MST Chapter 49 : Advertising on CCTV

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The employees are very excited. This is a commercial that they all participated in. They didn’t feel anything when they filmed. It’s according to director’s intentions, and most of the employees are guilty because the shots are too simple and how chaotic, there is no line in the whole process, just like a pantomime.

After the post-production editing work, many employees are watching, but they don’t think there is any color in this commercial. Isn’t this a simple lens stitching together? The plot is inconsistent, the picture is mixed and chaotic, and there is no attractive highlight at all. In fact, many people are somewhat disappointed in their hearts. They have already felt that this is a failed work. One is because they have hardly seen any signs of this commercial from shooting to post-editing, and then to Ye Guang ability has raised doubts. They thinks that he is still a young man with a long history. He has limited qualifications and naturally can’t do any good planners. It can only be this level.

What level?

The level of Ye Guang made them startle!

Originally plain and seemingly cluttered, with the background music and narration, it seems that there is a chemical reaction, and everyone on the scene feels incredible! Shang Shan and Xia Hai have read the complete planner book. Although they thought Ye Guang should have done a good job early in the morning, when they actually saw the finished work, they couldn’t help but be surprised. It was much better than the imagination.

“Is this what we shot?” An employee is unbelievable.

“Although I think it’s incredible, it’s really what we shot.”

“I rely on it, and the dubbing is absolutely impossible!”

“The original narration is the essence. This passage is too tasteful, so inspiring, and the people who listened to it are boiling.”

“No, is this an advertisement?”

“Yeah, I have never seen such an advertisement. It looks good. I don’t know if the publicity effect will work.”

“Is this still not working? I am sure that this advertisement will definitely create a new trend of advertising!”

Many employees have been talking about it.

The advertisements were finally completed. The employees who couldn’t wait to get off work are now a hot-blooded discussion. No one has asked to go home from work. Finally, Jiang Fengxian waved his hand. “Go home, there is still work tomorrow.” This dispelled the enthusiasm of the employees and then went home.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are the last to go. Of course, Liu Chiyan is still in Ye Guang car. If Ye Guang is there, she won’t drive her own car. Besides, I don’t have to avoid it now. Comrade Ye Guang has been promoted to her full-time driver is not afraid of others gossip.

After adding nearly two hours of classes, it was already a little late. Ye Guang wanted to go home directly. Liu Chiyan refused, take Ye Guang to buy food and go home to give him a good meal. All the way in the eyes are small stars, so excited, more than Ye Guang, the successful planner who successfully finished the advertisement. Woman who doesn’t want their husband to have the ability to do it, see Ye Guang doing the advertising so well, Liu Chiyan is even more proud than him, and feels particularly good! Look, this is what my man shot. Although you don’t know that he is my man, I am still very proud.

“When is studio officially opened?” Ye Guang at night, gossip with Liu Chiyan in his arms.

Liu Chiyan: “The preparations are almost finish in these few days, I will find someone to pick a eclipse tomorrow.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, you still believe this.”

Liu Chiyan: “A picture of Geely, why don’t you believe it?”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Yes, it’s a lucky one.”

Liu Chiyan: “Tomorrow, I have to arrange things for the advertisement first. I may have to go back to Beijing.”

Ye Guang questioned: “Ah? Why the advertisement broadcasted in Beijing?”

Liu Chiyan: “CCTV is in Beijing, so the ad is going to go to Beijing.”

Ye Guang exclaimed, “What? Do you want to vote for CCTV?”

Liu Chiyan said faintly: “Ah, what happened?”

Ye Guang: “Is it too big to play? I thought it was just a matter of posting on the Internet. You can vote for other places. Why do you have to choose CCTV? The advertising fee is too expensive!”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “The promotion effect of CCTV is better. This is the first time the company has promoted. Must little stronger.”

Ye Guang: “The words are correct, but they are still too expensive, and I took this advertisement for a minute and forty seconds. It’s too long. If you want to really vote for CCTV, then the price is not flying to the sky. I know early. I will take a short advertisement.”

Liu Chiyan: “Nothing, since you want to vote for CCTV, it’s not bad.”

Ye Guang hesitated, “You are a landlady.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a gentle nap and said softly: “And, this is your first work. I want more people to see your work. I will pay more for it.”

Ye Guang was so moved that he didn’t know what to say, so he said it would be better to do it. He kissed Liu Chiyan’s mouth deeply.

“Hey…Badass… Do bad things again…Ah, don’t touch it.”


The next day.

After Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang went to studio, Liu Chiyan didn’t have much to say, explained a little things, and then went to Beijing with Jiang Xin, going to CCTV to talk about advertising.

All employees know that advertising to play in CCTV is both exciting and incredible.

“Nice! Going to CCTV, you have to go to CCTV, haha!”

“Yeah, on TV, no, I have to call and tell my mom.”

“Right, right, fight with the same fight.”

The employees are very excited. This advertisement is that all of them are out of screen. They can play in CCTV. Even if it is an advertisement, it is a thing worth boasting. Especially excited is Yu Xuejia, who is the female lead.

Of course, the staff of the rational point also made some comments.

“Come on CCTV, it’s a bit big.”

“Yeah, let’s say, this is Studio, entertainment company, is it really good to advertise on CCTV?”

“Yes, the CCTV effect is definitely good, it doesn’t have to be said, but it seems that it is not necessary.”

“You can only say that President Liu has money.”

Shang Shan and Xia Hai are also very happy. As an unknown director in China, suddenly the director’s work can be on CCTV. This is a big surprise, even though it is just an advertisement.

Liu Chiyan is not there, studio has no business now, Ye Guang is very boring in studio, and simply continues to write the follow-up story of Ghost Blows Out The Light. I’m afraid that the plot over there is almost the same, so I have to hurry He handed in some manuscripts.

With both hands flying on the keyboard, Ye Guang was surprised. When he took the Writer Swift Writing skill, he didn’t test it. He just looked at the introduction and said that it is to improve the flexibility of his hands, but he didn’t expect this skill to be so reversed. Heavens, the fingers on keyboard can quickly see the afterimage! Ye Guang even feel can still speed up, just his thinking speed can’t keep up, almost think of which episode flew in the hands, in the computer immediately the plot to write out, the speed is scary, the input method almost can’t keep up with his speed, and sometimes Ye Guang keyboard knocked down, a word is finished, But the computer does not show, after a two seconds to appear a paragraph of text. This speed is simply! Now if Ye Guang go to any typing competition, you can get a championship properly and you have to take a few runners-up streets!

As expected!

System produced, are boutique!

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