BTC Chapter 33 : Earned

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Like him, Lu Zixin also called to ask Liu Tong, what is the strength of Jiangcheng Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.?

“General Lu, Tiancheng’s strength is OK. In the early years, the weight of electronic technology companies is not too light. However, due to the impact of foreign brands and the lack of innovation of their own products in the past few years, profits have been decreasing. ”

“How is it better than our company?” Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong said: “I can’t compare it with us. Since last year, the annual profit has been almost zero. According to this trend, this year’s annual profit is estimated to be negative! And our monthly net profit is in the order of tens of millions. The amount has risen.”

“Now, Tiancheng is more than ours, that is, the company’s employees and office space.”

“Recently, we are not going to prepare the “Desolate Battlegrounds” computer-side game, purchase new equipment? Plus the electronic equipment in the new office area. A tens of millions of big orders, a lot of electronic technology companies are looking for a door, and natural have their.”

“Oh, I know.” Lu Zixin has a number of confidence, it is.

He walked on the campus of Jiangcheng University. After ten minutes, he waited for Su Zhirong.

Su Zhirong was still dressed up just now, but the background changed from a monotonous classroom to a beautiful campus. Her charm seemed to add a bit more.

Not only Lu Zixin, some of the students passing by have intentionally or unconsciously put their sight on her, and even some people secretly took pictures.

“It’s beautiful!” Lu Zixin said with emotion.

Su Zhirong smiled slightly, and she was used to such praise. “If the student party has no money, please ask you to eat the cafeteria!”

“OK!” Lu Zixin nodded.

The two walked and chatted.

“What are you doing?” Su Zhirong curious.

“Game, let’s play,” Lu Zixin said.

“Why do you want to study business management? Is it going to be a postgraduate?” Su Zhirong asked.

“No.” Lu Zixin said, “If you take the postgraduate exam, I will come to listen to the class and just pick you up for a meal.”

Su Zhirong gave him a glance and said: “Then you lost, not the school student reported this training class. I have to get tens of thousands of pieces. I want you to eat ten dollars for the topping rice!”

“That also earned.”

In a dining hall of Jiangcheng University, Su Zhirong did not ask him to eat rice, but ordered a few A small speculation, the price of the university canteen is still very close to the people.

“Look, Su Zhirong actually eats alone with a man!” In the cafeteria, some students saw this scene.

“Wo Fu, is it true that Su Goddess already has a boyfriend?” A boy was heartbroken.

“Impossible! No rumors!” said the companion.

“Put a post and say it.” He has picked up his mobile phone and started posting in the school forum.

Post: “I just saw the goddess Su and a man eating together? Is the goddess framed?” A blurred back view of the picture.

As soon as he posted, he immediately caught the attention of a large number of water friends. Su Zhirong has always been a high-traffic topic at Jiangcheng University.

First floor: “Impossible! Goddess is mine, no one wants to grab!”

Second floor: “The first floor is already crazy, carry it away, next!”

Third floor: “Who, who, who? Dare to dye Su Goddess? Have you asked us?”

Fourth floor: “Hey, I know, there will be such a day in the morning and evening. It’s still more reliable!”

Fifth floor: “The landlord Shabby, a vague photo, he said. Others are Just have a meal.”

Lu Zixin did not know this, although he deliberately eaten the meal very slowly, the time is still very fast.

Su Zhirong said that she would go back to the dormitory to sort out the papers, and Lu Zixin will automatically leave.

On the way, he was also curious to search for Su Zhirong information. There is nothing in the school information registration. It only records some of her educational information and has won scholarships many times.

Lu Zixin went to the school forum of Jiangcheng University and found the post just now.

He read it again, reply in the following way: “Who you say Su goddess is well known it,”

someone would immediately reply to him: “Look at your level, it is the newcomers do not know even the Su goddess ”

“Look This.” The man sent a link.

Lu Zixin clicked in and was a link to another post. The name of the post, called “Jiangcheng University’s school flower rankings released this year!”

This school flower ranking, in many universities. Some are boring people or school associations, and some are still some hype news media. Like Jiangcheng University, this ranking is available every year.

Lu Zixin browsed and quickly found Su Zhirong in the third position.

“Be the third?” Lu Zixin saw, the first two can not be better than that? Judging from his years of experience in viewing the picture, the first one is cosmetic and cosmetic plus P!

The second one has some features, but it seems that like the third-rate stars, there is no temperament at all.

In the post, there is a detailed introduction to Su Zhirong, which is more detailed than the student information in the school network.

“Su Zhirong: 19 years old this year, Jiangcheng locals, admitted to Jiangcheng University with more than 30 admissions.”

“Schoolmaster, has won many scholarships and national academic awards. In addition to high IQ, its outstanding the color values and temperament, is being named one of the university alumni top ten goddess. ”

“According to legend, there were scouts from entertainment company found Su Zhirong, want to develop it into entertainment, is denied. ”

forum of information Very detailed, even Su Zhirong hobby is posted, and her emotional state. It is said that a lot of people chased her, and once there was a schoolmaster almost caught up, and later did not know why it was still unsuccessful.

“It’s very difficult!” Lu Zixin said to himself, “But it’s interesting.” To be really ordinary, he still can’t see it.

In the next few days, Lu Zixin went to the training class when there was a class. When there is no class, it is natural to stay in the company and handle all kinds of things.

The status of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is unstoppable unless there is a new type of game instead of a chicken hand.

The Red Letter game company is also preparing to launch the computer version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”. Lu Zixin was given before the game program by Red Queen. This is not a problem.

What you need to do now is to hand over the approved game version number and then lay some equipment.

“General Lu, equipment problems, I have to report.” In the office, Liu Tong brought a bunch of information.

“The pre-orders we have prepared for this batch of equipment are around 50 million. It includes various electronic devices, office settings, hardware and software, etc.”

“There are more than a dozen electronic technology companies that have handed us a letter of intent for cooperation. We have selected Three. The information is here, you see.”

Lu Zixin looked around, no problem. Said: “This you consider it, which is best for us to choose which”

“Ah” Liu Tong nodded, “I’ll go and study about the conditions of the company”

“Hard on you.”

Liu with smile exit the office, Lu Zixin opened Black Technology Chat Group and found more information.

It’s Tony Stark’s statement: “The new elements have been synthesized!”

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