BTC Chapter 34 : Tony Thanks

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After Red Queen also online, she said : “Great! Synthesize a new element, the umbrella company has tried it, and finally failed. (Emoticon: worshiping the big man)”

Lu Zixin also said : “Congratulations!”

Tony Stark : “As expected, this element can replace the palladium element and completely improve the Ark furnace reaction. My heart toxin problem can finally be solved! Thanks to the owner!”

Mr. L : “Ha ha, you are welcome.”

Tony Stark : “I don’t appreciate that I didn’t want to go. So, I will send you a thank you gift.”

Lu Zixin confidence is of course what he wants. If you follow the Chinese way, you must be sure to ask for a few times. However, the style of the other party’s work is obviously not the same. He simply does not care, and he said : “I’m welcome!”

Tony Stark was silent for a while and sent a picture. Asked : “How about this? My company’s latest products, full intelligent control, can accurately strike local targets. The general cement steel bunkers can not be protected.”

Lu Zixin saw the picture, simply stunned. He thought that Tony Stark would send something else, who knows that the other party sent a picture of a missile!

The slender missile is also marked with the logo of Stark Industries.

Can this stuff be? Lu Zixin immediately vetoed. What is a good missile to do? Still not to be taken as a terrorist!

Tony Stark is still introducing : “It uses satellite positioning, the accuracy can reach millimeters… I sell it to other people, and one will get three million dollars.”

Mr. L : “…still forget it! Can’t use it.”

Tony Stark : “Can’t use? Um… It makes sense. After all, this is not for anyone, but also for the related weapon system.”

He was silent for a while, and sent another picture : “What about this? I like a laser weapon that can destroy a tank in an instant!”

He also showed a weapon and equipment that Lu Zixin had never seen before. Lu Zixin was able to see it. This is the ammunition, and the gifts are so “Beautiful”!

After Red Queen, a serious analysis said : “This kind of laser weapon is powerful, but it is not convenient to carry. I think biochemical weapons are better. (With pictures: zombie dogs)”

Tony Stark : “Biochemical weapons? No, no, no. Compared with the modified organism, I prefer mechanical technology. Don’t you think that machinery is a kind of beauty? People are intoxicated!”

I can’t talk this time! Lu Zixin feels that it will be discussed again. This group will be checked for water meters – although I don’t know if anyone can find it here.

Mr. L : “Weapons are still forgotten. Mr. Stark, I don’t need these in places where I live.”

Tony Stark : “This way. Let me find it and see if there is anything to be gift.”

Lu Zixin wants to remind him, steel shirts! However, this is his core secret, and he certainly will not send it out so easily.

Lu Zixin waited while waiting.

On the other hand, Tony Stark pondered in the lab, and what kind of gratitude is better.

Small is not sincere, big are military products, Mr. L will not. He walked around the lab and suddenly thought of one thing.

“Jarvis, open the garage.” Tony Stark shouted.

The floor of the laboratory is separated, and from a lower level, the mechanical platform holds up a row of luxury cars.

These are the collections of Tony Stark. He was originally a top local tyrant. Before the absence of steel shirts, collecting luxury cars was one of his interests.

However, since the research of steel shirts, he found that steel shirts are more comparable than luxury cars, and more attractive to fans. His interest in luxury cars is much less, and the focus is on how to improve steel shirts.

“These things, he should like it.”

In Black Technology Chat Group, Tony Stark issued pictures of some luxury cars. Then I asked : “Which one you like to look at it, i will give it to you!”

Lu Zixin is happy, is there such a good thing? In the collection of Tony Stark, some of the car Lu Zixin can afford it.

But his company is developing and it is impossible to spend a lot of liquidity to squander. So for the time being, Lu Zixin did not buy a car.

And some of Tony Stark cars are limited editions of the world, and some of them have undergone his mechanical modification. The performance is not to mention, the appearance is definitely a pull of the wind.

It is worth mentioning that the earth where Lu Zixin is located, although not the same time and space as Tony Stark. However, many of the brands of automobiles are similar, and the way China controls vehicles is different.

As long as the car is fully functional and obeys the traffic rules, the license plate can be placed.

Lu Zixin look at pictures. After careful comparison, he said unceremoniously: “That Rolls-Royce Phantom!”

It is a global limited edition sports car, although I don’t know if it is a limited edition in this time and space. But in Tony Stark’s collection it is also a relatively expensive one.

Lu Zixin did not mean to save money for Tony Stark, this big man, but can rank into the world’s top locals in his time and space! There is no shortage of this money.

Tony Stark immediately replied: “The election is good, this is my private custom plus modified version! The world is only this one!”

“If it was before, I really can’t bear to give you. Now, you help When I was very busy, I gave it to you!”

Lu Zixin received a reminder when he saw the news.

“Tony Stark sent you a red envelope.”

He clicked on the red envelope pattern, the group prompts: “Congratulations for you to get the Rolls-Royce Phantom from the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark special customized and modified luxury car One.”

“Because of the lack of real space, it is temporarily impossible to remove. Please move to open space for extraction.”

At this time, Lu Zixin is still in the company office. Naturally, there is no way to extract a car directly from the group space, and you have to find a spacious place.

Lu Zixin still has a problem. He asked the group assistant: “Can the car taken out be used in this world? My world also has this brand of car. What if the other party says that I am pirating?”

Group assistant: “Group owner don’t worry, when the two worlds have similar items, they will automatically adapt. The car can drive with confidence.”

“That’s fine.” Lu Zixin rest assured.

“Take the car, pick up the car!” He can’t wait to get the car right away. Who doesn’t want to have a wind-sports car and scream on the spacious road?

When the red envelope is received from group space, the outside world generally does not see change. But when the object is completely present, others can see it.

Therefore, Lu Zixin had to find a hidden place to take it out, so as not to create some spiritual events. He deliberately took a taxi to the uninhabited area of ​​the suburbs before he started to pick up the car.

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