BTC Chapter 482 : Titanium Industry

Edited: XiaXue

“What! You don’t know ilmenite ore refinement?” Lu Zixin was resting at home and received a message from Dongfang Hao.

Guangtu Mining Group asked them for help. They hope Red Letter Group could help them solve the technical problems of ilmenite ore refining, but Dongfang Hao said he could do nothing.

“Please, daddy. You could let me make a car. But, this is raw materials. How do I know? Does the person who can cook must know how to grow vegetables?” Dongfang Hao directly threw the question over.

“What about Zhang Qiang?” Lu Zixin asked while playing the game.

“The stupid guy doesn’t understand either.” Dongfang Hao said.

“Okay, I know.” Lu Zixin said, “I’ll solve it.”

On the soft sofa, Lu Zixin is playing a virtual projection battle game just launched by Red Letter Games. In front of him, the projected monster is fighting his opponent.

On his legs, a pair of slender, white legs were placed on them. Su Zhirong liked to put her legs on Lu Zixin like this. Then lay on the sofa to watch variety shows.

“Wife, help me see, what is Dongfang Hao talking about?” Lu Zixin still focusing on the game, ignoring the beautiful legs in front of him.

“You’re so lazy.” Su Zhirong complained, then turned on the quantum computer and shouted: “Xiaoxiao!”

Hong Xiaoxiao projection appeared in the living room, and the delicate little girl greeted Su Zhirong: “Hello Aunt Su.”

“Call me Aunt Su again?” Su Zhirong was a little dissatisfied with this title. Why did Hong Xiaoxiao call Lu Zixin ‘Dad’, but her ‘Aunt Su’? It seems she is so old. She joined Red Letter before graduating from university. Aside from her position in Red Letter Group, she is only in her early twenties this year!

It’s better to be called Sister Su, but it seems to be messed up.

“Hey, just a title, whatever you want.” Lu Zixin said casually, Su Zhirong didn’t care, and continued to ask: “Xiaoxiao, you can check the question from Guangtu Mining. And, there is some information from Titanium Industry.”

“Okay, we are sorting out the data.” Hong Xiaoxiao started working immediately.

Not long after, Hong Xiaoxiao was ready for everything. It’s countless times more convenient compared manual work.

“At present, the export price of ilmenite ore in international raw material market has fallen by 18.3%. Guangtu Mining has been greatly affected by the accumulation of large amounts of ilmenite. The problem they encountered was a defect in the processing technology of ilmenite. Which prevented production industrial raw materials like high-purity titanium slag.”

Su Zhirong looked at other materials curiously and said: “The price of high-titanium slag is more expensive compared to raw material ores. Moreover, our country is actually the country with the most abundant titanium resources. But, it needs to import a large amount of titanium concentrate and high-titanium slag every year!”

Hong Xiaoxiao said: “Yes, on the surface of the earth, the content of titanium is very rich. The demand for titanium metal in the industry is also increasing, but the problem of titanium extraction has always been a problem restricting the development of titanium industry.”

“No wonder.” Lu Zixin ended the game and said: “Since Guangtu Mining asks for help. Then find a way to help them. Xiaoxiao, continue to collect information on titanium extraction.”

“I’m done, Dad!” Hong Xiaoxiao said as if asking for credit.

“Really awesome!” Lu Zixin praised.

Hong Xiaoxiao virtual projection showed a happy smile, and Su Zhirong couldn’t help shouting: “Xiaoxiao is so cute!”

Lu Zixin learned about the specific situation and found this problem really needs to be resolved. Not to mention Guangtu Mining, which has just invested in the company, Red Letter Group itself also needs a large amount of high-purity titanium raw materials.

The production of mobile phones and computers requires the use of titanium, as well as high-tech machinery products such as automobiles, robots, airplanes and others. In modern industry, it is difficult to not use titanium.

Doing this can be regarded as upgrading the raw material technology industry of Red Letter Group. And, they will not encounter major problems in industrial metal raw materials in the future.

“It seems that I have to take time to visit Guangtu Mining Group in the past few days to see the conditions of their processing plants.” Lu Zi thought to himself with confidence.

“Xiaoxiao, you can play.” After Su Zhirong finished speaking. Hong Xiaoxiao happily said: “Okay, I’m going to learn singing from sister Hongyun! I’ll sing it for you when I learn it! ”

Hongyun was originally the intelligent voice system of Red Letter mobile phone. Later, Red Letter Virtual Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. was established. Which continued to upgrade her into a virtual idol. Although her intelligence is weaker than Hong Xiaoxiao. But Hong Xiaoxiao is really inferior to her in terms of vocal synthesis system.

“Okay, we’re waiting to listen to your concert!” Su Zhirong looked at her impatient expression, and couldn’t help laughing.

After Hong Xiaoxiao left, Su Zhirong moved her whole body to Lu Zixin’s arms, looked at him with a bitter look, and said, “Finally take a vacation, you just play games?”

“Don’t play games… what to play?” Lu Zixin asked knowingly, looking at her jokingly.

Su Zhirong didn’t speak, instead “bites” on his neck and sucks hard.

“You are a vampire!”

“Well, just suck you!”

“Don’t, I have to go to company, if I left strawberries…”

“I want it! They dare not say you anyway!” Su Zhirong continued to suck, leaving a strawberry mark on Lu Zixin’s neck.

“If you don’t be obedient, you won’t be able to deal with it!”

A few days later, China, Shudi.

This is an industrial development zone located in the middle of the lofty mountains. The population is very small, basically factories and supporting factory dormitories.

Lu Zixin’s private plane stopped in the development zone. He and Sheng Wenyan walked down together. Sheng Wenyan pointed to the distant factory and said, “That’s our titanium smelter.”

“Guangtu Titanium Smelter is an ilmenite ore smelter we invested and constructed five years ago.” Sheng Wenyan continued, “From scratch, we learned and developed it. And, now this titanium smelter has High-titanium slag with a purity of over 85% can be extracted.”

“Although compared with the international market, there’s a gap from 90%. It can meet some industrial needs.”

“Look, those mountains in the distance, on the other side of the mountain, are China’s largest vanadium-titanium deposit, Pancheng. The ilmenite ore here is very rich, and our group owns an ilmenite mine here. ”

Lu Zixin watched under his commentary. He saw, in addition to Guangtu Titanium Smelter. There’s many other vanadium and titanium industrial plants bigger than Guangtu. One is Pancheng Iron and Steel Group.

Sheng Wenyan noticed his sight and said: “Pancheng Iron and Steel Group is an enterprise integrating steel, vanadium and titanium industries. In the titanium processing industry, their technology and products are ahead of us. It can be said the best in domestic! But compared to top international level, it’s a bit worse.”

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