BTC Chapter 465 : Pilot Construction

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“Hahaha.” Lu Zixin laughed and said, “Don’t worry, you are the first to visit this modified machine, and I will sell it to you just for our cooperative project.”

“Great, with this weapon, I guarantee that our project progress will be ten times faster!” Guo Chu was assured by Lu Zixin, said with smile.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s sign the order!”

“President Guo, don’t worry,” Lu Zixin said. “We still have a baby that didn’t show up. Would you like to see it first?”

“Look, of course, look! I am looking forward to it!” Guo Chu nodded immediately.

The last product is naturally Dongfang Hao proud work, Sky Arm!

When they saw the huge robotic arm, several people from Zhongnan Construction Group were surprised at first, and then puzzled.

As a mechanical engineer, Yan Yongde was the first to ask his doubts: “Excuse me, is this a mechanical model?”

Not that he doubts, but he can’t believe that someone will make a large robotic arm more than ten meters high! In the current construction machinery, at most such a big crane arm! The one in front of me seems to be a bionic machine, which looks more like a large model.

“This is the first time I have seen such a domineering model!” Guo Chu praised.

“No, it’s not a model!” A person suddenly walked out behind the robotic arm, it was Dongfang Hao. He was wearing overalls, and he was still improving some defects in the robotic arm just now.

“Master Dongfang!” Guo Chu and others saw him, his eyes were bright, especially the mechanical engineers such as Yan Yongde!

Earlier, they thought that Dongfang Hao was a relatively “expanded” mechanical designer. After seeing his two works today, their evaluation of Dongfang Hao has changed from arrogance to genius.

“Can this robotic arm really be controlled?” Guo Chu asked.

“Of course.” Dongfang Hao proudly introduced his work. “The sky arm can do the operations that the conventional robotic arm can’t do, and it is as flexible as the human arm!”

Conventional robotic arms are nothing more than crane arms, mechanical grippers, etc., which can perform some necessary engineering operations. The larger the robot arm, the more troublesome the operation, the more difficult it is to perform complex operations or precise operations.

No matter how gorgeous the rhetoric is, there is no on-site operation that can convince people, Dongfang Hao immediately began to control the Sky arm to demonstrate.

The Sky arm itself is not an independent construction machine, but an accessory that is loaded on a construction vehicle or other large mechanical equipment. In addition to simple manual operation components, it also has a remote intelligent control mode for easy operation.

On the virtual operation panel, you can operate by pressing the button or by voice command, gesture simulation, and so on.

On the virtual operation panel, Dongfang Hao gave a gesture of bending the arm. In synchrony with it, the huge robotic arm is also bent and makes a fist-like action!

Then there are actions such as grabbing, moving, piling, drilling, and only simple instructions are required. This powerful mechanical arm can change accordingly!

“This… this is amazing! Just like a robot!” Guo Chu and others looked stunned!

Have they ever seen such a large and flexible robotic arm that is so flexible? Those big cranes have to move the boom to operate for a while, and the function is more unique than the robotic arm.

“I really suspect that if it is fitted with a body, I am afraid it is not a super-large robot! Just like in a science fiction movie! Master Dongfang, you are really the most powerful mechanical designer I have ever seen in the world!” Yan Yongde sincerely said.

“Hahaha, it’s a piece of cake, just to make a large robot, I, Dongfang Hao won’t be troubled!” Dongfang Hao smiled triumphantly, Lu Zixin immediately gave him a warning look.

“These are the results of the unremitting efforts of our R&D staff and other staff.” Lu Zixin said, “If President Guo wants to inspect the goods, he can transfer it to the construction site to try actual drill.”

“That would be best! So I can convince other directors of the group to purchase new equipment!” Guo Chu immediately agreed.

There are a lot of Science and Technology products. At the beginning of design, people will feel very good. However, when it comes to practical use, everyone finds that it is just a good taste.

Maybe the cost is too high, maybe the actual operating space is small, and so on. In short, it must be used to know whether it is good or not. Once Zhongnan Construction Group sign a purchase order with Pengyun Machinery, it will be a large order of hundreds of millions, and Guo Chu, as the president, dare not carelessly.

A few days later, three large-scale equipment were transferred to the construction site of intelligent road.

“This is the new equipment, it looks so big!” The workers talked a lot.

“What is mounted on the engineering vehicle? Is that a crane arm? How does it look strange?”

“I heard that the foreman said that with this new equipment, the construction volume of one day is worth ten days!” Someone said.

“Who are you lie to? Our group’s equipment is already top-notch, and our construction speed is also top-notch. If we can use this guy, it will be ten times faster? It can be as fast as 20 to 30%. I am burning high!” The leader said.

The group has been reducing the construction period and ensuring quality. This is very stressful for the construction team. Many workers have not rested for a long time, and some are even tired and want to resign.

“I have been at the construction site for more than ten years. I have never seen such equipment. I don’t know if it is good or not?”

In their attention, new equipment began to assemble, and several Pengyun machinery instructions were teaching workers and operators to operate new equipment.

From early morning to 4 pm, it is close to work time, and the equipment is still in regulation. There is no progress today in this pilot site.

“I really believe in their evil! We wasted another day of doing nothing, just messing around here!” The person in charge complained privately, “The time will be delayed and the leader will scold me again. The deduction is also my bonus!”

“I knew that I wouldn’t agree to the pilot, and I don’t know if they have to waste a few days!”

He finished, and someone shouted over there: “Wang Gong, the equipment has been adjusted, you can start construction!”

“Adjusted? Let’s start now, it will be dark after a while!” Wang Gong shouted.

Several instructors from Pengyun Machinery kept an eye on their company throughout the process. The new equipment was smart and simple to operate, but it was still difficult for these workers to master it within a few hours. You know, the operation of ordinary large-scale machinery and equipment requires special learning for months or even years!

The engineering vehicle is loaded with magnetic suspension sensors, cables, circuit equipment and other materials. The mechanical arms mounted on the engineering vehicles are used for handling and control, and place them on the road modification vehicle one by one.

The construction of the huge road modification vehicle began, and the roar of machinery sounded at the scene. The workers were nervous and curious watching from a distance.

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