BSI Chapter 216 : The New Soul King

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Ten days before, Soul King Palace, Omotesando.

After Xia Yan absorbed superhuman drug, the nerves began to increase, the nerve reaction became faster, and everything around them began to slow down.

Xia Yan’s body, in order to adapt to the degree of nerves, began Evolution.

This Evolution, not only is Heart’s dream come true, but is also the left hand’s exposure to Evolution’s ability.

Xia Yan’s getting stronger and stronger, keeping up with the nerves, he took a step.

In this step, he only spent a second of his time, but in the eyes of outsiders, it was only one in 50 million.

Xia Yan immediately showed the things around him, and got a conclusion based on his own changes.

I have superhuman drug.

After adding yourself, relative to others, close to static.

In other words, Xia Yan can never communicate with others and cannot connect with others.

It takes five seconds for someone to speak, but for Xia Yan, it is five hundred years.

In her own time, Xia Yan stayed for three hours and hoped to curb his nerves and ability.

However, the original self is relatively weak compared to the nerve after the addition.

If you directly curb the ability, you are likely to kill yourself and make yourself weak.

Is it abandoning the ability, or staying in the gap?

Xia Yan made a choice, that is, choose to commit suicide.

He resolutely chose to kill himself, but at the moment he killed himself, his consciousness returned to the past and re-experienced.

Once, twice, three times, Xia Yan was gradually imprisoned in suicide.

Every time I return to the beginning of consciousness, Xia Yan can’t remember to commit suicide. Therefore, in the optimal choice of Xia Yan’s consciousness, he still chooses to commit suicide.

After committing suicide ten times, Xia Yan body was paralyzed for a while and then repeated again.

Xia Yan could not realize that he had committed suicide, and he circulated in consciousness again and again.

Until a certain time, a small probability event occurred.

Xia Yan is different from Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who used to go back to the potion. The latter was ordered to kill Kurotsuchi Mayuri, so it was repeated.

But Xia Yan is different. His potion effect is more formidable than Tōshirō Hitsugaya, but no order is given.

Xia Yan did not choose to commit suicide. Suicide for Xia Yan is the easiest way to return to the past.

But as long as there is a little deviation in consciousness, Xia Yan will not commit suicide immediately, but will think about other methods.

For example, go to Soul King Palace and kill Soul King.

Xia Yan left Soi Fon directly, flew into Greater Soul King Palace, and walked to Soul King.

Just Soul King, wrapped in crystal, without hands, without feet, looks like a sealed person.

“Being Soul King, but only a body, it is pitiful.”

Xia Yan walked to Soul King and remembered Soul King in the original work. Even if he was in danger, he could not react and could only be killed.

Maintaining the wedges of the Three Realms is just an object.

“The body? You’re right.”

A voice sounded, as if it appeared in the ear, Xia Yan directly looked at Soul King, and asked in a dull way: “Is you talking?”

“Of course, I didn’t expect anyone other than me to reach it and enter the time stagnation.”

Soul King slowly started to talk, his eyes fixed on Xia Yan.

“Time is stagnation?” Xia Yan frowned, looking at Soul King.

Soul King said with a smile: “It is your current state, your degree of neural response, the degree of sensory acceptance of information, over the normal number of times, your body quality, you can keep up with your reaction. So your degree is close to light, stationary relative to others. You can’t communicate with other people, You can’t get the response from others, everything You see is so slow, World is like static, so I describe this state as time stagnation.”

“You said that this is time stagnation. I think it is more image. If you arrive at a stagnant time, then everything will be said.”

Xia Yan thought that in the original work, when Soul King was killed by Yhwach, he did not show consciousness, but the consciousness of Soul King appeared many times.

For example, all Zero Division members have bones that have been modified by Soul King. The last one is Hikifune Kirio 100 years ago. That is to say, until 120 years ago, Soul King had its own Strength.

Also, in the original work, Hyōsube came to Seireitei and found Kurosaki ichigo, saying that even Soul King is paying attention to you.

Soul King pays attention to Kurosaki ichigo, which is a manifestation of consciousness.

But why did Soul King be killed when Yhwach arrived, let him kill it?

Xia Yan frowned, but Soul King showed a smile and said: “It’s very simple, because I was going to let Yhwach kill me.”

“Do you know what I am thinking?”

Xia Yan suddenly looked at Soul King, the latter smiled and said: “Of course, my Ability is omnipotent. It is the knowledge of everything in the future. It is not the same as Yhwach. It is not the future omnipotence of the sight. It is about all objects, the future omnipotence. What do you think, what do you want, what you have seen, I know all. And in a future that has not changed by you, I was killed by Yhwach, which is exactly what I expected.”

Xia Yan picked up the eyes and asked inexplicably: “Why do you want to die?”

The spirit king asked: “Don’t you want to? You have tried to commit suicide many times, but you have been sent back to the past to give up consciousness. Why do you want to commit suicide?”

“It turned out that I not only got superhuman drug, but also returned to the past medicine.”

Xia Yan knew the problem through the words of Soul King. He stunned and said: “I committed suicide because I can’t communicate with people now. I can write down the writing, but others see that I have to respond, at least It takes tens of seconds, this time, for me, it’s been a long time for thousands of years.”

Soul King nodded and said: “Yes, from a few hundred years of birth to the present, I have been suffering from such pain. One person stays in the gap of time and spreads a little bit in loneliness. Because I am too formidable, no matter what, or my consciousness, no one can kill me. In the process, I cut off my arms, my legs, my heart, throw them out and turn them into individual ones, but I can’t kill myself.”

The birth of the Three Realms is 100 years, every second is equivalent to a hundred years, then how long has Soul King experienced?

Xia Yan just thought about it and felt chilling.

And he can’t die, so he can only die a little bit in the long.

“So you gave birth to Yhwach? Want him to kill you? He called you his father.” Xia Yan thought of the identity of Yhwach and asked curiously.

Soul King replied: “This father is not referring to the father of the blood. And my relationship with him is equivalent to the existence of two sides. He carries my Strength, grows, gets stronger, and has the Ability to kill me.”

“One body on both sides? I understand”

Xia Yan thought of God in original World. His only child is Jesus. Jesus calls God the Father, but it is actually the existence of the Trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Trinity, one side three sides.

Yhwach is equivalent to the Son of Soul King, and the Spirit King is the Father.

So what about the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is Haschwalth, who is the half body of Yhwach and can borrow his Strength.

The omnipotence is also the abundance of God.

Xia Yan instantly understood the source of the matter and looked at Soul King. He said: “According to history, you can be killed, but my arrival has changed these.”

When Soul King heard this, he smiled and said: “You are wrong in three places. First, you have not changed history. History does not exist. Second, you changed history, but history is not history. Third, Yhwach can’t replace me.”

“What do you mean?”

Xia Yan frowned, the front two are in conflict, and Yhwach can’t replace him. What does it mean?

Soul King said with a smile: “From the third article, the history you see comes from a manga book, so you think this is the world of manga, right?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “I always think so.”

Soul King shook his head and said: “This is not right. Bleach Manga only depict the real world side, World is real, and you will understand the source of Bleach Manga in the future. But what I am going to tell you now is Yhwach’s question. I ask you, in the manga you saw, Yhwach killed me, World began to collapse, and then Yhwach was killed. How is World?”


Xia Yan violently raised the head.

In the original work, Soul King was killed by Kurosaki ichigo, the Strength was absorbed by Yhwach, and the Jūshirō Ukitake fixed the World with the right hand of Soul King. The fixed term was mentioned in it. As long as Jūshirō Ukitake died, the Strength will disappeared.

Then Jūshirō Ukitake was killed by Yhwach.

So why is the Three Realms not destroyed?

The Soul King is the wedge of the Three Realms. Soul King is dead, and the right arm of Soul King has disappeared. No one has stabilized the Three Realms. So why did the Three Realms remain so intact after ten years?

Xia Yan thinks that this is the biggest bug of the original, but here, it has become the incorrect future that Soul King saw and wiped out the future.

Soul King said: “When I saw the greatest possible outcome in the future, I decided to kill myself with another style, so I chose one in countless futures that would not destroy the Soul Society, and would not harm the Three Realms. Just find the one you are destined for, inject your future experience into your body, let you know the result, and then let you change.”

“So it is/”

Xia Yan frowned and said: “But my knowledge is from manga. Where is Bleach Manga coming from?”

Soul King said with a smile: “With regard to the existence of manga, you will understand later. The most important thing now is that you want to kill me, take my Strength and become Soul King. In this way, you have achieved your goal. And I have also fulfilled my long-standing expectations.”

Xia Yan sighed and said: “But becoming Soul King means that I will stay in the gap of time forever.”

Soul King said with a smile: “You don’t become Soul King, the result is the same, there is no way to leave here. And if you want to become Soul King, you must swallow me and replace me.”

Xia Yan looks at Soul King and said: “But if you help me and change my future, I can go back.”

By changing the future of Xia Yan, to change the result of Xia Yan returning to the past after committing suicide, Xia Yan can commit suicide and then resurrect to reach the state when he set.

At that time, Xia Yan couldn’t compare with his present, and would not try to be Soul King again.

Xia Yan knows that if he wants to be Soul King, he needs to enter the gap of time to survive and never communicate with outsiders.

Xia Yan does not want this result.

Soul King said: “I will not help you, I will not allow myself to stay here, so I will continue to change history. If you insist on doing this, then in the past, I will make a decisive choice in the past because of the different futures I sees at this time, then you will disappear, and all fates will change.”

How can I be willing?

I have experienced so much, I have met so many friends and I have met Soi Fon.

How could it go back to the past.

I have changed the fate of many people, let many people survive, and how are I willing to let them die again?

Xia Yan looks at Soul King, sighed and said: “You are not willing to help me, I will stay in the gap forever, and I am no different from the results after I help you, so I promise you. Just hope that you don’t change the past.”

Staying in the gap of time, as long as you can still survive, it is enough to be able to see the person you love.

Soul King said with a smile: “Very good, then I will enter your body, merge with you, then you use your own Ability, the dream becomes true, and erase my consciousness.”

The voice of Soul King fell, suddenly turned into water, covering the body of Xia Yan, and then entered Xia Yan body.


Xia Yan’s body suddenly changed little by little.

This process was extremely slow and longer, and Xia Yan’s consciousness fell into a deep sleep under the control of Soul King. The Soul King took over the body of Xia Yan.

When the outside world passed for ten days, Xia Yan awoke, and his own body has changed.

His Ability is more formidable, but it is more controlled, and he has mastered the omnipotent ability.

The Soul King consciousness sounded. “Now, use your dreams to become a reality, erase me, take over this body, and you will become Soul King.”

Xia Yan used the imagination of the dream to obliterate the consciousness of Soul King and completely became Soul King.

At the moment when he became Soul King, all the medicines and time-returning medicines failed, which means that Xia Yan could commit suicide.

However, Xia Yan did not dare to commit suicide. After he committed suicide, he will return to the state of setting the node and lose the identity of Soul King.

The true Soul King is dead, and if he loses his spiritual identity, then the three realms will collapse.

Therefore, for the safety of the three realms, Xia Yan could not commit suicide and could not return to the past.

But, is there really no way?

Soul King Ability is omnipotent, and its own Ability is a dream come true plus omnipotence.

Therefore, Xia Yan closes the eyes, the next moment, and his time is getting slower and slower.

Xia Yan did not weaken himself, but weakened time.

All the time spent on Xia Yan was 50 million times slower. The outside world took a second, but Xia Yan’s time was 50 millionths of a second, and Xia Yan’s degree was one of 50 million, just right. Time fits and unites with the outside world.

If you encounter a battle, Xia Yan only needs to liberate time, then he can improve his speed until he is close to the light.

After Xia Yan changed himself, the first thing to do was to find Soi Fon, the experience and plans of Soi Fon, and the practices of Yamamoto Genryuusai and Abarai Renji and the others.

Xia Yan found Zero Division and asked them to call all Captain, Visored, Hueco Mundo Arrancar and the others to save Soi Fon.

After saving Soi Fon, meet these people and tell the story.

Of course, Xia Yan told other people that there is no such thing as a choice. In the past, manga and the like, only the existence of Soul King, the plan of Soul King, and the process of becoming Soul King.

“This is what I want to say, can you let me go?”

Xia Yan looks at the people who are angry in front of him, unable to say.


Xia Yan got an unanimous opposition.

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