oh, I forgot, I have not paid.” The girl hastened to put the lid back, “Aunt, I go to pay first, you slowly pick, but I suggest you also buy this kind of drink, anyway to buy drinks, buy that is not buy, it is better to choose this kind of drink assured, natural nutritious, although more expensive a few yuan than other drinks, but to health is not bad these few yuan?”

The girl pushed the shopping cart to the checkout counter.

Aunt stood in front of the shelf of the drink and thought.

At this time, a big brother came over. He didn’t even think about it. He started to take ‘Fruit Run’ to his stroller. She was directed at this.

Aunt spoke again. “Big brother, you buy this drink too.”

Big Brother is not as enthusiastic as the girl in front, but still faintly explained, “Well, make juice at home is too much trouble. This kind of drink is the same as the juice at home. Just buy it directly, and although you can’t compare it with your own juice. How much is it more convenient.”

During the talk, Big Brother is constantly taking the drinks to his shopping cart. Because of the recent problems in all aspects of Fruit Run, the sales volume is very poor. The sales volume of each supermarket is not much, so the number of shelves is not much. Big Brother is about to take all the drinks out, and there is no intention to close the hand. The aunt is in a hurry.

“Hey, big brother, you leave me some, I will take it!”

Big Brother: “This can’t be done. I bought this for me. I went to two supermarkets. They didn’t sell it or it was out of stock. It was hard to see it here. I want it all!”

Aunt refused. “You can’t do this. I have to take some points. I said, I will come first, big brother, you will divide me.”

Big Brother thought for a moment, adhering to the principle of respecting the old and loving the young is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation, and finally agreed to give the aunt a few bottles.

Aunt is holding a drink. In fact, there is still something in her heart that will be suspected.

Is this drink really so good?

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