MST Chapter 99 : Big sale!

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The same situation happened in various supermarkets.

A supermarket.

A little boy followed his mother shouting to buy a drink. The mother didn’t want to buy him. Drinking too much drink was bad for his health, especially for children, but he couldn’t bear the little boy to grind

When I came to the beverage area, my mother was picky. There were so many kinds of drinks. I really didn’t know which one to choose.

The little boy picked it up first. “Mama, Mama, I want this! This is the one on TV yesterday, I want this!” The little boy yelled and pointed at ‘Fruit Run’.

Mother went to get a bottle and looked at it carefully. The price was 7 yuan, um, very expensive. Looked carefully, this mother’s eyes gradually lit up.

‘Fruit Run’ has been changed to a brand new packaging, the slogan ‘Fruit Run is really printed on the wrapping paper, the fruit is straight, the flesh is visible, and shake before drinking.’ Is this fresh fruit straight squeezed? Mother’s mind instantly recalled a few days ago in the forum to see a popular Science article, the article specifically wrote what most of the memory is not clear, but the mother can remember clearly what article said, the main thing is the difference between the various drinks on the market, fruity drinks- juice drinks- fresh squeezed drink, three differences, pros and cons, The article is clear, well-organized, an instant let the mother understand the difference between the three, but also secretly decided to drink less in the future as much as possible, industrial dispensing beverage, drink really do not let people rest assured.

Unexpectedly today actually saw the direct freshly squeezed drink, no wonder sell so expensive, if is really fresh squeeze, this price is also very conscience, than their own home to buy drinks squeeze juice cost is not much higher, see the packaging on the bottom of the bottle has a pulp precipitate, shaking a shake before drinking, mom looked carefully, sure enough, the bottom of a layer of precipitation, The bottle is also visible to the naked eye to see a lot of floating pulp material.

Good! Just buy it! I want to buy this kind of drink later, don’t say anything nutritious and not nutritious, at least safer than other drink!

Hand the drink to the little boy, “Baby, hold it yourself.”

The little boy nodded happily, then twisted his ass while holding the drink.

Mom wondered, “Baby, what are you doing?”

The little boy replied with a milky voice. “That’s what TV says. Shake it before drinking.” Then the little boy shook his body hard.

Mother looked at the little boy twisting his little buttocks and smiled.


Fruit Run company.

The assistant hurried into the boss office.

“Boss, Lotte Mart, Wal-Mart, and Hualian want us to supply.”

Boss: “Isn’t it the day before yesterday?”

The assistant was still breathing, “They said… sold out! Every supermarket is almost out of stock.”

Boss was shocked, stunned, and then immediately happy, “Good! Good. Good.”

Selling until out of stock, it seems that the effect of this advertisement can be imagined.

The boss waved his hand: “What are you doing, give them supplies quickly.”

The assistant was helpless: “There is no goods. The goods in our warehouse are all gone out early today.”

“Ahhhh…” Boss is stunned, “How come this?”

The assistant was helpless and happy. “Boss, our products are on fire, it’s really hot. From yesterday afternoon to the present, the phone that requested the supply is exploding. The number of products we produced in advance is not much.”

The stock of products is really not much, there is no way, Fruit Run company has been swaying, even if there is Ye Guang’s advertisement, but they don’t have much confidence in their hearts, although some stock preparations have been made in advance, but out of caution a cautious attitude, there is not a lot of hoarding, who knows that the products are produced and sold without selling? If it is still the same as before, it must not be in its own hands. When I thought about it overnight, their products would be like this.

Out of stock, the boss didn’t say anything, “Hey, we are still too cautious, and underestimated the advertisement made by Youxianqi. No way, hurry to produce! Expand the production line! Let the workers work overtime, shift production, and the production line should not be interrupted for 24 hours!”

The assistant said yes. When he went out, the boss called the assistant again. “The new product was produced and the first time you sent 50 boxes to Youxianqi Entertainment. Thanks to them, the money from the planner also arranged for the finances to turn to them. Plus, the cost of shooting is more than 2 million, and people are beautiful, we can’t be stingy!”

The ‘Fruit Run’ series of products is really hot, and the entire Fruit Run company is full of joy and joy, and the company is back to life.

the other side.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is frowning.

Ye Guang is because of Journey to the West program. The progress is very unsatisfactory. The TV station that can vote for the planner has basically voted for seven-three or eight-two, but the responses are rejected, rejected, rejected! A little better is just the intention to buy Journey to the West copyright.

But can Ye Guang sell Journey to the West copyright?

What a joke! Even if you don’t do this show, the copyright of Journey to the West can’t be sold! This is a mythical IP! Can it be sold so easily?

Liu Chiyan also not happy, see CCTV 51 party is about to start, but she hasn’t figured out what song she wants to sing, mainly because her songs are mostly love songs, the key is that she does not want to sing other people’s songs, and her songs in CCTV 51 party singing is not very good, You don’t want to sing any songs that praises the motherland, praises the working People’s song, at least must sing some positive upward point. Everyone is feeling the glory of labor, how did the working people work hard and how hard did you say it was when you went on stage to sing love songs?

So Liu Chiyan is also tangled.

Ye Guang also saw that Liu Chiyan was not very happy. With the nature of being a good husband, Ye Guang asked, “I am not happy because of the program, what are you unhappy about?”

Liu Chiyan lying on the table and feeling feeble. “The song of CCTV May Day, I haven’t thought about what to sing, I’m so annoyed, how did I agree to participate at that time?”

“Just this?” Ye Guang didn’t care. “What’s so sad about this, isn’t that I want to give you one?”

Liu Chiyan’s eyes lit up and she stood up. “Really?”

Ye Guang: “Yes, can I still lie to you?”

Liu Chiyan was busy asking, “Come on, say, what song.”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “I can’t think of a particularly suitable one at the moment, but there is one. Although it is not to praise the motherland and praise the working people, but it is also very inspirational. It should be good to sing at May 1st party.”

Liu Chiyan like Chicken glutinous rice nodded, “OK, OK, you write it!”

Ye Guang will write songs. She knows and has seen it, otherwise the original “When you are old” where came from.

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Write? I don’t know how to write songs, what spectrum, no idea of ​​the song, I will sing to you directly.”

Liu Chiyan: “OK! Sing.”

Ye Guang is also unambiguous. “Okay, then I will sing the climax part for you to listen to. You think it is okay to sing, then sing whole song again.”

Said, Ye Guang began to sing.

“Run ahead!!!”

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