BTC Chapter 399 : Go or not?

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Tang Gang described the function of quantum brain, and the scene is already boiling!

Now artificial intelligence is hot, but personalized and customized artificial intelligence can also learn to grow is the first time.

People with a little imagination and forward-looking vision can think of how much change it will bring to modern society!

The applause on the scene lasted for a long time. This was not a press conference. There were no enthusiastic fans present, but at this moment, the incoming media reporters all acted as fans and shouted for Red Letter Group!

“Is this possible?” The American Computer Society, Walter is conducting a remote virtual projection exchange with Lancelot, and was shocked to hear Tang Gang’s annotation of the quantum brain.

“Quantum brain? Hong Xiaoxiao? Can learn, grow, and design personalized artificial intelligence for users?” Lancelot immediately denied, “This is 100% bragging! Contemporary weak artificial intelligence is absolutely impossible to do this!”

“Yes, the algorithms and data contained in it are almost endless!” Walter also agreed with him. “The Red Letter Group wants to develop it in a short time, it is the Arabian Nights.”

The two said so, but they have doubts in their hearts. If Red Letter Group really masters these technologies – even if they only boast 10%, it is very terrifying!

This means Red Letter Group not only completely got rid of their monopoly on computer core technology, but also walked in front of them, and let them catch up!

“I am afraid that some research institutions will be deceived by them to attend their quantum computer conference.” Lancelot said.

Walter’s eyes glanced directly and said: “In our computer association, if there are enterprises and institutions to participate, it will be recognized as a withdrawal!”

Computer associations have all kinds of resources in the industry. Under normal circumstances, these companies and scientific research institutions will never make such a decision! So the ban by Walter is extremely harsh!

“Our IEEE Association is a stateless academic organization, and it’s binding force on members is not as strong as yours.” Lancelot meditated for a while and said: “But I will contact important computer research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad.”

“Good!” Walter said. “Our two major associations have joined forces. No one in the computer industry is our opponent! Let this Chinese enterprise, as well as the computer associations of their country, see clearly who is the industry leader!”


The Red Letter Group press conference has not ended yet, and the news reports have begun to fly.

In addition to the news that Red Letter Group officially declared war on the industry authority, the quantum computer news of Red Letter also attracted wide attention.

Personal computer performance is comparable to supercomputer, but also can have “adjustable” artificial intelligence, completely autonomous hardware, and have operating system different from Microsoft WINDOWS, quantum brain Hong Xiaoxiao… These news hit people’s sights, regardless of It was repeatedly mentioned after the news TV or after tea.

It can be said that the quantum computer of Red Letter has not been officially released, and it has already become popular in the market.

Fans of Red Letter are looking forward to the official release of this computer.

Computer companies and scientific research institutions in various countries are also paying attention and observing. Most of them have received a joint invitation letter from China Computer Association and Red Letter Group, and invited them to participate in the quantum computer academic conference in China next month.

Cambridge, UK, ARM. This is a leading global semiconductor intellectual property supplier. More than 90% of the world’s tablet and PCs use ARM architecture. In terms of chip design and software, ARM has also achieved outstanding results.

As a global heavyweight supplier of Patriarch to sell semiconductor intellectual property, ARM is very concerned about the quantum computers and standards that emerged from this global supercomputing conference.

This is a revolution in the industry. If ARM can’t keep up with the times and carry out the business of quantum computers, the future is likely to be weak.

Therefore, after receiving the invitation letter from China, the top executives of ARM specially met for this purpose and whether they should go.

“The international standard for quantum computers has been announced, and we don’t have to go to China!” ARM’s CEO took the lead in publishing his views.

“No, I think Red Letter Group is obviously stronger in this area! The Americans are just fooling around and actually adopting IBM’s standards!” ARM’s chief technology officer supported Red Letter, and he continued: “I have seen Red Letters quantum computer data displayed by the group is no exaggeration to say that they are unique in this field.”

“I solemnly emphasize it again, gentlemen, if we adopt the international standards announced by the Americans, it is likely to cause huge market losses in the next few years!”

A senior executive asked: “What is the credibility of the quantum brain from Red Letter Group?”

“Based on the data we currently have, there is 40%!” one person said, “The quantum computer performance they display is enough to achieve super artificial intelligence. But in terms of algorithm advancement and intelligent learning, we are not sure whether it is true or not.“

“40%! If we go to China, we will face pressure from US computer industry, and more than half of our customers and partners are in US!”

Go or not? This is a problem, not only annoyed ARM, but also plagued companies and institutions that also received invitations.

The French Institute of Atomic Energy, affiliated with the Department of Quantum Computer Research, several senior experts are also discussing this issue.

In the quantum field, they are the first echelon.

“The IEEE Association actually contacted us specifically to let us recognize their standards.” An expert said with a smile, “I haven’t encountered such a funny thing for a long time.”

“Refused to admit it!” an old expert said with anger. “What kind of academic conferences have they been made of? For their own benefit, letting academics go astray, I will never admit it!”

“I also want to see the quantum brain from Red Letter Group. Who has plans to go to China in the near future?” Someone asked.

“I am going, but before that, please submit a report to the institute!”


The United States has the largest number of large computer companies and high-level science and technology research institutions.

In addition to giant companies such as Intel, IBM, Google, and Microsoft, there are also international companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Synopsys.

These companies, in view of their own interests or the constraints of computer associations, most will not recognize Red Letter quantum computer standard, but for those scientific research institutions, the association is not binding.

Yale University, the superconducting quantum circuit laboratory, they also received an invitation from China.

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