BSI Chapter 44 : Shunko Foundation

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“Sure enough, drink too much!”

Xia Yan carried Soi Fon and walked toward the Courtyard of 2nd Division. On his back, Soi Fon face was covered with blush, and her eyes closed and she slept soundly.

Xia Yan feasted the Shinigami Women’s Association, and Soi Fon Captain drank a lot of wine, and the result was drunk again.

Xia Yan can only leave with Soi Fon. He brought Soi Fon back to the courtyard building, entered the room of Soi Fon, put it on the bed, and took off the clothes for her.

The clothes inside Soi Fon are battle suits with the back and shoulders open to reveal the delicate skin.

Especially the skirt of the both legs, the two sleeves are bare near the waist. Usually, Soi Fon wears Shihakushō, which blocks this part of the body, but after taking off, it just exposes the curve of the buttocks, and she only has a C cup. The chest is different, her hips are round and sexy.

Xia Yan held the idea of ​​being innocent and looked at it a few times. He turned his attention and turned Soi Fon over and took off her shoes to reveal two smooth ankles.

Then Xia Yan put a quilt on Soi Fon and turned away.

Soi Fon didn’t say a word of sleep, but after Xia Yan left, Soi Fon slowly opened her eyes and her face was still full of drunkenness.

She lazily stretched out, split the quilt, leaned over, put her legs on the quilt, buried her head in the quilt, and closed her eyes to sleep.


In a twinkling of an eye, half a year has passed, Renji, Kira Izuru, Rukia and the others officially graduated. Like in history, Aizen has invited three people, Renji, Kira Izuru and Hinamori Momo, but  Renji has long set goals at 11th Division and entered 11th Division.

In the fifth grade, Kira Izuru entered Kaidō Talent and entered 4th Division medical special training class in the sixth grade. He rejected Aizen invitation and entered 4th Division.

Hinamori Momo also showed Kaidō Talent, but it was even more talented on Kido, and finally joined 5th Division at the invitation of Aizen.

Although Xia Yan tried to discourage, Hinamori Momo worship of Aizen could not be shaken, only to see at her fall into the abyss.

In addition, Xia Yan mastered the High-level Hadō of all Thunder Attributes, and applied for Soi Fon to learn several High-level Hadō and Bakudō to increase their combat power.

But what makes Xia Yan regret is that he still can’t Shikai.

It’s been a long time since he got Zanpakuto, and he can’t Shikai for five years, so Xia Yan has some regrets.

I already have a sixth-class Reiatsu. Why don’t I can’t Shikai compared to other Vice-Captains and three seats?

Or is it still not recognized by Zanpakuto in other respects?

Xia Yan is puzzling, so he is a bit discouraged, but his main mission now is to help Soi Fon research Shunko.

“Captain, Raikōhō is an explosion with Thunder Attribute, and both the name and Shakkahō have a cannon, but the style that motivates Reishi and converts Reishi is completely different. Shakkahō is just a high-speed fireball, and the Raikōhō is a more formidable explosion. This explosion does not concentrate the Strength, it is a fan-shaped blow, and the coverage is great, but the power of each inch is not inferior to Shakkahō. I think this kind of explosion style is enough to be a burst point on the back, but it doesn’t concentrate but has the power of formidable. As for Hadō #88 Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, it is more like a light column condensed by the Thunder, which is highly concentrated in Strength and is not driven by an explosion. ”

Xia Yan took a stack of information and said to Soi Fon carefully.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Then use the Raikōhō as Shunko foundation. How do you extract the style of the explosion?”

Xia Yan replied: “I have already researched this point. I can find the style of Reishi converted Thunder by comparing Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō with Raikōhō. Then, through the Raikōhō, compare Tsuzuri Raiden to Shakkahō, and find the Reishi style that Raikōhō can’t concentrate and explode. This is the information I have summarized. ”

Soi Fon took the information, however, it was found that thousands of experimental data were recorded above. Each time the data changes and differences are presented on paper, so she asked: “You have tried so many times.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “In order to find a suitable method, we must constantly try to find commonalities and differences, and peel off a little.”

Soi Fon sighed and said, “Thank you.”

Xia Yan many studies have been based on a concept she proposed, and he has paid so much to make Soi Fon very moved.

Soi Fon is not easy to thank, but once it is said, it proves that she put your efforts in my heart.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Captain does not have to thank, this battle style, I am also looking forward to it.”

Soi Fon smiled and asked, “Have you found a conversion style and inspired style?”

Xia Yan pointed to the information and said: “At the end.”

Soi Fon turned to the end of the document and frowned. “I only understand a part, but I don’t fully understand how to do it.”

Xia Yan said: “It is very difficult to describe in words. Let me demonstrate it first.”

Xia Yan said, raising his arms, not seeing his curse, his arm suddenly rises up countless electric lights, spread on his arms, and more and more electric light gathered at the arm, and then burst.


Xia Yan fist squatted and hit the ground, the next moment, a violent explosion rising on the ground, and the smoke was filled.

When the smoke dissipated, a huge pothole appeared on the ground, half a meter deep, about five meters in diameter, and the surrounding stones were cracked.

This is only a preliminary attempt. It only relies on the explosion to increase the Strength and there is room for promotion.

Before you know that Zaraki Kenpachi has not been unsealed, Slash can break several buildings, and after Shikai, you can smash the meteorite.

This is the combination of the meat Stamina volume and the Reishi. Xia Yan feels that Soi Fon can’t get the Zaraki Kenpachi Demons and Gods-like body, but the Reishi conversion with Kido should also have the power to crush the tall buildings.

Although the current improvement is still very weak, Soi Fon is very satisfied and said: “The power is good.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “My body can only support this level of Kido for the time being. If it is Soi Fon Captain, the power can also improve a grade.”

Soi Fon is looking forward to it and said seriously: “Please teach me.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Well, I will explain it to Captain a little bit. The first is to convert Reishi. In fact, there are many acupuncture points and veins in the human within the body. This Attribute Kido is inspired by specific acupuncture points and veins. ”

In Shinigami, acupuncture points are real, such as locks and sleepiness. The former is the Spiritual Body’s acupoints that produce spiritual power, and the latter is the human body’s vital point. The former is hit and destroyed, which will cause the loss of spiritual power. The latter will be hit, which will make people coma.

Ishida Uryū used this method to deprive Shinigami powerhouse.

Xia Yan carefully compares the running styles of each Attribute Kido, and finds that many of the same Attribute Kido are converted by Reishi for specific lines, first forming energy.

Xia Yan called these lines, Spirit line, and Xia Yan not only summed up Hadō of Ray Attribute, but also Fire Attribute and Wind Attribute.

As long as you can research Thunder Attribute Spirit line, it is very likely that you will study Spirit line of other Attributes.

Xia Yan taught Spirit line and inspired Reishi’s style to Soi Fon. It took almost four days for Soi Fon to use Thunder Attribute Kido.

But after the Thunder Attribute Kido erupted from the back, the force was introduced into the body limbs, the amount of energy poured into each part, and the distribution of energy, all of which required Xia Yan to combine the human body style and the body composition of each person to continue research.

As for how to integrate with Hakuda, Soi Fon is needed to explore.

Combining the two into a perfect combat style requires countless trials and a long time.

But no matter what, the Shunko foundation has been laid, time and effort will harvest the fruit.

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