BTC Chapter 149 : Behind the scenes!

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There is really some information in Qi Jian laptop. As a lawyer, he is used to keeping a copy of all activities as evidence in order to meet his needs.

However, the information on the computer is limited, mostly in the cases he has accepted before. Only one point related to red letter time was transmitted by Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin waited patiently and finally waited for Qi Jian and the behind the scenes to chat.

The mysterious man also deliberately made protection on network means, it can’t be a problem for Lu Zixin, it is easy to trace the place, he deliberately recorded it.

Qi Jian reported the progress of the incident to mysterious person. The mysterious person said: “You can do it, this thing will continue to be big! An explosion is not enough, there are more explosion cases. The media will continue to follow up the hype!”

Qi Jian talked with him about the conditions: “One thing counts one thing.”

Mysterious person: “The money will be transferred to you in the form of digital currency. No one has checked it.”


Qi Jian dialogue information was naturally obtained by Lu Zixin. After the chat, Qi Jian also saved some of the dialogue materials and saved them in a USB flash drive. Then clear the information on the network, so that it will not be discovered.

Lu Zixin stared at the USB, and when he was asleep at night, he directly manipulated the mini Iron Man to copy the information in the USB.

In this case, the entire negotiation process between Qi Jian and mysterious people and Liao Zhuang was preserved, as well as recording materials.

“Sure enough, it’s a lawyer, always keep the evidence.” Lu Zixin’s heart is dark, and the reason for Qi Jian’s greater reason is that he is afraid of mysterious people and Liao Zhuang’s remorse, leaving evidence to guarantee his own interests, he still doesn’t know that Lu Zixin got it so easily.

Lu Zixin looked through it roughly, and based on his current evidence, he was enough to prove the innocence of red letter mobile phone, so that Qi Jian was ruined.

However, he is not going to finish, and there are still people who are tempting Qi Jian and Liao Zhuang to let them make a move to red letter.

He mobilized the Mini Iron Man to continue tracking the source of information. The source of that information is also in Pengcheng.

The Mini Iron Man tracks the source and is actually an upscale hotel! And it is not far from the place where Qi Jian lived.

In hotel, the 37 floor, generally of this height, no one would have thought of something outside the window, including the guy who is in the house and people for international exchanges.

He is not using Chinese, but Japanese. Said: “You can rest assured that I have already arranged the things on Chinese side. This time I will redeem my work and do this!”

“The technology of lithium-air battery, I will also find a way to get it. The person I have arranged has already worked in Kun Peng Battery Factory. Once he get the information, he will report it to us immediately.”

Lu Zixin heard this, he has already frowned deeply, did not expect the other party not only want to discredit them, but also want their battery technology! And arranged a commercial spy!

When the man finished the phone call, he lay on the sofa with a smile, Lu Zixin controlled the mini Iron Man, and finally saw his appearance.

A look of wretched smile, the appearance of Chinese people, in fact, is the Ishikawa Zhuo of Japan people! That is the person in charge of the original China District of Fujitsu Battery!

Lu Zixin suddenly understood it. He thought that the mobile phone’s peers were framed by Red Letter. It turned out that the black hand behind the scenes is actually this guy and the company or organization behind him!

Lithium-air battery technology is destined to become more and more mature. It will be extended to various mobile devices, and the fujitsu battery will face the danger of being eliminated.

In addition to Lu Zixin, Ishikawa Zhuo had lost his position before, and he hated it. He thought of this method of framed plus commercial espionage and contacted some big people in Japan country to plan the incident.

Knowing the black hand behind the scenes, everything is easy to say. Lu Zixin began collecting evidence, and in front of mini Iron Man and his superb computer, some of Ishikawa Zhuo deliberately hidden things were found.

Just overnight, Lu Zixin had the capital to smash the plot. The commercial spy who sneaked into red letter was also found in Ishikawa’s contact list.


On the night of the same day, Cao Zhida sent a news report. The title was exactly what Qi Jian said, and immediately attracted a large number of netizens.

Early the next morning, Liao Zhuang also sent Weibo and wrote: “Red Letter wants this thing to be gone, but I will never compromise. In addition, red letter is definitely false! If I framed red letter, I lived and ate it, and I went out and was hit by a car!”

He swears that he is naturally forwarded by the media and trusted by netizens.

However, on the same day, Red Letter announced a press conference on the matter, and sent a live broadcast to Liao Zhuang, and invited Liao Zhuang lawyer, Qi Jian to attend.

Qi Jian also said on his personal Weibo: “Thank you for your support, I will definitely be there to discuss the announcement for our consumers. In addition to playing an advertisement, our Zhengfan Law Firm has always been fair and welcomes everyone on legal issues. Come to consult, this is the official link of Zhengfan Law Firm…”

At the scene of Red Letter press conference, a lot of media were invited, as well as public officials from relevant departments, because this time, they have to make a big move!

The press conference has live broadcasts on the official website and Weibo of Red Letter. In addition, other media are also welcome to broadcast live.

Lu Zixin didn’t show up. He sat in the background and Tang Gang hosted the press conference.

“The only purpose of today’s Red Letters press conference is to explain that someone on the Internet have accident about the explosion HX2 mobile phone battery!”

When Tang Gang finished speaking, some media reporters couldn’t wait to ask: “I am a reporter for the Pengcheng Evening News. Is this true?”

“I am a special correspondent for the China Science and Technology Network. They said that they would appeal to you in the court. Is it already a lawsuit?”

“I am a reporter for today’s news. There a rumor that you are forcing the victim to reconcile. Do you have this?”

“Is there really a problem with the HX2 phone?”


A lot of reporters asked questions, Tang Gang waved his hand: “Everyone is quiet first, I will answer one by one, in order.”

“Here we also contacted the live broadcast of the news, the netizen Liao Zhuang, and his lawyer Qi Jian, are on the scene. If we have a place to explain, welcome you to correct me.”

Tang Gang finished, the camera focus on Qi Jian and old bear, Qi Jian dressed in a neat suit, sitting on the stage calmly. He is not afraid of the media, nor is he afraid of interviews. The bigger the incident, the more money the mysterious man gives him. He is happy to do so.

The “old bear” has only one lens lying on the hospital bed, and also mosaics on the face.

Netizens saw the wounded and expressed their sympathy and solidarity.

“It’s so poor, it’s blown up like this by mobile phone!”

“It’s really terrible! The red letter mobile phone is an untimely bomb! After hitting a HX2, you can protect your home!”

“The Red Letter company must be responsible, and all of them will be blown up like this! Is there still a face to open press conference?”

“Indignant, I was also a red powder. But if this letter is not clear, it will be black in the future!”

“Look at what they have to explain!”

Tang Gang cleared his throat and said: “Before answering your questions, I must first make a statement. In this case, there is no problem with the HX2 mobile phone. It is entirely made up of ‘Old Bear’ and his lawyer!”

His voice fell, and the scene and the network immediately boiled.

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