BTC Chapter 483 : The gap between electric furnaces

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They walked into the Guangtu Titanium Industry Smelter together. The smelter was purifying high-titanium slag.

“This is Master Guo, Guo Min. Our chief technical engineer. Under his design, this open-ended electric furnace has improved. From the previous 1800KVA, it has upgraded to the current 4300KVA.”

The experience device for high-titanium slag is mainly a high-temperature electric furnace, and electric furnace design is very complicated. The higher electric furnace power, the higher refined high titanium slag purity.

Guo Min is in his 50’s, like Sheng Wenyan, he is very old. Lu Zixin stood among them, like a young junior.

“Master Guo, this is President Lu of Red Letter Group, who came to inspect our smelter specially. If appropriate, Red Letter Group will provide us with technical support to improve our titanium smelting technology.” Sheng Wenyan introduced Lu Zixin, Guo Min say hello quickly.

This surprised him, Guo Min originally thought Lu Zixin as small leader or government official. Who knew, he actually Red Letter Group Boss, and his background was not small.

“Master Guo, what are the main difficulties in the refining of our high-titanium slag?” Lu Zixin asked. After all, in Hong Xiaoxiao information it just from officially notice. So there’s no actual inquiry.

Guo Min summed up this question for a long time, and he didn’t know how many times he said, “There are several difficulties. The first is ore quality!”

“Although our country has rich titanium resources. Most of them are ilmenite mines with low quality and high impurity content. Such raw materials can only be refined by vulcanization, which has serious environmental pollution and has been stopped in many places. Nowadays, the chlorination method is usually used for refining. Because refining process problem, we can’t use ilmenite ore as raw materials, but use titanium concentrate.”

“The price of ilmenite concentrate is high and the quantity is small. Generally it was processed from ilmenite. These are two costs.”

“The biggest difficulty lies in the extraction of electric furnaces. Our open-ended electric furnaces can only extract high-titanium slag with a purity of over 80%. The Pancheng Iron and Steel Group next to us,  has the highest semi-enclosed electric furnace in China. The purity of their high-titanium slag can reach 90%!”

“What is the international top level?” Lu Zixin asked.

“To say that the world’s top level, it should be Canada’s Quebec Ferro Titanium Company. They occupy about 30% of the world’s titanium slag market. Their titanium slag smelting technology is the highest. Fully enclosed high-power electric furnace can purify up to 100%. Ninety-two high-titanium slag has been further processed to remove calcium and magnesium impurities. It is almost the best industrial titanium raw material on the market.”

“So, can all aspects of the electric furnace be scanned and tested now?” Lu Zixin asked.

“This…” Guo Min looked at Sheng Wenyan. Although their electric furnaces not the most advanced. It’s also technical secrets. Many ore refining companies are not up to their level!

Sheng Wenyan didn’t hesitate, and said: “Of course, Master Guo, you can fully cooperate. There is nothing to keep secret.”

“That’s good.” Guo Min was relieved with Sheng Wenyan words.

Lu Zixin has already brought people and equipment to scan the electric furnace in all aspects, and its data will be stored in the quantum information database for analysis and research.

“Okay, that’s it for today.” Lu Zixin said to them, “I think, it won’t be long before we can launch a more powerful electric furnace. The purification process of high-titanium slag will be perfected to the world’s top level. During this time, processing plants can reduce their production and stock up more raw materials.”

Guo Min said yes, but he didn’t agree with it in his heart. He thought Red Letter Group would do research and improvement. Who knew he would bring some equipment over to scan the electric stove and leave!

What can this improve? At any rate, you have to fully understand the craftsmanship. From this point of view, the other party is probably just going through the scene, without any expectations.

Sheng Wenyan and his thoughts are similar, but he didn’t say it. He is already considering other ways to deal with the consequences of the changes in raw material prices in international market.

Quebec, Canada.

This is the largest provincial administrative unit in Canada and French-speaking cultural area. The world’s largest titanium industrial raw material production group Quebec Ferro Titanium is here.

The headquarter of Quebec Ferro-Titanium Company is now welcoming a group of guests from Australia. Several senior executives of Rio Tinto Mining Company are secretly discussing important trade secrets.

“Mr. Filian, our group has adjusted the price of ferro-titanium ore in an all-round way. As long you maintain a united front with us, I think there will be no fluctuations in the price of ferro-titanium ore in this segment of the world.” Representative Rio Tinto, Joyce said.

Last time, the defeat in Nigeria caused him to be controversial in the company. Fortunately, his backstage was hard enough. It was a large British consortium behind the group, so he was once again entrusted with important tasks.

“We have lowered the price of buying ilmenite ore from China. In addition, compressed a large amount of high-titanium slag for exports. I hope this cooperation will enable us to achieve a win-win situation.” Filian, President of Quebec Ferro Titanium, replied.

The two international mining giants reached a price control cooperation. The reason is Rio Tinto Mining Company learned. China Guangtu Mining Group had obtained a large amount of ferro-titanium ore in a short period of time and was anxious to sell.

They can lower the price and buy them at low prices. Then use their titanium refining technology to process them to industrial products like high-priced high-titanium slag or sponge titanium and titanium dioxide. Then sell at high price. One low and one high, in the price war, they have made a lot of profits.

“We have worry. What if Guangtu Mining Group processes their ilmenite ore by itself?” a Quebec iron-titanium company executive asked Joyce.

Joyce smiled confidently and said: “You can rest assured. They can process some with their processing technology. They can only produce titanium raw materials processed by vulcanization. This technology has long eliminated.”

“According to market demand, they must turn these ore into high-purity high-titanium slag. They have no process and can only sell the ore to us!”

In Ten Thousand Technology chat group, Lu Zixin is asking group friends about the technical issues of high-titanium slag extraction.

Mr. L : “Does anyone understand titanium ore smelting?”

Peter Parker : “I don’t understand!”

Red Queen : “[Frustrated emoticon: You tell me these are useless, because I’m just a computer.]”

Mr. L : “Red Queen, [Panda man questioned emoticon: Really? I don’t believe it!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon hand up: If you want to think like this, I can’t help it.]”

Lu Zixin saw her talking like this. He knew, Red Queen must know about it. He immediately said, “Hong Xiaoxiao sang a song to me just now, it sounds good.”

Red Queen immediately became interested and asked : “[Expected emoticon: where, where?] Owner, let me listen!”

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