BSI Chapter 89 : Letters

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This the Ending of Arc 1

so from next chapter we will begin Arc 2 😀

Unohana Retsu Captain,

Hello, when you saw this letter, I was arrested and entered the prison or died.

This time you will open this letter to see the real murderer.

The murderer is Aizen and he is not as gentle as his appearance, and Strength formidable, which reached the peak of Shinigami eighty years ago.

He has been pursuing the breakthrough and hopes to break through the boundaries of Shinigami, so he developed an object called Hōgyoku.

Hōgyoku can break the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, and make Shinigami have a more formidable Strength.

But at the same time, Kisuke Urahara is also studying this Strength and cultivating a Hōgyoku.

Aizen before 71 years (original work 100 years ago, after Kisuke Urahara served as Captain nine years later), with his Hōgyoku, the eight Captain and the Vice-Captain series Shinigami entered the Hollowfication, and Kisuke Urahara was framed, Grand Kidō Chief Tsukabishi Tessai was also sentenced but was rescued by Yoruichi and hidden in Human World.

Whether it was Metastacia who had let Zanpakuto disappear in the past, or Ramirez who attacked me, it was Aizen hand doing. If I suddenly died or was imprisoned, it must be his revenge.

Tōsen Kaname and Ichimaru Gin are his men and have been helping him secretly, so it is a testimony of the two people, please don’t believe it.

So now if I am being held up or killed, please send this letter to Yamamoto Captain.

However, before that, please check my body, whether it is my body, it is likely that Aizen imitated it with his righteousness and his Ability.

If the body is not mine, or you have not found my body at all, or my body disappearing.

This proves that I am not necessarily dead, maybe I am still alive.

Then please Unohana Retsu Captain wait quietly, I will return here in 30 years, exposing Aizen plot.

If 30 years have passed, I have not returned yet, which proves that my other arrangements have failed and may have died long ago.

In addition, Aizen has two purposes, one is to study the perfect Hōgyoku, to help himself to a higher level of Evolution. The second is to enter Soul King Palace. After Team Captain Hikifune Kirio leaving to become Zero Squad, he learned about the Soul King Palace, so he created the king palace key with traditional style and tried to enter Soul King Palace or The Space where the Palace is located.

Before getting the perfect Hōgyoku, Aizen will not take the second action, and the perfect Hōgyoku needs Kisuke Urahara Hōgyoku.

Now Kisuke Urahara Hōgyoku, in Rukia within the body, but Aizen still doesn’t know.

So once Kuchiki Rukia was sentenced to death by the center of room 46, and he was going to use the shackles to execute the sentence, it proved that Aizen tried to strip Rukia soul and get this Hōgyoku.

So at that time, please hand over the letter to Yamamoto Head-Captain before Rukia was executed, set an ambush and fight to kill Aizen once.

In addition, Aizen’s Zanpakuto Ability is Kyōka Suigetsu, telling you that the Ability is to confuse the enemy’s sight with running water and fog, but the real Ability is hypnosis to the human body, and once hypnotized, it will be permanently hypnotized, no one can Escape from his hypnosis.

He can make the hypnotized person mistakenly believe that other people are him, can not find flaws from any angle, can change a person complete understanding of another person.

Almost all of Shinigami is now hypnotized by Aizen, even Yamamoto Head-Captain and Unohana Retsu Captain.

The method of releasing Aizen Zanpakuto is to touch the back of his Zanpakuto sword by hand before fully hypnosis.

If you decide to kill Aizen, please tell Ichimaru Gin, who will help you kill Aizen.

In addition, Aizen’s Strength formidable has reached the peak of Shinigami, he can use Kurohitsugi without chant, or use one hand to block other people’s Bankai Slash. For him, Captain-level Shinigami, just a Slash, or a high level Hadō can solve the existence, only Yamamoto Head-Captain, is qualified to fight him.

Fight with him, please be careful.


Xxxx year, Xia Yan!


After reading this letter, Unohana Retsu eyes picked up and a murderous aura spread around.

The events before 71 years were actually Aizen, Metastacia and Ramirez were created by Aizen, and Xia Yan was killed by Aizen?

Aizen gives people a feeling of being gentle, not like someone who made such a thing, but with this letter, Unohana Retsu also has some suspects.

Also, Ichimaru Gin and Tōsen Kaname are his men, so why is Tōsen Kaname Hollowfication? Was it abandoned by Aizen?

However, Ichimaru Gin was actually present during the battle, to prove that Tōsen Kaname attacked Xia Yan.

The letter says that as long as the method of releasing Kyōka Suigetsu Ability is told to Ichimaru Gin, the latter will assist in the killing.

Is Ichimaru Gin a traitor?

Unohana Retsu is a bit confused and feels a lot of questions, but this is what Xia Yan wrote with his life, which proves to a large extent that his words are true.

Even if she still has some doubts in her heart, she will not make her own decision, but will hand it over to Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, which is also requested by Xia Yan in the letter.

Also, Aizen Strength and Ability are so formidable so that everyone can be hypnotized, even if they are besieged, they will be deceived by mistakenly thinking of others.

According to the content of the letter, after Xia Yan betrayed or died, the letter could be handed over.

However, the current Xia Yan has lost its track. If there is no death, then the letter cannot be handed over for at least 30 years.

Then wait and see for a while.

Unohana Retsu re-closed the letter. At this time, the sound of Isane come, “Captain, Head-Captain let you go to 1st Division.”

“Head-Captain? I will go there. ”

Unohana Retsu stood up and left the courtyard building and came to 1st Division.

In addition to Head-Captain, there are also Kyouraku Shunsui and Shiba Isshin.

“Head-Captain, what happened?”

Unohana Retsu looks at Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto said: “9th Division Captain Tōsen Kaname was rebellious and was killed by Soi Fon. 9th Division Captain position was vacant. Yesterday, Jūshirō Ukitake recommended Shiba Kaien to me. I called three Captain for assessment. Today, I summoned Shunsui, Isshin, and Unohana Retsu, three of you, to assess him. No one is against this right.”

To evaluate Captain, you need a Team Captain nomination, an Office endorsement, and then Yamamoto and three other Captain assessments.

These three Captains should be the oldest of the three, originally should be Unohana Retsu, Kyouraku Shunsui and Jūshirō Ukitake.

However, Jūshirō Ukitake was nominated him and therefore excluded, and Shiba Isshin was the only qualified person except him.

Shiba Isshin smiled and said: “Of course there is no opinion, but let me review it?”

Shiba Isshin and Shiba Kaien are people of the same family, one is a family owner, the other is the head of the family, and Shiba Isshin is the uncle of Shiba Kaien.

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto said: “This is fine.”

Kyouraku said: “He was Vice-Captain 80 years ago. At that time Tōsen Kaname was still a nine-seat. With his talent, it was enough for Captain.”

Unohana Retsu nodded and said: “Shiba Kaien, personality and strength are very good, he mastered Bankai?”

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto shouted: “Come in.”

Along with his words, Shiba Kaien slowly walked into the Hall, looking at them, He said: “I have seen Head-Captain and three Captains.”

Shiba Isshin face suddenly became serious and asked: “Kaien, are you sure to took over?”

Shiba Kaien nodded heavily and said, “I am ready.”

Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni said: “Show your Bankai.”

Shiba Haiyan pulled out Zanpakuto and shouted: “…”

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