BSI Chapter 43 : Shinigami Women’s Association

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“Yachiru Vice-Captain, what are you doing here?”

Xia Yan looks at Kusajishi Yachiru lying on the wall, curiously asked.

Kusajishi Yachiru said in a proper expression: “This is the location of Shinigami Women’s Association. Would you like to come in and see?”

Shinigami Women’s Association?

Xia Yan remembered that in seireitei, there is a formidable power organization called Shinigami Women’s Association.

The Shinigami Women’s Association has created a position to raise the status of women’s Shinigami, and the power is greater than any association.

At the ‘annual budget meeting’ of various associations in the ridge, the meeting was chaired by the vice president Ise Nanao. The participants included the flower arrangement association representative Unohana Retsu, the calligraphy association Kuchiki Byakuya, and the male Shinigami association shooting center Tetsuzaemon Iba. It can be seen that the female Shinigami Association has the right to speak.

As for the stronghold of the Shinigami Women’s Association, in Kuchiki Byakuya’s home, Kuchiki Byakuya has repeatedly driven out, but the Shinigami Women’s Association has built countless secret passages in the family.

More importantly, they not only occupy the Kuchiki home, but also occupy the last room that the male Shinigami Association can use. As a storage room for themselves, members of the male Shinigami Association can only hold meetings in the men’s toilet.

This is the Shinigami Women’s Association, the organization that controls the formidable power, and everyone has nothing to offer.

The president of the Shinigami Women’s Association is Kusajishi Yachiru, who has the power to dominate the entire association. To know that in the original work, the Shinigami Women’s Association is responsible for designing the female Shinigami transmitter, and ignoring the design of others by itself. Made a female Shinigami teller machine that can be eaten.

Yes, Kusajishi Yachiru is the most powerful woman in Bleach.

Xia Yan thought about the Legend of Shinigami Women’s Association. I thought that there should be no one now, so he jumped on the wall and said, “That is troublesome.”

“Go here.”

Kusajishi Yachiru jumped off the wall and flashed away. Xia Yan followed.

The Kuchiki family occupies a very wide area, there are two cloisters, and there are rockeries, creeks and gardens.

Kusajishi Yachiru took Xia Yan into a room and opened the door. After entering, Xia Yan found it to be a storage room.

“Close the door.”

Kusajishi Yachiru pointed to the door, and Xia Yan immediately close the door with care.

Then Kusajishi Yachiru walked to the closet near the wall and screwed a censer on the closet. The next moment, the closet opened silently, revealing a long passage.

“You are advanced.”

Kusajishi Yachiru let Xia Yan go advanced, and when he got to the front, she followed the passage, twisted the switch on the wall, and closed the closet.

Xia Yan couldn’t see the front, so she extended her finger and lit Reishi, illuminating the front.

According to the light of the fire, Xia Yan walked slowly and went to the end, but there were two roads left and right.

Xia Yan didn’t know where to go and stopped. Kusajishi Yachiru said in the back: “Let’s go to the left, although the right side can go in, but the right secret road is long and there are many traps.”

Khan, there are traps, you are not at your own home.

Xia Yan nodded, went in from the left, crawled a distance, and there was a pothole in front of him.

“Go Down.”

The two jumped from the pothole, almost into the ground, and in front of it was a tunnel.

Xia Yan continued to move forward, walked through the tunnel, and there was a door in front of him. After entering, it was a bright and empty room.

And in the room, there are still a few people.

Matsumoto Rangiku, who is doing makeup, Kotetsu Isane Eating crackers, and Kotetsu Kiyone read a book with Nemu, Soi Fon who is eating honey, and Ise Nanao who is serious about handling official duties.

Xia Yan appeared in the room and caught everyone’s attention. Soi Fon fingers with honey were just put on her lips and stunned. Asked dumbly: “Xia Yan, how come you?”

Matsumoto Rangiku, with a bright eye, asked: “It’s Xia Yan.”

Xia Yan seriously shouted: “Soi Fon Captain, Matsumoto predecessors, Kotetsu Kiyone predecessors, Nemu Vice-Captain, Ise Vice-Captain.”

A few other people didn’t know Xia Yan, and then look at him, Ise asked, “Is this?”

Kusajishi Yachiru slowly walked to the table and jumped to the chair. After sitting down, she said, “This is Xiao Yanyan. I saw him outside the door of Kuchiki’s house and brought him in.”

Ise said that the index finger pushed the glasses and said: “The president, we are Shinigami Women’s Association, men can’t…”

Kusajishi Yachiru waved his hand and said: “Xiao Yanyan is fine, I allowed him to come to our Shinigami Women’s Association Base.”

But Ise frowned.

Kusajishi Yachiru slammed her head and stared at Ise.

Ise coughed and said: “Since it is brought by the president, allow him to attend our meeting. But who are you?”

Soi Fon has put the honey bottle aside and coughed, saying: “He is the Captain aide of the Onmitsukidō Forces Guard and is my right hand.”

Ise nodded and said: “It turns out.”

Soi Fon curious look at Xia Yan, asked: “Yachiru say, she see you outside the door, what are you doing at the Kuchiki home?”

Xia Yan said Rukia business, this is not a thing that needs to be hidden, so it will be said.

Soi Fon heard some accidents and frowned and said: “The Kuchiki family is a superior aristocrat, so there are some violations of the rules.”

This is more than a violation of the rules, but also a violation of the family tradition, so Kuchiki Byakuya swears in front of the family’s tombstone, this is his last violation of Rule.

This is why he will bring back Kuchiki Rukia in the future and has been blocking the rescue of Kurosaki ichigo and Abarai Renji.

Ise is attached to the seven lines: “It is a bit reckless.”

The Soi Fon family is a lower-level aristocrat, and Ise is a descendant of the Shinto family, which is very important for family rules.

Matsumoto Rangiku said with a smile: “The person who adopted you in the Rukongai was adopted by the Kuchiki family. This is a good ending.”

Born in Rukongai, Matsumoto Rangiku is an extremely poor area. She has been able to walk to a three-seat position and has made great efforts. She feels that this is a good person who has a good report, but rather agrees.

Although Soi Fon felt that it was not appropriate, but said: “In any case, this is a good opportunity, I hope she will not waste this opportunity.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I believe she will.”

Kusajishi Yachiru waved at Xia Yan and said, “Don’t discuss this, Xia Yan, come and eat candy.”

Xia Yan walked to Kusajishi Yachiru and picked up a golden candy and stuffed it into his mouth.

But he just chewed it and didn’t swallow it. Kusajishi Yachiru’s voice rang. “I announced that this meeting of Shinigami Women’s Association ended.”

Eh? Is this over?

Several other people did not object, and all began to pack up and prepare to leave.

But then Kusajishi Yachiru said: “The next step is to ask us to go to dinner, everyone welcomes.”

Everyone is stunned, and Xia Yan is a look that he can’t believe.

Please eat? You want me to invite you to dinner.

Matsumoto Rangiku first responded and took over Xia Yan’s shoulder and said, “Xia Yan, go to the last Chinese cuisine.”

Soi Fon Captain also nodded and said, “Yes, the food is delicious.”

Ise said with a smile, “Well, take the initiative to invite us to dinner.”

Nemu toward Xia Yan: “That is trouble Xia Yan junior.”

The voice was raised and said: “I have to go.”

Kusajishi Yachiru stares at the eyes and stares at Xia Yan. I feel like you are angry when you don’t agree.

Seeing everyone who is enthusiastic, Xia Yan said helplessly: “Please eat, this is my honor.”

Kusajishi Yachiru immediately jumped off the chair and shouted: “Go, eat.”

Everyone squirmed out, Xia Yan touched his wallet, should the money he brought should be enough?

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