MST Chapter 195 : Family make Troubles

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In the afternoon.

Ye Guang continued to shoot the unfinished filming of Journey to the West. Because The Strongest Voice, it’s delayed for a long time. Fortunately, they prepared enough original film. Although there’s a lot of troubles in the past two days. The work that should be done still has to be done.

Everyone is very familiar with the program recording. It went smoothly, but after the first episode recorded. When recording second episode, Yu Xuejia ran up in a panic.

“Advisor Ye.” Regardless of recording program, Yu Xuejia shouted directly, “Something happened!”

Sui Shan sternly said, “What’s the matter? I’m recording the show.”

Yu Xuejia hurriedly said, “Advisor Ye, go see it, there are a lot of people outside.”

Ye Guang was full of doubts and nodded, “Pause the recording first. I’ll see what’s going on.”

Ye Guang went downstairs with Yu Xuejia, and some employees followed.

On the first floor, before I went out, I saw three people outside the door wearing sackcloth and filial piety, and a few people behind them holding long poles and banners.

Kill for life!!

A group of people surrounded the crowd, and five or six security guards of properties were guarding them at the entrance of the studio, fearing they would come in.

At this time, I have to talk about it. Sometimes, some small favors and small benefits do not seem to have any effect on weekdays, but sometimes they can really play a big role at critical times. Because of the recording of the program, the studio has basically become tea room for property security and some staff members. In their free time, everyone likes listening to Ye Guang story, drink some tea, and eat some snacks. These security guards remember this small favor, in the mind also remember Youxianqi entertainment is good.

As soon as they heard someone making trouble, they immediately dispatched to maintain order. They can’t control it, but they can do their best to keep the riot. If you switch to security in other places, this kind of door-to-door crying, the security guards of property must avoid it, where will they manage it, at most to help you report to police.

Being kind to others is rewarding.

Ye Guang saw the scene outside the door, my heart suddenly became clear, it was the family of Giovanni boss who came to the door.

Standing for a few seconds, Ye Guang frowned and thought about it, then took a step forward.

Shang Shan grabbed him, “Don’t go!”

Ye Guang sighed, “I can’t hide.” As he said, Ye Guang broke away from Shang Shan and went on. A group of studio employees also followed him out.

Ye Guang just came out and someone immediately recognized him.

“It’s him, Ye Guang!” Someone pointed to Ye Guang and shouted.

Three pair angry eyes in the white filial piety locked on Ye Guang.

Three people, two women and one man, the man is a man in his thirties. He has thick eyebrows and big eyes, a little blessed. There’s an older woman in her fifties, and a woman about the same age as a man in his thirties. If guessed correctly, the older woman and man should be the wife and son of Giovanni boss, doesn’t know if the other woman is daughter or daughter-in-law.

“Murder pays for life!”

“You pay for my husband life!”

“You must die with thousand swords!”


The three people wearing white filial piety and the few people holding the banner who came with them yelled at Ye Guang. They spoke fiercely. If security guards didn’t stopped them. I’m afraid, these people already rushed up.

Ye Guang stood in front of the door, silently looking at a few family members in white filial piety and many onlookers.

The angry family members still clamoring and cursing. Most of the onlookers were unaware of it, but they hear some information from family members speech. It seems Ye Guang has killed their family.

The masses are not clear, but they are all excited.

“Really? Forced to die?”

“Looking at this situation, I’m afraid there is such a thing. I haven’t seen that person dare to speak.”

“Then call the police, what’s the use of blocking the door like this? If he force to call the police and arrested him, it would be over.”

“Who knows, maybe people are rich and powerful.”

There are some opinions in the masses.

The older woman stared fiercely at Ye Guang, her eyes like knives. It’s all because of him. If it weren’t for him come to our store, there would be no investigation, and there would be no subsequent lawsuits if there was no investigation. My husband would not jump into the river because he couldn’t afford to pay, it’s all because of him!

The older woman yelled yelled at Ye Guang angrily, “You beast, you must die, you will pay our old Huang’s life! You killed him, you killed him!” She said, the woman whimpered and cried.

Old Huang, she should be talking about the boss of Giovanni store.

Ye Guang frowned and finally spoke, “I am Ye Guang. I am sorry about Mr. Huang’s affairs. I’m also very sad, but Mr. Huang jumped into the river because of…”

Ye Guang hasn’t finished, the man in filial clothes immediately roared, “It’s you! You killed my dad. If it wasn’t for you, our shop would not be checked! My dad wouldn’t jump into the river either! Because of you, you will pay my dad’s life!”

Ye Guang didn’t explain it anymore. Although Giovanni’s boss Huang jumped into the river had nothing to do with him, it was a life after all! Ye Guang has always felt not good in his heart, as if stuck with a thorn, there’s also a deep sense of regret and guilt in his heart. Sometimes Ye Guang will think, if I endured that tone and turned around with Yiyi, then didn’t enforce judicial rights after the fact. Can this incident be avoided? Can a life be saved?

Ye Guang felt guilty, and couldn’t answer the roar of boss Huang family. He just tried to explain, but Boss Huang’s son immediately cursing him.

I can’t explain it, and I can’t explain the facts. In fact, everyone in this family knows how it relates to Ye Guang. Since they have determined Ye Guang killed Boss Huang and came to the door, even if Ye Guang said until the sky breaking is useless.

The onlookers are pointing at the arguments, some people who see some information from the Internet are telling the people around them what they know.

Boss Huang’s son has been cursing Ye Guang, and the more he scolds him, the more excited he gets. The last one violently broke through the defense line pulled by several security guards, and hit Ye Guang with a punch.

Ye Guang actually saw Boss Huang’s son suddenly violent. He could have avoided it, but he didn’t. He was so stupid and sturdy. Perhaps, Ye Guang felt if being beaten would make him feel better.

This punch hit Ye Guang’s cheekbones, and it’s so hot and painful. Boss Huang’s son succeeded in hitting, then he hit Ye Guang with three punches and two kicks. He pushed Ye Guang and nearly made Ye Guang fell to the ground. Security guards who responded quickly pulled back Boss Huang’s son. Most of the property’s security guards had better physical fitness than ordinary people. They were also diligent in exercising on weekdays. The two security guards stopped Boss Huang’s son, and he couldn’t break through. Can’t fight Ye Guang, but still yelling and cursing in his mouth.

“You beast, you must die, you are a murderer, you will go down to eighteen levels of hell after you die! You pay my father life!”

Ye Guang remained silent and received a punch, but apart from the pain on his face, his heart didn’t seem to feel better.

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