BTC Chapter 250 : Is this a model toy?

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The researchers of Yinjiang R&D team are not very good-looking, and their most worried situation still appears. When the other team came over and did not figure out the situation, they began to randomly specify the target, which would disrupt their research progress.

Upon seeing this, Lu Zixin said: “Several people don’t worry, we don’t want to deny your results. But we have different understandings and implementation plans for this project.”

“General Lu, this is not a different understanding, this is totally unreasonable!” Hou Xinghua argued and said: “As long as the performance of our logistics drones, plus intelligent flight management System, Can be used successfully.”

“But you said that you want to abandon the current rotor-type drone, then I want to know, what drone we can use?”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “The rotor is bulky, the noise is very polluted, and it is not convenient for flying in bad weather, so we have to be a jet drone.”

“What? Jet drone?” Lu Zixin said, Hou Xinghua and others first glimpse, and randomly revealed a contradictory expression.

It was an expression that wanted to laugh but was embarrassed to laugh. Hou Xinghua originally thought that the team of Red Letter would have any insights. Who knows that they actually want to make jet logistics drone.

This idea is totally unrealistic! Too much to take, if the jet logistics drone is so good, they don’t know what to do?

The Yinjiang team was speechless. Hou Xinghua coughed twice and said: “General Lu, let’s talk about things, I have to say something.”

“You said.” Lu Zixin nodded.

He looked at the R&D team of Red Letter and increased the decibel and said: “If it is just a jet, there is nothing wrong with it.”

“But what we have to do is a small-scale logistics drone, not a large transport aircraft, which has limitations in terms of volume. The size of logistics drone, if you want to install jet equipment, also design fuel tanks, carry fossil fuels, these together, the volume has exceeded the limit!”

“Followed by the cost, the cost of jet is too high. For us, we want to find a more convenient way to logistics, rather than increase our own transportation costs.”

Lu Zixin said: “You can do it smaller, and the cost can be reduced.”

Hou Xinghua’s helpless smile said: “If you are small, the power of the jet will definitely be insufficient and the load capacity will be reduced. Small drones will take a lot of weight when carrying fossil fuels, not to mention transporting goods. So, General Lu, I think your idea is really…not very suitable.”

“Without carrying fossil fuels, you can use electric jets directly.” The person from Red Letter R&D team said, “Small electric jets, only with lithium-air batteries with high energy density, power and load capacity are not a problem.”

“What? Electric jets?” Hou Xinghua said, like a joke. “It’s impossible. I haven’t heard of anyone who can make a small electric jet device that can carry heavy loads. It’s not as good as our electromechanical rotary type drone.”

The other members of Yinjiang teams also showed their smiles, and the views expressed by Red Letter team were too naive. If there is such a simple thing as they say, why do other logistics companies only study rotary-wing drones?

Amazon, Google, Deutsche Post, Israel UAV Technology, Shunfeng, Taobao… These companies are all doing rotary-wing logistics drones because they are the most technically compliant technology.

“The purpose of our red letter is to make the impossible possible.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “In fact, I want you to test the preliminary electric jet logistics drone we have already made, the specific performance is still improving.”

“This time, come here is to let the R&D team on both sides improve it together, and strive to complete the logistics drone supply chain as soon as possible, and get the approval of relevant departments and promote it to the whole country.”

“You have already made it?” Hou Xinghua opened his eyes and asked in an incredible tone.

Others have also revealed the amazing expression. The team of Red Letter has not started to join the project yet, but it is already done? And it’s still unrealistic, it sounds like a fool’s day joke.

“This…how is it done…” The researcher who just questioned stood up and said, “Can I see it?”

“Of course.” Lu Zixin brought the samples he carried and placed them on the table.

Seeing a circular “small flying saucer” in the box, everyone was shocked: “Is this your jet drone?”

Their tone is full of suspicion. The size of this drone is too small. Even if there is an electric jet, they are more willing to believe that this is a model toy, not a logistics machine capable of carrying heavy transport.

Hou Xinghua didn’t know what to say. How to look at this thing is like the thing that is sold to children in the supermarket. It is good to fly on its own, but also logistics and transportation, isn’t that nonsense?

“Without a rotor, can it really fly?” Someone questioned.

“Can fly? Can this drone have a heavy load?”

“We can try it, its load capacity, around 20 kg, can meet the general package delivery of 95% or more,” Lu Zixin said.

“Twenty kilograms?” The Yinjiang team felt that Lu Zixin was talking nonsense. Can this small thing carry 20 kilograms? How can its power be so powerful?

They are doing four-rotor medium-sized logistics drones, and now they are very hard to load ten kilograms. The size of this small flying saucer is so small that the jets inside are also miniature, and the energy supply is difficult to meet.

“Really 20 kilograms, not two kilograms?” Hou Xinghua confirmed again.

“Twenty kilograms!” said the R&D team of Red Letter. “Now we can go outside and show it.”

“Go, look, I still don’t believe it, such a gadget can carry 20 kilograms!” Hou Xinghua is not convinced in his heart, he does not believe that his team’s research can be so far behind from red letter!

They came to the yard to debug the electric jet drone. Seeing that it really can fly, Hou Xinghua and others are indeed some accidents. The power of this thing seems to be really the same.

It is only a load of 20 kilograms, which is too exaggerated.

Just as they prepared a 20-kilogram sample parcel for test flight, people suddenly visited, and they were the staff of Shunfeng Logistics UAV Research Base.

“Do you have anything?” someone asked.

Shufeng staff there explained: “This is the case, we have some trouble, I want to ask you for help.”

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