BTC Chapter 489 : Serious Illness

Edited: XiaXue

A rosy red robe, sexy body wearing a gold armor, wearing a beaded jade crown, holding a red scorpion spear. Su Xiaomeng is recording a promotional video in the company’s virtual projection studio.

After she finished recording. She didn’t change the props, she ran over happily and shouted: “Brother-in-law!”

“Wait, you want to poke me to death!” Lu Zixin pulled away her red tasseled spear.

“In front of fighting emperor, dare you get off the horse for a fight?” Su Xiaomeng naughtily pointed at Lu Zixin with props, and scolded.

“Little girl, don’t stand in the way, be careful of the old man’s fighting spirit, kill you and the horse!” Lu Zixin called out a line in cooperation, making Su Xiaomeng amused.

“Okay, no trouble.” Lu Zixin was upset and asked, “Where’s president Xue?”

Referring to this, Su Xiaomeng immediately pretended to be aggrieved. She pitifully said: “Brother-in-law, the first one you look is not me, but Sister Xue. Ah, it’s really an outdated sister-in-law that nobody wants!”

“Just your skin itchy.” Lu Zixin couldn’t help squeezing her nose.

After making a few noises, Su Xiaomeng said: “Sister Xue has been running to hospital these days. She is probably exhausted.”

“What happened? Was she sick and didn’t tell me!” Lu Zixin frowned.

“Not her, but her father.” Su Xiaomeng came close to Lu Zixin’s ear and whispered: “I went to see her the day before yesterday, watching her secretly shed tears in the office! Poor!”

“Is there anything else?” Lu Zixin found that he had recently neglected this aspect and was somewhat embarrassed.

He immediately called Xue Yao and asked: “Which hospital are you in?”

“Ah? Who told you! Really, I let them not to say it. You are busy…” Xue Yao whispered.

“I’m already at Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Company. Which hospital are you in? I’ll take a look.” Lu Zixin asked again, with a very positive tone.

Xue Yao hesitated for a few seconds and said: “Huazhong Hospital.”

Huazhong Hospital is one of top hospitals in the vicinity. Lu Zixin brought some nutrition and went to Huazhong Hospital. Su Xiaomeng accompanied him too.

Huazhong Hospital, wherever people come and go, no matter what. Joys and sorrows are performed here every day.

At the time, Lu Zixin saw Xue Yao. He found that her look a little haggard, she had lost a lot of weight, and her voice a little hoarse.

“You are here.” Xue Yao saw Lu Zixin, her pretty face showing joy.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and asked, “How is your father? You don’t tell me on the phone.”

“Sister Xue.” Su Xiaomeng greeted her.

“Let’s talk inside.” Xue Yao took them to the lounge. After coming in, she said in a low voice: “it’s Lung cancer.”

“Cancer!” Su Xiaomeng exclaimed, “Is it early?”

Xue Yao face looked heavy, shook her head helplessly and said: “It is close to late stage.”

Late lung cancer, this is almost a death term for ordinary people! Cancer mortality are well known, not to mention advanced lung cancer?

Lu Zixin can fully understand Xue Yao’s mood. If his loved one is given a death notice, he wouldn’t be better off.

Lu Zixin held Xue Yao’s hand and said softly: “Don’t worry, I will accompany you. How the doctor diagnose here? If it’s not enough, I will immediately ask someone to find the best doctors and experts in the world!”

Xue Yao took a deep breath and said, “Don’t be troublesome. The doctors here are all top doctors across the country. I have arranged for him to be admitted to a special-grade ward. He has just received radiotherapy in these days. The doctor said he needs to be observed for a week.”

“Well. Let’s go see my uncle first.” Lu Zixin nodded.

They went to the ward and Lu Zixin saw an old man who described it as withered.

Xue Yao’s father, Xue Bai is 50 years old this year, but at this moment he looks like an old man, who will die!  His body is skinny and pitiful! His face became a crumpled piece of paper, black and old, without a trace of blood.

Hush!” The little nurse made a hissing gesture and said, “I just finished feeding him. He just fell asleep, don’t wake him up.”

“Yeah.” Xue Yao nodded, looking at her father in the hospital bed, she couldn’t bear it.

Lu Zixin was not the first time to see Xue Bai. Last time he saw Xue Bai, Xue Bai wasn’t so thin, he could still eat and drink. At that time, Lu Zixin remembered he had poured a lot of wine for Lu Zixin and asked him to treat Xue Yao well.

Now, his own eating has become a problem!

Xue Yao’s parents divorced early, and Xue Bai has raised Xue Yao alone. One can imagine how sad Xue Yao is now.

In the family lounge, Xue Yao held back her tears and said: “All blame me. I haven’t visited him for half a year. It’s fine before, but in the end, he collapsed. In just one month, he lost more than 20 catties!”

“Sister Xue, here.” Su Xiaomeng handed her a handkerchief and comforted her: “Don’t worry, uncle will definitely get better.”

“Well, thank you.” Xue Yao said, but her mood is difficult to improve. Everyone knows, cancer is an incurable disease in the medical world. Modern medicine have developed for so many years. No matter which country or expert, it has failed to find a way to completely cure cancer!

In the evening, Lu Zixin stayed with Xue Yao in the hospital. Xue Yao talked about her father’s situation. The more she talked, the more sad she became, and she couldn’t help sobbing.

“I told him to smoke less and drink less, but he wouldn’t listen.”

“I should go back to accompany him more often.”

“If he leaves, I really don’t know what to do…”

Lu Zixin hugged her, gently stroked her hair, and said, “Don’t worry, I will try my best. I have already contacted a few friends, and a doctor will come to help in a few days.”

“Thank you.”

“We don’t need to say thank you between us.”


After Xue Bai received radiotherapy, he checked his physical condition again, and the doctor decided on the next treatment plan.

“Is the test result coming out?” Xue Yao waited nervously for the notification and asked the nurse.

“You wait, our doctor and director are discussing.” The nurse soothed.

“Thank you.” Xue Yao eased a little.

After a while, the attending doctor Zeng Hong came out. He was wearing a mask, his face was calm and couldn’t see his expression.

“The patient’s family, please come in.” The attending doctor said.

Lu Zixin went in with Xue Yao. In the room, there’s not only the attending doctor, there’s has department director.

“Mister Lu, Miss Xue, hello.” Director Mo Xia came forward to shake hands with them.

“Hello. How is my father’s test situation?” Xue Yao really didn’t want to think about other things, just wanted to know the result.

Mo Xia and the attending doctor looked at each other. The attending doctor Zeng Hong said: “Please sit down first, Miss Xue, your father’s situation seems a bit tricky at the moment.”

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