BTC Chapter 56 : It’s all drama

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin saw Qu Siyuan and felt that he had seen him before, but couldn’t recognize him. He shouted: “You are… that…”

“Little Qu, Qu Siyuan, from the finance Department!” Qu Siyuan reminded himself that he was a few years older than Lu Zixin, he called himself Little Qu, but he didn’t feel embarrassed at all, and his heart relaxed. It seems that Su Zhirong hadn’t said anything to Lu Zixin.

“Oh. It’s you!” Lu Zixin pretended to remember him, but this was the first time he met Qu Siyuan.

“General, please sit down, here!” Qu Siyuan said hurriedly, the staff next to him consciously got up.

Lu Zixin smiled : “You don’t have to be so polite, I just heard that Su Zhirong is here, I’m just here for fun, you can just play normally.”

He said casually, but who dared to be casual! A group of people who were just been arrogant, but now they are all cautious.

Especially the duo of Zhang Juan and Zhou Mei. When they did something wrong, they was afraid that the ghost would come knocking on the door.

They were worried that Su Zhirong might have said some bad things about them to Lu Zixin. At this time, they was afraid that Lu Zixin would ask about it.

If it was Lu Zixin, and he showed even a little dissatisfaction with them, the superiors will definitely kick them out of the company!

“Continue, you continue, sing and sing, drink and drink!” Qu Siyuan greeted, but he was next to Lu Zixin, and said carefully: “General, I really didn’t know you were little Su’s, no, Su Zhirong’s friend.”

“If I knew it, I will definitely arrange it for you, so that you can have fun!”

Now in Qu Siyuan mind, what about Su Zhirong? His was thinking he could quickly wash his suspicion of wanting to play with Su Zhirong,  not leave a bad impression on the General!

To get the recognition of Lu Zixin, he didn’t even look at Su Zhirong again!

At this time, Gao Lin said that her voice was low and her voice was shocked: “Little Su, you are… really amazing! You actually know General!”

“If you… What I said before, don’t worry about it, I was just kidding!”

Su Zhirong smiled and said: “It was nothing, sister Lin, just jokes.”

Gao Lin visibly relaxed, patted her chest and said: “Oh, my mother, you scared me! I will never do this kind of messy thing in the future. If you let General know, you can help me pack my bags and leave!”

“Sister Lin, rest assured. I’ve only been a classmate with General for a little more than a month.” Su Zhirong explained.

Gao Lin gave her a blank stare and said, “You’re still classmates? You are stupid, if I were you, I would give myself to the General tonight!”

“Sister Lin, what are you talking about!” Su Zhirong responded with a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

Gao Lin have a mysterious smile: “Hey, what about General? I never heard of General having a girlfriend, isn’t it…”

“Nothing!” Su Zhirong vetoed, but her heart was inexplicably flustered.

“Not yet! It’s so late, yet he will come pick you up. Ordinary friends won’t act like that!” Gao Lin said avowedly. “General definitely likes you!”

She reached out and touched Su Zhirong’s face and said, “You’re a beautiful girl! Go home with General tonight, let him pamper you!” (Feja: Was originally some lesbian stuff but I felt this suited the situation more.)

“Sister Lin!” Su Zhirong face went red, shouted: “It’s too dirty!”

On the other end, Lu Zixin was casually talking to Qu Siyuan. Qu Siyuan touted a few words and mentioned Su Zhirong, saying: “Su Zhirong is a very capable colleague, and our finance ministers have praised them.”

Lu Zixin nodded and he said quickly: “General, do you want to adjust her?” (Feja: idk)

“Why?” Lu Zixin wondered.

Qu Siyuan coughed and whispered: “Look, Su Zhirong is so good, the company’s male staff are all red-eyed, and I have been criticized several times. The place where I work is for work, not harassment.”

He looked like a righteous man, quite unlike himself.

Lu Zixin didn’t talk, and he quickly assured: “You can rest assured that I will manage this matter! From now on, there will be no more people in the company to harass Su Zhirong!”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin just faint back to complied, and he didn’t know what he was going to do.

Qu Siyuan couldn’t figure out what he meant, and he gave the next Zhang Ting and Zhou Mei a look. The two women rushed to accompany the wine.

Zhang Ting deliberately pulled her top down a bit. Zhou Mei pulled up her stockings. The two women came together, smiled and said: “General, thirsty? Have a drink?”

“No, I’m driving.” Lu Zixin refused, not even looking at them.

The two women felt down and can only retreat.

They couldn’t help Lu Zixin, they thought about it and wanted to please Su Zhirong. If you have a good relationship with Su Zhirong, it is much more useful than having a good relationship with Qu Siyuan!

Zhang Ting cleaned up and walked over to Gao Lin and Su Zhirong. She smiled and asked, “What are you talking about? I will also join.”

Zhou Mei saw that my heart was dark: “Slut, one step faster than this old lady!”

She also hurried past and smiled. However, Su Zhirong feels very incomparable. She has nothing in common with these two people, and even a dislikes them.

She gave a perfunctory sentence and sent a message to Lu Zixin: “Are you still playing?”

Lu Zixin looked up and stood up and said: “You guys play first, I have things to do, I’ll leave first!”

“You are busy!” Qu Siyuan is also under great pressure, Lu Zixin wants to go, he quickly sent people, and went to the KTV door.

After Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong left, the atmosphere in the private room was relaxed.

“Damn!” A male staff exhaled. “I was scared to death! I didn’t expect to meet the boss!”

“Su Zhirong had really hidden it well, actually knowing the company General! Fortunately, I did not offend her before!” Someone was grateful.

“General came to pick her up so late…” Someone said half, Qu Siyuan yelled: “Don’t talk about General behind him!”

He said seriously: “I said right in front of him, in the company, no one wants to harass Su Zhirong. If I find out, I will seriously deal with it!”

Everyone is busy saying that it is, but in their hearts they’re groaning. Isn’t it you who wanted to provoke her?

Zhang Ting and Zhou Mei faces didn’t look. They seem to realize what position they are in, and go to the bathroom.

Zhang Ting added makeup to the mirror and said: “Su Zhirong has really a good life. She is beautiful and capable. She is not ordinary at first glance. You can’t talk badly about her anymore!”

Zhou Mei  is also a thick-faced person, but seeing Zhang Ting’s acting feels that hers is thicker. Wasn’t she always saying that Su Zhirong is bad?

I thought that I was always the first to be grabbed by her. Maybe after a fight with Su Zhirong, she immediately became angry. Said with a sneer: “Heh, you think I don’t know, the last time we made a report, it was you who messed up, and you pushed all the blame to Su Zhirong!”

“Hey! Zhou Mei, are you going to turn your face with me?” Zhang Ting was applying lipstick, and stopped. She said, “What did you say? GO back to texting all your boyfriends on your phone, you think I don’t know about that?”

“You peeked at my phone?” Zhou Mei’s complexion changed for the worse, and yelled: “You slut, that’s going over the line!”

“Who’re you calling slut, slut?”

“You! You are a slut! Bitch!” The two women tore at each others faces and began to fight.

Zhang Ting grabbed Zhou Mei’s hair, but Zhou Mei was not outdone, she grabbed her clothes and they fell into a struggle.

However, the situation did not last long. A KTV waiter was moving around, and quickly stopped them after seeing the fight. However, the two women were still confrontational, attracting Qu Siyuan and others to come over.

He heard some words of two women throwing each other, and his face went blue. It turns out that these two women have done a lot of damage, and definitely can’t stay in the company! Plus considering the relationship of Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong, firing them was the best course of action.

“You two shut up! If you keep making trouble, we’ll all get kicked out!” Qu Siyuan shouted.

The two women stopped, but their appearances were already disheveled, they glared at each other, grabbed their bags, and ran out.

Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong, who were outside of the KTV, didn’t know what was happening. When they got in the car, Lu Zixin asked: “What’s going on with Qu Siyuan? Do you need me to handle it?”


Important Editors Note (Please Read)

This is my first time editing like this, and each one of these chapters takes near an hour for me to finish editing, and tbh I don’t feel like I’m doing the best of jobs. Due to exams coming up and studying + stress, I don’t think I’ll continue editing this. I really enjoyed this novel, and wanted others to experience it as well, so I figured I’d help edit the chapters, but I’m losing interest in the novel, I came for Batman and Tony Stark, not drama. I’d like to apologize to the readers and Xia for my sudden departure, but I don’t think it’s worth it for me to lose study hours over something I’m not enjoying.



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  1. I was also hopeful about this novel, but they are focusing too much on drama and thus neglecting the chat group.
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