BTC Chapter 77 : Alienated

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Lu Zixin looked with great interest. Su Xiaomeng stood in the middle of the two girls, who were taller than them, and the legs were longer.

Like Su Zhirong, Su Xiaomeng face value is also amazing. There are some similarities between the two in some places. The difference is that Su Zhirong has short hair and has a temperament of “staying quietly.”

Su Xiaomeng is lively and sloppy, and the long ponytail is dancing with her body, which is very different from her sister.

The three girls resumed recording videos, dancing and tidy, and with a youthful atmosphere, attracted many passing students to stop and watch.

“NICE!” recorded the video, a boy shouted, “It’s good dance!”

Su Xiaomeng proudly said: “That is of course, I, your grandmother has been practicing for a long time!”

Su Zhirong eyebrow was slightly twisted when she heard that she claimed to be a grandmother.

“Put this up, guess how many view this time?” asked the girl next to him.

“At least 10,000!” Su Xiaomeng from the channel.

” Ten thousand, that’s too little? At least 100,000 views!”

“There was 80,000 last time, definitely more!”

They excitedly discussed a few words and uploaded the video. Su Xiaomeng came to Su Zhirong and jumped into her arms. She buried her head in her chest and shouted, “Sister, I really miss you!”

Lu Zixin has never enjoyed her treatment, and he is quite envious.

“Less said!” Su Zhirong pointed her hand on her head and said, “I don’t think you want to see me.”

“Where, how beautiful, so smart, and so gentle elder sister, how can I not want to see you? I dream of you every night.” Su Xiaomeng looked at Su Zhirong with a kitten-like look.

“What do you dream of?”

“Dream you forced me to write homework!” Su Xiaomeng said in a tone, then she laughed.

“You are a girl!” Su Zhirong was amused by her. “I can make your dreams come true now!”

“No!” Su Xiaomeng broke her claws and ran to the side.

She also noticed Lu Zixin, surprisedly said: “Sister, he is… the legend, my… brother-in-law?”

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded, Lu Zixin greeted: “Hey, my name is Lu Zixin.”

Su Xiaomeng looked at Lu Zixin from head to toe with a look of her eyes, and touched her clean chin. She said: “The height is normal, the value is not particularly handsome? I don’t know how the body is, sister, your eyes have dropped? Not as good as the one who pursued you before, it looks much better than him. That gives me red envelope too!”

“What are you commenting on?” Su Zhirong went up to cover her ears.

“Don’t, I am joking.” Su Xiaomeng immediately begged for mercy. When Su Zhirong let go of her, she whispered again: “I was originally, I am not going to call him brother-in-law.”


After some noise, Su Zhirong deliberately pulled Su Xiaomeng to the side to teach her.

“I know, study hard, go up every day!” Su Xiaomeng said impatiently. “We are going to go to the playground now, sister, you and this ‘pseudo’ brother-in-law are going to go, don’t worry about me.”

“No, I will go with you!” Su Zhirong is hard.

“Why?” Su Xiaomeng grinned.

“When can’t you see? The tall boy has been secretly watching you, are you in the early love?” Su Zhirong whispered.

“No, I have not promised him yet.” Su Xiaomeng retorted.

“I look at you, not far from the promise.” Su Zhirong said indisputably, “I am going with you today.”

“I object!”


Regardless of how Su Xiaomeng was dissatisfied, Su Zhirong and Lu Zixin joined the team going to the playground.

Su Xiaomeng’s classmates were also quite dissatisfied with the joining of the two. Su Zhirong was okay, it was Su Xiaomeng’s elder sister, and her value was high. Several middle school students were quite kind to her. As for Lu Zixin, nobody cares.

In the taxi, Su Xiaomeng is complaining with two companions. “It’s so annoying, my sister is here today, I feel sure I can’t play well. There is also a nasty guy.”

“Xiaomeng, your sister is so beautiful, it looks especially temperament at first glance!” said classmate Zhang Hui. “But your brother-in-law, feel normal.”

“He is not my brother-in-law!” Su Xiaomeng stressed, “My sister is so good, my brother-in-law must find someone who is handsome, smart, rich, and very good. This guy looks far worse!”

“Yes, that’s it!” said another classmate, Feng Lele. “Your sister can only be worthy of a big star!”

Su Xiaomeng warned repeatedly: “You will ignore the Lu Zixin, I don’t know how he flicked my sister, but I thought about it!”

“Yeah.” The two nodded together, Su Xiaomeng also sent a message to the other three male students.

Going to the playground, because it is a weekend, there are more people, and tickets have to be queued.

Lu Zixin took the initiative to say: “I will buy it for you.”

Su Zhirong nodded. She had planned to do so. There are hundreds of tickets for the playground. Since she is here, she must ask the younger sister and her classmates.

Lu Zixin went to Su Xiaomeng and said, “Xiaomeng, you give me your student ID card, I will buy you a tickets.”

“What do you want a student card to do? Can you buy it yourself?” Su Xiaomeng was alienated in his tone.

“The student card is half price!” Lu Zixin said of course, “cheap!”

Su Xiaomeng spoke in her heart, or asked the students next to him for a student ID card.

“No. I never buy a student tickets, I don’t need a student card. The whole ticket is not expensive. Xiaomeng, I have already helped you buy a ticket on your mobile phone. You can scan the code directly and get the ticket.” A tall boy said that he is the pursuit of Su Xiaomeng. Su Zhirong’s current “eyes in the eye” is called Wei Ming.

“Oh? Is there mine?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Sorry, the online ticketing is over. I only bought seven, you may need to buy it yourself.” Wei Ming said, Su Xiaomeng next to him gave him a thumbs up.

Lu Zixin is secretly funny, these students are really interesting.

Su Zhirong came over and gave him a helpless look so he didn’t have a general knowledge of the child.

Lu Zixin doesn’t care if he is hot. “OK, go first, I will be there soon.”

He buy his own tickets. When he entered, Su Xiaomeng and others had already run away. Su Zhirong waited for him at the door.

“They went to the haunted house,” Su Zhirong said. “You just don’t mind the things they just did.”

“How come?” Lu Zixin said with a smile. “If I could be so angry, I would have been mad.”

“This girl is really not worrying,” Su Zhirong sighed. “Let’s go.”

They went outside the haunted house, and Su Xiaomeng and others were waiting in line to check the tickets.

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