MST Chapter 11 : Radio Station Meetings

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Ye Guang also feels a little strange. How can Weibo end up with some inexplicableness and give him a V? Although I am working at Radio station now, I only went to work for few days. Yesterday was also a temporary rescue host. When is Weibo Plus V so simple? Weibo plus V is basically the same as if you belong to a public figure. Ye Guang himself has a few pounds and he knows that something must have happened. Otherwise, Weibo can’t add V to himself.

No, I have to look at Weibo to see what the situation is.

Get up and turn on the computer.

Ye Guang’s computer is a laptop. It has been bought for some years. The configuration is low and the speed is slow. It is basically the same as the bully. It took six minutes from booting up to log in to Weibo.

Upon logging into Weibo, Ye Guang saw that his account had originally turned out to be the real name Ye Guang, and followed by a yellow V icon.

“Oh, efficiency is really fast.”

At a glance, Ye Guang is very happy.

Introduction: Jiangxi Radio station Host (Editor Jing personally confirms, “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth!)

Ye Guang is helpless.

Is there such an introduction? Complain! I must complain, this is not a swearing.

Retribution, it is retribution.

Pointing on the Weibo hot search, Ye Guang saw a Weibo like this at first glance, suddenly realized. It turned out that the live broadcast of yesterday was sent to Weibo, and it was actually hot search!

“《Late radio station broadcasts in the middle of night, Host rescue and save people!》It is reported that last night, Jiangxi Radio station was in the live broadcast time, the original Host Bayi was urgently sent to the hospital due to physical discomfort, Host Ye Guang was on the verge of death, bringing you a very wonderful and wonderful story – “Ghost Blows Out The Light”.

“Ghost Blows Out The Light” also searched online, but did not find the source, and any similar works should be original. The plot is moving, and it is fascinating. It is thrilling, three points into the wood, the climax is repeated, the scenes are vividly depicted, the characters are distinct, the protagonist is arranged reasonably, and the tomb novel is the first to open! Honestly, OP has fallen in love with this work.

During the live broadcast, in the telephone interaction session, Host Ye Guang received a call from a rebellious student who was unwilling to study and had a dispute with her family and left home late at night. At that time, OP, who was listening to the radio, was really worried. In the middle of the night, at one o’clock in the morning, a high school girl left home, what should she do if she met hoodlum? What if you want to do something stupid? Fortunately, Host Ye Guang’s tongue can be a lotus flower. Some people who think directly and deeply thought about it make the girl realize her mistake and finally go home safely. (Applause to Host)

The so-called prodigal son does not change the gold, I hope this girl can study hard in the future.

The following is the part of the Host’s words to the girl that touches OP most: Child, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because I hope that you will have the right to choose in the future. Choose a meaningful, time-based job instead of being forced to make a living. When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment. When your work gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity.

OP has already remembered this passage, and will tell my child when he goes to school later!”


Once this Weibo was issued, many netizens commented on it.

The message under Weibo is very lively.

White Rabbit : “Sofa.”

Cucumber patted and ate : “Great my host!”

Nanchang has rice noodles : “I listened to the radio all night last night. I have to say that Ghost Blows Out The Light is really good.”

Ji’an also has rice noodles : “The story is so good, I have been listening to it in the bed, and I was almost not found by me.”

Zhangzhou must have rice noodles : “This is the best spiritual story I have ever heard! none of them! I feel this should be a long story. Yesterday, it’s obviously not over. Every day, I insist on listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

Shangrao has no rice noodles with chicken legs : “One word: nice!”

Jingdezhen has ceramics : “I don’t know how to count downstairs, but I agree. “Ghost Blows Out The Light” is awesome!”

Fairy Lake is the most beautiful : “I didn’t listen to the broadcast, Ghost Blows Out The Light. I don’t know, but the phrase that Host said is really good!”

Four Seasons Yichun : “Host said it is so good, I have to say that some children are not willing to study now, and studying is useless.”

Later : “My family is not willing to study, ah, let us be parent’s care.”

Flowers bloom: “Fast! Anchor Ye Guang said what he said and went back to educate your child. ”

Nile River monster : “It has been transcribed.”

Big hammer : “Support Host! Support Ghost Blows Out The Light!”


Ye Guang at first glance, I am happy, Weibo’s introduction does not matter.

Take a look, look at the rave reviews. The eyes of the people are bright and snowy! No wonder Weibo gave V, thank you!

After closing Weibo, Ye Guang opened the system and took a look at it. The prestige points rose to 26,970, and which almost for Lottery. It’s a surprise, today is double happiness, Weibo added V, fame out, and prestige points have risen more than 20,000, Ye Guang is satisfied.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang was snoozes on the sofa and Li Delong called, asked him to go to the Radio station earlier today.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Ye Guang rushed to Radio station.

After sitting for a long time, Li Delong came over with a smile. For the past two days, Ye Guang was the reason for the late shift, and Li Delong’s time to go to work was just staggered. The two had never been photographed.

Li Delong said with a smile: “Little Ye, how is it? Does the work still adapt?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Very comfortable.”

Li Delong sighed: “It’s good to get used to it. I heard about last night. You did it very well. I will have a good compliment to praise you at the meeting.”

After chatting for a while, Li Delong led Ye Guang to the meeting room to prepare for the meeting.

There were quite a lot of people at the conference, seven or eight people, most of them were Host and project leader of Radio station program. It is reasonable to say that Ye Guang could not come to this kind of meeting, but Old Liu is still in the hospital and Ye Guang is here. At the same time, this is also a signal that Li Delong gave everyone in public. After that, the position of Old Liu was taken over by Ye Guang.

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Delong sat in the main seat and Ye Guang sat in the corner.

Li Delong held a piece of data in his hand and said: “At the beginning of the meeting, let us know the ranking of the listening rate of everyone’s programs yesterday.”

“1st place, Voice of traffic.”

“2nd place, Entertainment new broadcast.”

“3rd place, Music list.”

There are basically no changes in the rankings of one to three. These three programs can be regarded as the pillars of station. They are in the top three positions all the year round and are the trump card programs in station.

Ye Guang has also done some understanding, although the Late night story will not be the bottom of the program, but it is basically the countdown position.

The Radio station program has a total of 18 blocks. Except for the three ace programs, other big and small programs are highly competitive.

Li Delong continued to read, “4th place, Emotional online.”

“5th place, Clever mouth storytelling.”

“6th place.” Li Delong stopped when he read this, “Late night story.”

Everyone sitting in the room was a little surprised, and turned around and looked at Ye Guang. The air seems to have solidified in time.

The face is very young. Is this the person Li Delong picks up for Old Liu team? I can’t see any surprising places, just ordinary.

For the relationship between Ye Guang and Li Delong, everyone in station knows well. He picks up the class of Old Liu. The big guys don’t have any opinions. At most, they only vomit the leadership to abuse their power. After all, it was only a late-night stall and the program with the lowest listening rate.

However, today’s ranking is the sixth place. If you don’t talk about three ace programs, this is already the third place! Under what circumstances, there suddenly smashed more than a dozen, fake? Coincidence?

Li Delong puts the expressions of everyone sitting in his eyes, but he doesn’t say much. He cares about the rankings. “7th place… 8th place…”

But everyone sitting in it didn’t bother to hear what Li Delong was reading.

Finished the rankings. Li Delong assured the manuscript, smiled and said: “The recent results of all of you are not bad, the listening rate has increased, I hope everyone will make persistent efforts, stop being arrogant, and make the program better”

“At the same time, I also want to pay tribute to Comrade Ye Guang. Yesterday, I believe everyone has heard about it. Because of physical reasons, Teacher Liu Bayi was urgently sent to the hospital before the show started. Comrade Ye Guang was in danger, and the courage was commendable. “Ghost Blows Out The Light” is such a good work, I looked at it online today, and received rave reviews from the audience.” Li Delong stopped and continued: “As for the incident of telephone interaction, although the last thing is to develop in a good way, I also hope that everyone will take the precautions. In the future, the program groups will have to interact with the audience. Be vigilant and rigorously screening to prevent such thing from happening! Yesterday’s event was an accident, everyone knows, but this kind of accident can be avoided in the future! Here, I would like to thank Comrade Ye Guang. In this incident, Comrade Ye Guang has played a very good guiding role in getting things going in the right direction. Did not give station a negative impact. Everyone applauded the comrade Ye Guang.”

The applause slammed for a while.

The next step was a long-form conference. Ye Guang sat in the corner and heard the clouds and fainted. The most annoying thing about the meeting, and he just came a few days, all aspects are not very familiar, basically do not understand what is said. But it is also a pretense to take a small book to write and draw notes from time to time, looks very serious.

Ye Guang is sitting next to a man named Chen Jie Radio Jockey, a man in his thirties, Ye Guang knows him, Chen Jie program is called Inter-city, the program is not bad, the ranking of the program in station has been in ten place or so.

Chen Jie didn’t have much impression on Ye Guang. After all, it was the first time I saw it. When I saw the young man’s in meeting, I listened carefully, and from time to time, I made a nod of approval. I occasionally made a sudden realization of the expression. The most is still on the go. Take notes carefully on the notebook. Look at people, Chen Jie, who is about to fight, is blushing, and squinting at the water while looking at Ye Guang’s little book.

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