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“It is the investigation trouble.” Tang Gang frowned. “That ‘Old bear’ we can contact now, but what problems are lawyers helping him answer.”

“As for the cause of the explosion mobile phone battery, it is even more ambiguous, and it is impossible to check it up. According to him, it is an explosion when charging. The cell phone and the mobile phone battery are all fragmented, and the debris can not be found. Now there is only a trace of the explosion.”

“From a legal point of view, we will not necessarily lose this lawsuit. But from a business perspective, as long as the other party does not admit mistakes, we are losing!”

Lu Zixin nodded, the real purpose of the other party was to discredit the red letter. Therefore, they did not care about winning or losing in this lawsuit. As long as they dragged on them, they were entangled and the reputation of Red Letter was lost. Their purpose was achieved.

“Try to check, it’s best to talk to the person who broke the news.” Lu Zixin said, “In addition, increase public relations efforts to reduce negative impacts.”

“Well, we are all doing it!” Tang Gang nodded.

Lu Zixin was not idle. He also found the online account of the person who broke the news through the online channel. Unfortunately, the news of the other party is not returned. All of them are lawyers of the so-called Zhengfan Law Firm called Qi Jian, who is speaking to the outside world.

Lu Zixin checked their information. The name of old bear, the real name is Liao Zhuang, this year 31 years old, has been a security guard in a shopping mall, there is nothing surprising.

As for the hospital’s inspection report, there is no problem.

Qi Jian is a professional lawyer, and there is no problem with personal information. However, in view of Lu Zixin’s investigation of his resume, this Qi lawyer is not like such a kind person, can provide legal advice to a person who does not want to do it for free. Of course, it may be that in order to be famous, or the law firm is going to speculate, this requires further investigation.

The next day, Qi Jian came to Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology to start negotiations with them. Along with him, there is also a reporter from the news media called Cao Zhida.

The progress of the talks was very unsatisfactory. Qi Jian said directly and clearly: “My client has already stressed that he does not accept reconciliation. He will not accept your compensation, and the court must make a judgment!”

Tang Gang said sternly: “Liao Zhuang did not provide any proof of the wreckage of the battery explosion. There is no direct evidence that the battery is a problem due to quality reasons. It is to go to the court and you will not win the lawsuit.”

“So please contact Liao Zhuang now and let him know the process of the matter. We have already said that the Red Letter smartphone is willing to pay for medical expenses and a certain amount of compensation for him.”

“So you are guilty!” Qi Jian directly asserted that the next Cao Zhida is still using the recording pen to make records.

“You must publicly apologize for acknowledging the mistake and paying a total of 100 million for my client’s medical expenses and mental damages!”

“Don’t talk about it!” Lu Zixin said directly. “It seems that you have no sincerity at all. As for the deliberate creation of things, our red letter will surely pursue it!”

“I believe that it will not take long for you to regret with the people behind you too.”

“Hahaha!” Qi Jian couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Is this a big company’s pie? We are forced to give in? I tell you, impossible!”

“Send customers!” Lu Zixin ordered, after the two left, Tang Gang was not calm: “General, this thing is still cold, or things are too big, we have no evidence, it is not good.”

“No,” Lu Zixin chop nails and sever Iron said. “When someone wants to move a knife behind me, they have to bear the consequences. You look at it, and within two days they will know the end of red letter enemies!”

He said that he was full of confidence, and Tang Gang and others were very confused. Why is General so determined? But they also thought that Lu Zixin often made some magical things and chose to believe.

Lu Zixin is not open-minded, he will certainly act. When Qi Jian and Cao Zhida left, they did not notice that on the 100-meter-high sky, a mini Iron Man was monitoring them.

The gift from the group of friends to Lu Zixin was treasured, and this time it came in handy. The Mini Iron Man is small, flying silently, and can also become a camouflage color that is difficult for people to detect.

It can monitor, record, and release current, making it a spy robot with no problems at all.

Lu Zixin Bring smart glasses and connect directly to Mini Iron Man to see and hear the sounds and images it sends back.

Qi Jian and Cao Zhida are talking while walking, Qi Jian said with a smile : “This time you can report the latest progress, I will give you the title.”

“Red Letter Company refused to admit that the battery exploded, and the attitude was tough, and they want to force the victims to withdraw their complaints!”

“God!” Cao Zhida gave him a compliment and said: “You are more topical than I thought, and the number of views published is definitely high!”

“At this level, you come to our company at least the editorial level!”

“Hahaha, look at it, these routines are used to it.” Qi Jian said with a smile, “It’s not always to attract the public’s attention, the more exaggerated the better! And in the face of big companies, everyone will naturally substitute themselves. Go on the victim, and when you come together to denounce the red letter, our mission is complete!”

“That’s right, I will write a report when I go back.” Cao Zhida nodded.

They didn’t talk much, and they quickly separated. Lu Zixin judged that the main character should be Qi jian, so let the Mini Iron Man monitor him.

Qi Jian lived in a hotel, he came to Pengcheng as a business trip. Once he went back, he  called Zhengzheng Law Firm. The mini Iron Man fired a miniature monitor and got into the room.

“General Xia, things are still going well. Red letter simply can’t help against us…”

All his voices were recorded by Lu Zixin, and then Qi Jian called the victim Liao Zhuang.

He lowered his voice, warned repeated: “Remember, you stay in the hospital, no matter who is looking for you, say anything, you don’t say anything. The police came to you, you also let the police contact me, understand?”

There was a voice from the phone: “I know. When will my money be given to me?”

“One point will not be less for you, but it will be later. Now your bank account must be stared at by the police. If I transfer a lot of remittances, your explanation is unclear, but when you get caught, I can leave you alone!”

Qi Jian warned that, Liao Zhuang quickly agreed: “Oh, then don’t hang me, I will say anything when I am pitted!”

“You can rest assured, I will send you a message tomorrow, you send it to Weibo. It’s almost like this, hung up!” Qi Jian simply hangs up the phone and then starts to go online, it seems to be contacting the third party through the network. That is, behind the scenes.

Since it is a network, it is much more convenient. With the help of the Mini Iron Man and the Internet, Lu Zixin easily invaded his computer, monitoring his every move, and looking for useful information on his computer hard drive.

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