BTC Chapter 78 : Society

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“I heard that the haunted house here is very scary, what to do, so scared!” Su Xiaomeng said with concern.

“Nothing, wait for me to protect you!” Wei Ming said, “I will wait in front of you.”

He said, he still wants to hold Su Xiaomeng hand, but he was broken off by Su Xiaomeng.

Su Zhirong was uncomfortable and gave Lu Zixin a look. She whispered: “You help me look at it, don’t let this brat take advantage of my younger sister!”

Lu Zixin nodded, and as soon as he entered the haunted house, he went to the front. The darkness of the haunted house, the murmurous sound, and the dim light that was deliberately created, several girls were scared not dare to blink just hide behind.

Wei Ming walked in front, no fear at all. He has played many times in this place, and he has long been familiar with it.

“Be careful, there may be a headless ghost in front!” Wei Ming said deliberately, the scared Su Xiaomeng even more afraid.

The structure of the haunted house is winding around, and there are ramps everywhere. Every black-painted hole seems to contain some weirdness, and the ghosts are sound.

In particular, there are other tourists screaming, driving the terrifying atmosphere.

Lu Zixin saw, let alone Su Xiaomeng, that is, Su Zhirong is a little scared. He went forward and took Su Zhirong hand, which gave her peace of mind.

In this dim environment, Lu Zixin vision can see clearly. After using H1 serum, his vision has also improved.

He can clearly see that some of the staff’s ghosts are ambushing in the shadows, waiting to scare them.

“Ah!” Zhang Hui, a girl in the same line, screamed, and a headless body appeared next to her, shouting in a deep tone: “Return my head!”

The boy around her hugged her and hugged her forward.

Su Xiaomeng and Feng Lele also saw it, and they all screamed, especially the headless ghost was still approaching them, holding a bloody chain in their hands.

“Lele!” Another boy succeeded in bringing Feng Lele into his arms. In the dark, Lu Zixin saw that he had some smugness on his face and gave Wei Ming an OK gesture.

The three girls were terrified, and they couldn’t notice the details. Lu Zixin couldn’t help but feel that the high school students now have a deep routine, which is too pure compared to their high school.

“Return my head!” The headless ghost approached Su Xiaomeng, Su Xiaomeng screamed and wanted to escape. Wei Ming wanted to be the same as the two, and hugged her.

Who knows when Lu Zixin stepped forward and stopped in front of him and said, “Nothing, don’t be afraid!”

Su Xiaomeng grabbed his clothes and hid behind him.

Wei Ming was very upset, so a good chance was destroyed.

The headless ghost has already arrived in front of Lu Zixin, still shouting in the power, “I am still coming.” He also tried to use the prop chain to scare Lu Zixin, but Lu Zixin just looked at him calmly.

“Not afraid, really boring!” The headless ghost saw it, whispered a word, and left.

The next way, Wei Ming couldn’t find a chance to be soft and fragrant. All of them were destroyed by Lu Zixin. He couldn’t wait to beat Lu Zixin.

“Hey, scared me!” Out of the haunted house, Su Xiaomeng was relaxed, and her face was still somewhat white. She is not afraid of other things, and she is afraid of these ghosts.

“Xiaomeng.” Zhang Hui next to her, Su Xiaomeng found that he still grabbed Lu Zixin’s clothes, and suddenly awkward.

She quickly let go and put her head to the side, deliberately pretending to be unknowing.

Lu Zixin smiled and didn’t speak. The group continued to play. In less than two hours, Zhang Hui and Feng Lele had been taken by the two boys, holding the mobile game. Only Wei Ming, under the constant eye of Su Zhirong, has been arrogant.

Taking Lu Zixin and a few boys to buy ice cream, Su Xiaomeng secretly complained: “Sister, that person is too annoying, has been disturbing us to play, you let him go!”

“Little girl is owing to clean up?” Su Zhirong gave her a popping chestnut.

Su Xiaomeng refused to accept: “It was originally. To say me, he is not as good as Wei Ming!”

“Where is it better?”

“Wei Ming is handsomer than him!” Su Xiaomeng said.

“What is handsome? Ear piercing, wearing a necklace, chicken head, and the same as the Korean star?” Su Zhirong asked, “It looks like a woman.”

“It’s not!” Su Xiaomeng stressed, “Wei Ming is the captain of the school basketball team. He can play hard! He will also taekwondo and dance hip-hop. He is more than Lu Zixin man!”

“Do you know what a man is?” Su Zhirong yelled. “The Wei Ming is chasing you now. It’s nothing more than watching you lie. Can he take responsibility and protect you?”

“Can!” Su Xiaomeng said. “Before there was a boy who harassed me, he was cleaned up by him!”

“How to pack it up? Fight? Then don’t mess with him!” Su Zhirong stressed. “And, don’t say bad things about your brother-in-law, or I will turn my face with you!”

“Sister, I am your pro-younger sister, he is an outsider, you are too eccentric.” Su Xiaomeng was angry, and the elder sister actually favored others.

On the other side, buy ice cream. Wei Ming lit a cigarette and said to Lu Zixin while he was pumping: “Man, you are a bit too much!”

“Buddy? Excessive?” Lu Zixin frowned.

“You are too wide, and it is our business to fall in love with Su Xiaomeng. What do you mix?” Wei Ming asked.

“Do you agree with Su Xiaomeng? You are a high school student, I can’t control if you don’t study well, just don’t affect Su Xiaomeng.” Lu Zixin said.

“Hehe!” Wei Ming spit out a cigarette and said, “What happened to high school students? Are you older than me? Is it great? I don’t think you have any bulls.”

His expresion is arrogant, his age is exactly when he thinks the world is invincible.

“I will tell you clearly anyway, don’t come to destroy my things with Su Xiaomeng, be careful, I am welcome.”

“Do you know the younger brother of Xinnan Road? That is my big brother.”

“Hahaha.” Lu Zixin heard his threat, not only did he have no fluctuations in his heart, he even laughed.

In the high school, it is a social voice. And what kind of brother is also moving out, it is estimated that it is a little punk that fights and fights, and the guy who can’t put it on the table.

“Laughter!” Wei Ming threw the smoke on the ground and spit on his mouth. He said, “I have already said it, you can do it.”

Lu Zixin is also serious, said: “Little devil, I also told you clearly. How do you mix, but don’t do bad things for Su Xiaomeng, otherwise I can’t spare you!”

He can see that Su Zhirong is very strict in her face, but she is very caring for this younger sister. As a brother-in-law, you should take care of it.

“Cut!” Wei Ming disdained snorted, headed to Su Xiaomeng and others.

Lu Zixin also walked with ice cream, and he noticed that Su Zhirong and Su Xiaomeng faces were not very good looking, as if they were angry with each other.

“ice cream?”

“I don’t want to eat!” Su Xiaomeng said, and said to his companion: “Let’s go to the Ferris wheel.”

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