BTC Chapter 487 : Sparring with World Champions

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin didn’t pay much attention to mining industry. The game between mineral resources was a game between countries. It was difficult to see the results.

These days, the construction of domestic magnetic levitation smart lane has become more and more perfect. Basically, first and second-tier cities already have their own magnetic levitation smart lanes.

Pengyun Automobile has officially launched Pengyun Maglev Vehicle. This car has received great attention before official release. After the official release, the majority of car owners and buyers have seen it’s powerful performance, and they were eager for it. Once it’s released, it’s become the most popular mid-to-high-end model!

Nowadays, on the roads of major cities, you can see the magnetic suspension smart car suspended at high speed on the road! They are completely intelligent, faster and safer!

According to survey, traffic congestion in major cities has been greatly reduced. In cities with maglev buses or taxis, travel is more convenient, from one corner of the city to the other end, in less than an hour!

There is no doubt, the era of magnetic levitation cars has arrived, and the magnetic levitation lanes have spread in major cities. There’s already foreign capitalists who have seen the prospects of this kind of road and also investing in construction.

The foreign rich people also regard Pengyun magnetic suspension car as a new “toy”, and they have purchased for experience.

Some local tyrants in Middle East have specially built special roads for their own driving.

Lu Zixin also took out the money and invested in a magnetic levitation smart lane in his hometown, making He County the first county with a magnetic levitation lane.

Red Letter Group has several small projects in He County. Although it’s a small project, it has greatly promoted the economic development of He County. It can be said the development speed of He County in the past few years is much faster compared to the previous two decades!

Lu Zixin was named as an outstanding young man in He County, and the leaders of He County always pay special attention to their families. Even outside his home, a public security inspection point was set up to ensure the nearby security environment.

At home, Lu Zixin mother, Shen Man simmered in the kitchen, Lu Yue built his flowers and plants in the yard, Lu Zixin sat on the sofa, chatting with his cousin Lu Hai.

“Xiao Hai, listen to third aunt, you still don’t study hard!” Lu Zixin found that he had become an “adult” that children hated without knowing it. When opening his mouth and shutting his mouth. It’s a matter of learning and education.

Lu Hai is taller than a few years ago, catching up with Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin remembers, when he took him in the previous year because of the movie, Lu Hai still a middle school boy. Of course, he is now a second-year boy.

“Second brother, how do you like my mom!” Lu Hai complained, “I’m not studying material.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Lu Zixin expression became serious, “Studying doesn’t mean letting you get good grades, but letting you have the skills to learn and keep up with the times.”

“I know!” Lu Hai said, the voice was a little small, “Second brother, let me tell you, don’t tell my parents.”

Lu Zixin looked at him with suspicion and nodded again.

“I think, I want to test professional virtual gamer!” Lu Hai whispered.

The virtual game is a concept became popular after the launch of the virtual projection game from Red Letter Group. Traditional flat-screen games have gradually been replaced by virtual projection games. Now, virtual projection games can attract tens of millions of viewers.

Because virtual projection game is different from the computer operation of the plane game. It’s requires the body to coordinate the operation in game, it has been successfully selected for various sports events, the International Olympic Committee also decided to include virtual projection game in the next Olympic Games!

The virtual gamer profession is naturally the specialty of cultivating virtual game pros, and only a few schools have been opened.

“That’s a test!” Lu Zixin is very open to this. Virtual projection games have occupied a large part of people’s entertainment life. It’s not shame to engage in related industries. If you can win glory for the country, it’s still a kind of glory.

“But my parents don’t agree!” Lu Hai said, “They feel I’m not doing business!”

“They want me to learn something else.” Lu Hai continued, “But I don’t think it’s necessary. Now many jobs have disappeared and they have replaced by artificial intelligence. I’m not that piece of material, why bother to learn those? At that time, I was beaten by others!

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded. He agrees with this view. In this new era, many old professions and jobs have been eliminated, and it’s best to actively embrace the new era.

“Are you good at playing games?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Great, none of my classmates can beat me!” Lu Hai proudly shouted. At this time, his younger sister Lu Lan walked in, opened her mouth and said: “Because you play the earliest, how can others have so many virtual projection devices in their home!”

“That can’t deny my innate talent! They played for so long, didn’t surpass me!” Lu Hai said.

“Let’s do it.” Lu Zixin said, “I will let someone evaluate you. . If you are really talented, I will tell your parents and let you take this major.”

“Well, second brother, a word is fixed!” Lu Hai said excitedly, “Who, I won’t lose!”

Lu Zixin called Xue Yao and asked her to arrange a professional player to comment on Lu Hai innate talent.

“Hello, Zixin.” Xue Yao’s voice was a little haggard. Lu Zixin asked, “What’s wrong with your voice?”

“Nothing. I work too late last night, a little tired, sleeping.” Xue Yao got up.

Lu Zixin looked at the time. Now at 11 o’clock in the morning still sleeping. He said: “Don’t work so hard, let your subordinates do the work. If it’s really doesn’t work, there’s Xiaoxiao, she can solve many things.”

“Well, I know.” Xue Yao responded gently, “Are you home?”

“Yeah, stay at home for two days. Then go to Jiangcheng to find you.” Lu Zixin said.

“Well, I’m waiting for you.” Xue Yao said, “Right, what are you looking for?”

Lu Zixin told her about the matter. Xue Yao smiled and said, “No problem, I will arrange it right away.”

After a while, Xue Yao sent a message saying she has arranged a professional player called “Crazy Grapefruit” to test Lu Hai.

“Crazy grapefruit? A little familiar!” Lu Zixin seems to have seen this name. On the side, Lu Hai stood up excitedly and said: “It’s crazy! My god, second brother, is it really crazy?”

“What crazy?” Lu Zixin asked.

Lu Lan next to him, knows it, she said: “It’s a very famous pro virtual game. In this year’s virtual projection world league, he defeated Korean player and won the world championship! The boys in our class are his fans!”

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