BSI Chapter 68 : Seppa

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I have sad news Feja is not able too help again, this is the message he left me

After the fireworks show, Soi Fon took her hand from Xia Yan, and the process of holding hands was less than ten minutes, but Xia Yan was satisfied.

It is an improvement to be able to let Soi Fon accept himself for a short time.

Xia Yan knows that Soi Fon is not disgusted with his pursuit. She can also react, but her personal character and past decisions have decided that she will not accept it.

What he has to do is to change her character step by step and let her come out from the past.

This has been very fruitful.


“Wait, Soi Fon Captain, how did your hair back again?”

The next morning, Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, who appeared in front of him, he was shocked. At this time, the part of Soi Fon’s hair combed down, and the oblique bangs were squared and turned into a doll’s head, but it was less.

Soi Fon said with anger: “It’s too much trouble, it takes a long time to waste time if do every day.”

Xia Yan scratched his head, some disappointed, his own style transformation failed?

Seeing his disappointing look, Soi Fon suddenly said: “But there is a chance to try again later.”

“That’s good.”

Xia Yan showed a happy smile, and Soi Fon nodded and said, “Okay, today you have to contact Shiba Kūkaku to sign the next contract. Go ahead.”

Xia Yan remembers that he would go to Kūkaku to talk about the next purchase situation after today, so he left Seireitei.

When He came to Shiba’s house, Xia Yan went through the road, and now Shiba Kaien and Shiba Miyako are not here, but Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko have taken Xia Yan as their own.

Xia Yan came to the rear and found Shiba Kūkaku. The latter saw Xia Yan and said with a smile: “Xia Yan is coming.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Kūkaku sister, I am here to sign the purchase contract for the next season.”

Shiba Kūkaku nodded and said, “Come on, I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Shiba Kūkaku with Xia Yan into the house, and the two signed a purchase contract. Shiba Kūkaku smiled and asked: “How was it yesterday? Have you succeeded?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Well, I took the hand of Captain.”

Shiba Kūkaku coldly snorted, said: “Hand in hand? Where is this going, can’t my fireworks not touch her heart?”

Xia Yan still smiles and says: “Don’t worry, I believe she will like me.”

Shiba Kūkaku nodded and asked, “Would you like to stay here for dinner today?”

Xia Yan waved his hand and said: “Forget it, I will put the contract back.”

After Xia Yan bid farewell to Shiba Kūkaku, he left the Shiba home, but it was not far from going out. A few figures in the distance rushed out of the jungle and came to Xia Yan.

“Little devil, wait a minute.”

In front of Xia Yan, riding the wild boar’s Shiba Ganju, in addition to the four younger brothers, surrounded Xia Yan.

Xia Yan eyes at Shiba Ganju, I’m not angry, “I’m gonna be embarrassed?”

Shiba Ganju said: “Hey, little devil, this time we have done everything, I will not lose again.”

Six months ago, after Shiba Ganju was stunned by Xia Yan, he always thought of revenge, and several times challenged Xia Yan, who was defeated by Xia Yan.

But today he is no longer a person, he has become five people, and he has five more pigs.

There are indeed some threats, but it is not difficult to cope.

Shiba Ganju said with a smile: “Come on little devil, this time I will hit your ass.”

Xia Yan looks at Shiba Ganju and said, “But why should I fight with you?”

Shiba Ganju is dumbfounded and asks: “We are challenging you.”

Xia Yan yawned and said: “But I am very sleepy, and I must hurry back to Seireitei, no time to play with you.”

“Plays… What are you talking about, I am not playing again.” Shiba Ganju was despised by Xia Yan and was very upset.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Actually, it is not impossible to let me play with you, but if you lose, you need to pay something.”

Shiba Ganju asked directly: “Little devil, what do you want?”

Xia Yan gently spit out two words: “Seppa.”

That’s right, what Xia Yan wants is the skill of Shiba, who is good at it, Seppa.

A peculiar Reishi technique that can make stones turn into sand, seemingly simple, but in fact it works.

The first is to make a buffer point. If you drop at high altitude, there is no time to make a force point with spiritual power. You can use stone waves to turn the ground into sand and fall on it.

Kurosaki ichigo and Shiba Isshin entered Seireitei is the impact of this method.

The second is to dig pits, make traps, and change the terrain.

Use in combat, can have a better effect, deal with the use of Expert, but as an aid is not bad.

When Shiba Ganju heard Xia Yan words, he thought for a while and said, “Okay, but you can’t use Zanpakuto Ability.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Good.”

“Come on, everyone.”

Shiba Ganju slammed his hand, and the four people around him simultaneously rushed out on the wild boar and rushed toward Xia Yan.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan smiled slightly, a few ordinary people, and how can hurt himself.

Xia Yan had a little tiptoe and jumped, but at this time, one of the younger brothers reached for a throw and a flash popped into the air.

Xia Yan quickly took off the goggles on his head. After knowing the power of the flash bomb, Xia Yan always wears goggles and puts it on his head. He can also block some sand.

The flash exploded and the light burst, but did not hurt anyone.

However, at the moment the flash bomb appeared, there was a bomb explosion.


The red smoke lingers, and Xia Yan just feels the pain of the mouth just after a touch.

“This is…”

Xia Yan frowned, and the smoke bomb with pungent odor could only be supplied to the Onmitsukidō troops and could not be handed over to others.

Shiba Ganju explained with a smile: “This is my original pepper smoke bomb, is it hard to accept.”

Xia Yan held his breath, and at this time the air broke and two bombs appeared beside him.

Xia Yan stepped a little, jumped out, the bomb exploded at the foot, but the next moment, a big net fell into the sky, shrouded Xia Yan.

Xia Yan had a bitterness in his left hand, and he made a stroke in the air, and the net was not cut.

“This is a trait net, it is impossible to cut.” Shiba Ganju said proudly.

Xia Yan had to go down, but just set foot on the ground, a large pit appeared in the underground sand, Xia Yan body shape can not stop falling.

“This time you can fly and fly.”

Shiba Ganju screamed proudly, and the big net covered the big pit, covering the body shape of Xia Yan.

A younger brother smiled and said: “Big brother, we have succeeded this time.”

Shiba Ganju eyes with tears and said: “I don’t want to wait so long, I can finally get a bad breath.”

Another younger brother said proudly: “A Shinigami who can’t do Shikai, how could it be better than us.”

But at this time, a blue light rises, and a huge light column rises into the sky and goes straight into the sky.

“Hadō #88, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.”

The huge energy column directly smashed the big net, and the edge of the bunker was also carbonized. The wild boar under the crowd was scared and turned five people to the ground.

Then Xia Yan jumped out of the pothole, looks at Shiba Ganju, and said: “Your seppa is really good, I want it more. By the way, are you giving me directly, or is it spar?”

Shiba Ganju thinks that Xia Yan Kido Ability is so good, and said with tears: “I, I will give you.”

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