BTC Chapter 25 : Counterattack

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  “What?” They thought it was over. Who knows that Lu Zixin is not arrogant, but he still has to work with hackers! 

    Lu Zixin continues to operate, this is a battle in the virtual world. 

    The five hackers of the Octopus organization sat in front of the computer and operated together to attack Lu Zixin. 

    “Paralysis, this is where they invited the master? Not simple!” a hacker shouted. 

    They just wanted to send the most recent virus, but they were blocked by the other party. 

    “It’s not simple? This guy is too strong!” A hacker was cautious, “Red hair, what about your side?” 

    Red hair is the strongest of them. At this moment, he is not in the mood to smoke, hands Knocking on the keyboard, waiting for the screen. 

    “Bastard, who is it? Is there any other hacker organization that is attacking us?” said the red-haired fangs. The strength of the other side is beyond his imagination. 

    “There is no way to invade!” A hacker reluctantly said, “The other party started to trace our network address.” 

    “Hey!” The red hair spit. “Don’t worry, we all use the fake IP address to operate, broiler. More, he couldn’t find it.” 

    “Catch you!” This sentence appeared on the red-haired computer. red hair was shocked by this! 

    The red-haired face turned from surprise to anger in a short time, and the other party actually found out their real network address! 

    “Red hair, he counterattacked!” The hackers found that their computers were invaded by each other. 

    “I rubbed, planted!” A hacker yelled at the keyboard, which is a shameful shame. As hackers of the Octopus, they not only failed to blacken each other, but they were actually caught by others. If you reach the circle, it is estimated that you will be laughed at by your peers! 

    “Attack him!” Red hair shouted, he still wants to continue to operate, can find that he has protected hundreds of computers, actually under the control of the other party!

    The text continues to appear on the computer, saying: “Dare to invade us, want to know the consequences?” 

    Under the text, there is an input box, which is obviously used by the other party to communicate. 

    The hackers felt very shameful. They tried for a long time and failed to regain the sovereignty of the computer. 

    Red hair had replied: “You win, we give up the attack!” 

    There came the news: “??? You are so funny in my company to play a pass left may not pay a price to pay” 

    Red hair input channel “We are hackers, not responsible.” 

    “Your computer is under my control!” said over there. 

    Red hair doesn’t matter: “We don’t want these computers.” 

    “It’s a waste, the computer doesn’t, don’t you have any information?”  

    On the red-haired computer, some information appeared. After the red hair was finished, his face changed greatly. The above is the information of several of them, as well as some information that cannot be exposed. 

    “Nima, who is in the computer?” Red hair asked other companions, one of them guilty. “One thing is in my computer.” 

    “Hello you!” Red hair said, “As a hacker, you actually put it important. The information is placed on your computer, is it looking for death?” 

    The man succumbed: “But other information is not mine.” 

    At this time, the red-haired computer screen shows: “Information is what I found from the residential property management system. I will use this chat…” The person sent a contact information, which is an account of a chat tool. 

    “It’s really planted!” The red-haired man slammed on the table and was actually caught by the other. They have a lot of fake identities on the Internet, but in reality there is nothing to guard against, and real information is used when renting a house. 

    They did not expect that the other party found their network address, and then found the household information by the property information management system.

    With this information, plus the information that the other party has, it is enough to make them suffer a lot. 

    “What should I do now?” asked one person. 

    “What can I do?” Red hair sighed. “The other party must be conditional. Seeing what conditions he is offering, it is not good. We will go abroad. But this place must not stay, move now!” 

    Red Letter Over there, when Lu Zixin counterattacked the other party’s computer, he moved the place so as not to be surrounded. 

    But even so, his previous actions also brightened the eyes of the employees. 

    “Our boss is a super computer master!” A programmer admired, “No wonder he is the boss!” 

    “That is the hacker of the Octopus organization, there is no backhand in front of Lu. This can be hacked. The world is famous!” 

    “It’s really a slogan, I’ve seen it!” Even Liu Tong has once again refreshed his understanding of Lu Zixin. This boss looks young, and he is so powerful! 

    And Bai manager, it’s awkward to leave. Not only did they not make a list, but network security products were not sold out. 

    Since this incident, the inside of the Red Letter company has been circulated, General Lu is actually a hidden master. There are even rumors that Lu Zixin is a well-known hacker. All in all, the employees gave him an admiration. 

    The cyber security issue of Red Letter Company was finally solved. 

    Lu Zixin is talking privately about Red hair and others. He deliberately used a fake identity and address to contact them on the Internet. 

    “What do you want?” asked  red hair. 

    “It’s very simple, you attack, is it someone to instruct?” Lu Zixin asked. 

    “Let us disclose the information of the employer? Impossible!” Red hair firmly said that this is their principle. If it is leaked, who will spend money to find them later.

    “No, actually, you don’t say it, I can guessed it. It doesn’t matter!” Lu Zixin said, “I have always been a man of revenge. Who wants to black me, I will be black back. So I will bother you, like Today, for Red Letter, you will come to them once again.” 

    “If we don’t agree?” Red hair asked. 

    “Well, with you. Then your information may appear in the network supervision department.” Lu Zixin replied. 

    “God, he threatens us!” shouting red hair was extremely unhappy. 

    Companions are also swearing, but there is no use of eggs. 

    Red hair said: “How do you guarantee that you will not be jealous of us?” 

   “Is it useful?” Lu Zixin asked, “I promise you will not believe it. Rest assured, your level, I really can’t see it, later I won’t find you.” 

    Lu Zixin words almost made red hair and other people vomiting blood. They are also well-known domestic hackers, and they are sought after by many people in the hacking forum. Who knows that today is actually being despised by Lu Zixin, it is too shameful! 

    No way, Red hair had to promise and said: “Okay, we promised, but you have to abide by the agreement.” 

    Lu Zixin agreed, then sent him a software and said: “This is what I gave to you, use this.” 

    After that, the virtual identity on the Lu Zixin network was offline, and the traces were wiped out. 

    “What did he send?” a hacker asked. 

    They began to study the software of Lu Zixin, and it was clear that several hackers took a breath. 

    “This crazy, this is forcing us to play a big wave!” Red hair sighed. He originally only wanted to harass the former employer and deal with it. 

    But the software that Lu Zixin gave them is something that can violently destroy the other party’s network protection and information in a short period of time. Can definitely let the other party drink a pot!

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