BTC Chapter 37 : To Visit Tiancheng?

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Bonus Chapter

A few days passed by, and Lu Zixin has been working in the company for a few days.

Red Letter Game Company has rented a larger office area and its personnel is expanding. The general staff is responsible for the personnel manager and the management, Lu Zixin still has to personally participate in the interview.

The “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game is still developing, and the company’s daily flow has been growing. Moreover, Red Letter Game Company has released an announcement, and will launch the computer version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” in the past two months. There are already hundreds of thousands of online booking players.

“General Lu.” In the office, Liu Tong gave him further information on the procurement of equipment.

“The three previous electronics companies, we have already ruled out one. Now there are Tiancheng and Huazhong Electronic Technology Co., both of which have good equipment and conditions.”

“Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is in Jiangcheng, so they invited us to Tiancheng. On-the-spot investigation, just next Monday, are you going?”

“Next Monday?” Lu Zixin thought for a while and said, “Yes, you can prepare it first.”

In fact, Lu Zixin originally wanted to directly veto cooperation with Tiancheng Electronics. After all, this company is Xu Cheng’s family. Xu Cheng only two days before in front of him? This big list, their company must really want it!

However, he thought again, is it too cheap to become a veto now? Otherwise, go to Tiancheng and wait for Xu Cheng to entertain him. At that time, his expression must be very exciting.

Thinking of this, Lu Zixin showed a hint of meaningful smile, which made Liu Tong’s body tremble. What did General Lu think?

“Cough, Cough.” Liu Tong deliberately coughed twice, interrupted Lu Zixin’s delusion and said: “There is one more thing, your car, the procedures have been completed, you can use it.”

Speaking of this, Liu Tong is still very Surprised. He originally thought that Lu Zixin car was just a good luxury car. Who knows that it is actually a limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantom!

The friend who helped him was very surprised. He also said that this model has long stopped selling, very precious! Even if you have money, you can’t buy it. Lu Zixin actually has one. The friend concluded that Lu Zixin’s background is not simple.

Sunday, Jiangcheng University, corporate management training course.

In the course of the training class, in order to take care of these elites, most of them are carried out on weekends.

At the end of the course, the temporary squad leader of the training class said: “Everyone waits, I have something to say.”

” Having been studying business management theory for so long, I discussed it with a few classmates and felt it necessary. Go to the real business to learn.”

“And our class Xu Cheng, willing to let us go to Tiancheng Electronic Technology Company to visit and study. Many people are interested, so I organized an event.”

“Tomorrow, everyone can go to Tiancheng Electronic Technology The company is studying business management on the spot, and I arrange it together with Xu Cheng. The event is voluntary and interested can sign up.”

The temporary class leader of the training class is the personnel manager of a small company called Qi Yong. As soon as he finished, he immediately aroused the interest of most people.

“Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on the spot? Good opportunity! I want to sign up!” Someone responded immediately.

“I will go, it will be fine tomorrow.”

“I can take time off, I also sign up!”

Qi Yong said: “There is one more thing I want to explain.”

“Because tomorrow’s activities are all day. Including transportation, There are some other aspects of accommodation and food, so everyone has to pay a thousand dollars, more and less to make up. Yes, for the women in our training class, Xu Cheng is willing to sponsor their consumption, the woman does not have to pay.”

He finished Immediately, the girl gave a thumbs up to Xu Cheng and said, “Xu Cheng real man!”

“Like Xu boss!”

Xu Cheng said with a smile: “This is a what gentleman should do. Everyone will go to Tiancheng to visit tomorrow. I must arrange it.”

Cao Nan was moved, and Su Zhirong said: “Brother Cheng company, let’s go tomorrow?”

Su Zhirong see a lot of people have signed up, but she also wanted to know the way of business operations of large enterprises, he nodded and said: “well.”

Xu Cheng said quickly: “well, tomorrow I drive to pick you, do not squeeze with them Bus!”

He said as he cast a smug look at Lu Zixin sitting next to Su Zhirong.

Do things? Lu Zixin frowned slightly. Presumably, this activity to visit Tiancheng Electronic Technology is Xu Cheng’s own proposal. He is taking the purpose of the activity to pick up the girl. By the way, he can find a reason to directly bring Su Zhirong and Cao Nan to his company for an internship.

“Tomorrow?” Lu Zixin suddenly thought of one thing. Liu Tong did not say that Tiancheng invited them to visit and talk about purchasing equipment. It is just tomorrow.

Qi Yong registered one by one, collected money, and soon came to Lu Zixin.

“Are you going?” he asked.

“Don’t go.” Lu Zixin shook his head directly. Since it is Tiancheng Technology Electronics Co., why should I go with them? Directly with Liu, go to the other company, Tiancheng will definitely entertain them.

He looked at him with amazement and came to the elite of this training class. Unless it is very busy, I will basically go. And Lu Zixin has always been very leisurely, every time the class will be on, actually not going.

Xu Cheng “good heart” asked: “Lu Zixin, if you want to go, I can’t accept your money.”

“After all, I’m so familiar, I know your situation.”

He said this, the training class Suddenly thought that Lu Zixin could not bear to pay this thousand dollars. One thousand pieces, for the elite who can participate in this enterprise management training class, is a small meaning.

Some people suddenly feel a little disdain, a thousand can not afford to pay, this guy is too miserable, right?

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “No, I have something tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Qi Yong nodded, and he went to ask the next one.

In the training class, except for a few things that could not be done, basically registered. Arrange well and arrange a shuttle bus to go tomorrow. If you have a car, you can go there yourself, but you should gather at the pointing place on time.

In the evening, the girls are in the dormitory.

Cao Nan rummaged through the suitcase. “What to wear tomorrow?”

“I will wear normally.” Su Zhirong said.

“Not the same!” Cao Nan said, “I told you that I will visit Brother Cheng Company tomorrow. Brother Cheng has already said that he can directly take us to the personnel department to register, and then become an intern! Of course, you must wear a good look!”

Su Zhirong said: “I haven’t thought about it yet, you can’t pull me together tomorrow!”

Cao Nan stopped the action and said in a helpless tone: “Do you still want to use it? Definitely go to Tiancheng internship!”

“Are you still?”

“I am going to go to the Red Letter game to see? No need to go, really.” Su Zhirong said: “They the personnel department have already sent me an email, saying that I can go to the interview.”

“You are stupid!” Cao Nan advised, “You are a student of Jiangcheng university. Of course, there is no problem in going to such a company. The key is to go after it.”

“When you go there, you have to start from the hardest and most tired. But in Brother Cheng company, has his care, We are definitely much better! And Tiancheng Electronics is also a big company!”

“I have already said it to Lu Zixin.” Su Zhirong said.

“Do you believe him? Not reliable!” Cao Nan directly vetoed. “You didn’t see today, can he not get a thousand pieces?”

“He also introduced you to work? He didn’t have a high salary in work.”

“You don’t hurt people!” Su Zhirong interrupted her words and said: “He is also kind to help, you don’t care.”

“Whatever you want!” Cao Nan said indifferently, “Continue to pick my clothes!”

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