BTC Chapter 466 : Blueprint

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The road remodeling vehicle has begun to work. All parts of operating equipment is running at the same time, it’s like there are hundreds of workers working together at the same time. The speed is amazing!

Moreover, under the coordination of intelligent control technology, each part can be properly matched with other components, so there will be no errors that may be caused by manual labor. In this way, construction efficiency becomes extremely high.

The road remodeling vehicle is moving forward slowly, and on the road it drives through, it is a brand new magnetic levitation intelligent road! The neat and uniform magnetic levitation induction board, the smooth road surface, the construction completion is absolutely not worse than that of any construction team!

“My good boy!” Wang Gong looked at this scene and couldn’t help but swear. “This is too damn easy to use, right?”

The workers are also tsk tsk, “Good guys, it’s much easier to work with this stuff than people!”

“The most tiring work in the future, we finally don’t need to do it!”

“Stupid brat, let the machine do the work, don’t you worry about losing your job?”

“The machine does hard work, and we do technical work, what are we afraid of? This transformation vehicle efficiency is fast, but it requires a lot of workers to start before and after, and there are repairs and maintenance, don’t all these have to be done by people?”

“Furthermore, when there was no such thing before, there was no such thing as maglev road reconstruction!”

“It makes sense.”

From the start of construction at 4 pm to 5 pm o’clock in the afternoon, just one hour, the remodeling vehicle has advanced the transformation progress that the construction team took one or two days to complete!

Wang Gong, who had doubts and complaints about this before, has become an admirer of the new equipment. Everyone praises the usefulness of the new equipment and asks the leaders to keep the equipment in their group so that they can use it first.

After the trial, the progress of the project on pilot site has taken the lead, and the progress of other sites has been directly ignored.

Upon seeing this, Zhongnan Construction Group decided to purchase orders from Pengyun Machinery, amounting to hundreds of millions!

This is not their impulsive moment. With such a convenient construction machinery, Zhongnan Construction Group can grab more projects in the national maglev intelligent road reconstruction, which is very profitable.


With the first batch of orders, Pengyun Machinery can also formally invest in the large-scale production of construction machinery. Not only that, but they also promote their new products in various ways.

The first Zhongnan Construction Group that ate crabs took less than 10% of the original plan to complete the magnetic levitation intelligent transformation of the Pengcheng’s main road. This allowed major construction groups to see the benefits, so they flew to Pengyun. So the orders for machinery are getting more and more.

While Pengyun Machinery is also developing new mechanical engineering products while making money from patented products, it also accepts the design and manufacture of highly difficult engineering machinery.

In the following months, Pengyun Machinery has successively launched several medium and large construction machinery, which can basically meet the general engineering construction needs.

It has been half a year since the launch of magnetic suspension vehicle from Pengyun Automobile. During the past six months, major cities in the country have been upgrading roads. With the new mechanical power of Pengyun Machinery, the progress has been much faster.

Even in the fastest-growing Pengcheng, Pengyun Maglev Smart Car has begun to receive reservations, it is estimated that it will not be long before you can see new vehicles in suspension on the roads here.

At Red Letter Electronics Group, in the president’s office, Lu Zixin is planning with Su Zhirong for the future he is looking forward to.

“When the road upgrades in the country are completed, Pengyun Automobile and Pengyun Machinery have sufficient capacity. We will choose a site and start building a Red Letter Science and Technology City! It is also the Science and Technology City of China and even the world! We will move all high Science and Technology industries into it, then build Science and Technology University, Science and Technology Industrial Park, the Science and Technology Museum and others, a city that is full intelligent and full mechanically automated!”

“Well, that day will not be too long!” Su Zhirong looked at Lu Zixin face and said with full expectation, “Red Letter Electronics, Red Letter Intelligence have formed a complete industrial chain, and our profitability is enough to rank first among China’s private companies!”

“Now, just waiting for Pengyun Automobile Group to grow up, this plan can be implemented.”

People’s goals always change with the circumstances. In the past, Su Zhirong never thought that she would have idea to build the world’s greatest technology city.

When she was in college, she just wanted to study hard and be able to work in her father’s company in the future. Later, she thought about making Red Letter Electronics stronger… and now, Lu Zixin goal has become her goal.

“Xiaoxiao!” Lu Zixin called out, and Hong Xiaoxiao appeared in the office.

“You can now collect information and data about urban construction, site selection, and simulation analysis. This project is very large, and it will take a few years to prepare from now.”

“Dad, I know.” Hong Xiaoxiao immediately created a new mission, the construction plan for Science and Technology City.

Science and Technology City huge plan to build in future, for which Lu Zixin needs to prepare more.


Africa, western continent of eastern hemisphere, accounts for 20.4% of the world’s total land area. It is rich in mineral resources and is the world’s most important raw material exporter.

In recent years, many Chinese businessmen are keen to develop this black land in Africa. There are many enterprises and groups engaged in business or mining and construction here. China Zhongnan Construction Group has Ministry of Construction here in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country located in the southeast of West Africa, a large African country, the largest economy in Africa, rich in mineral, oil and natural gas energy reserves.

“Old Guo! I haven’t seen you in half a year!” Guo Chu was welcomed by several colleagues when he got off the car at the Nigeria headquarters of Zhongnan Construction Group.

“haha, Old Bai, you can now change your name to Old Hei!” Guo Chu teased the company’s vice president, Bai Tongxi.

“You don’t laugh, you stay here for two months, maybe you are still darker than me!” Bai Tongxi reluctantly said that he was forty years old, ten years younger than Guo Chu, and the skin in China was relatively white. After coming to Nigeria, I did surveys, tests, and business everywhere, and I took off a few layers of skin.

“Old Guo, I heard that our group is doing a good job in the country! I really envy you, I know that I have also returned to China, not to stay in this place where the birds are not smashed!” Bai Tongxi pointed to the surrounding.

It is said that Zhongnan Construction Group’s Headquarters in Nigeria is actually a small temporary residential area. There are very few public facilities and the surrounding environment is average.

“The conditions here are very difficult!” Guo Chu said with emotion.

“You don’t know, it was even more difficult six months ago.” Bai Tongxi shook his head. “Our workers here do not understand the language, and there are cultural differences with the local blacks. Moreover, the city construction and public security are not very good here. All kinds of troubles continued. In the end, several Chinese companies applied on their own, built a small town here, and lived by themselves. This is a little better. But compared to domestic, it is really a hundred thousand miles away!”

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