BTC Chapter 249 : Team Contradiction

Edited: XiaXue

“What does HQ mean? Let’s listen to red letter, isn’t it a cooperative R&D? Is it equal to the fact that we have given them a hand?” A researcher dissatisfied said that the words explained above probably mean this.

“Yeah, we have already had preliminary research results. In fact, we don’t want them to complete the requirements. I don’t know what the company thinks, do you want to cooperate with them?”

“Red Letter’s intelligent system is still good.” The headed person said that he is Hou Xinghua, the person in charge of the Yinjiang Logistics drone project. He was in his forties in the past 40 years and worked in  Amazon UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) project department. Has a wealth of technical experience.

Hou Xinghua has a generous face and tall figure. He continues to say: “If you can cooperate with them and develop intelligent drone distribution and management system, it is still very good.”

“The meaning of the company is that Red Letter has to take over research and development, let us assist.” One researcher stressed, “This is totally different from what we asked.”

“That’s what I said.” Hou Xinghua said, “They are coming, it’s not a poor white, nothing to understand? At that time we still dominate.”

“Everyone has to cooperate with us. Our goal is to produce reliable research and development results. If there is a small friction, relax eat snacks.”

“Hah!” an old researcher sighed and said: “I heard that Red Letter Group is now a shareholder of our Yinjiang. Are we now a project of Yinjiang or a project of Red Letter?”

“Want to do so much?” Hou Xinghua said, “The company has its own arrangements.”


Lu Zixin took a lot of effort when he arrived, because the traffic was inconvenient, there was no direct train, and the high speed had to find a large country road.

The road is not very good, especially before it rained and broke a section of the road, the epilepsy. Lu Zixin is physically good and nothing different. But the advanced programmers of several intelligent systems developed from Red Letter software will not work, motion sickness and vomiting.

They usually work in front of the computer, often stay up late, and their physical fitness is not good. It is a torture here.

Fortunately, the research base is built in the town, not in the township, otherwise they still have to suffer.

When he arrived at the place, Lu Zixin discovered that it was a research base, but it was very rudimentary. Like a farmyard, except for the necessary equipment, there were basically no other facilities.

Next to Yinjiang Logistics UAV research base, there is a more modern research base, Lu Zixin noticed as soon as he arrived.

In addition to its research base, there has a brand that reads: “Shunfeng Logistics UAV Pilot Research Base of Nankang City”.

“The research base of Shufeng is three times larger than that of Yinjiang!” the accompanying staff said with emotion. “From the outside, it looks too much.”

“Shunfeng is richer than Yinjiang!” said the colleague. “I heard that Yinjiang was almost ready to cancel the research on logistics drones because of insufficient research funding.”

Lu Zixin said: “The research base is not big, the key is to see who is better at the performance of the finished product. This time you strive to get the fastest possible implementation of the logistics drone program, ahead of other companies.”

“General Lu, the information is so rich, certainly no problem!” The researchers are full of confidence, they have studied in detail before they came.

Now their biggest problem is to know how to solve the problems encountered by the drone in the actual logistics and transportation, how to cooperate with the relevant departments for management operations.

After all, in terms of logistics management, Yinjiang’s team is more experienced.

They arrived at the research base of Yinjiang. When they arrived at the place, the team of Hou Xinghua was conducting a test flight of a four-rotor logistics drone.

It’s a desktop-sized drone with four mechanical rotors at the four corners, using batteries as an energy source. The overall construction of the drone is simple, with the control system and battery facilities in the middle, and the hoisting parcel box is also used for the cargo.

Lu Zixin saw that the four-rotor drone took a sample of ten kilograms and took off several times. It was not very stable. Obviously, the balance system was not doing well. In such a state, if it encounters bad weather such as wind and rain, it is certain. It is impossible to fly.

“The team of Red Letter is coming?” The people at the research base noticed the arrival of the car, and Hou Xinghua brought people out to meet.

After introducing each other, they began to carry out specific communication and work content arrangements.

In this regard, Lu Zixin did not intervene, just listening to it, want to understand some of the problems in the study, he is good to arrange the solution.

Hou Xinghua said: “With regard to logistics drones, we have already had preliminary research results. Our single-rotor logistics drone can transport small parcels of three to five kilograms with a transport radius of about six kilometers.”

“Four-rotor logistics drones, this is not perfect yet, but it is expected to transport five to ten kilograms of logistics parcels after completion. The transportation radius is about ten kilometers, which can meet the logistics distribution of 80% or more in the express parcel industry.”

“We are very happy to work with you this time. I have always heard that Red Letter is very good at intelligent system and semiconductor research. I hope to get the most advanced UAV control management system, as well as drone equipment sensor device.”

“We are also very happy to work with you. In this respect, you are masters.” The person responsible from red letter also said, “But our plan may have some differences with you.”

“What is the specific aspect?” Hou Xinghua asked.

The person in charge of Red Letter saw the team of Yinjiang, slowly said: “We believe that the rotor-type drone is not in line with our research objectives, we have to redesign the new logistics drone, not only to meet the logistics in remote areas distribution needs can be more applied to urban air traffic system.”

“What?” After listening to him, not only Hou Xinghua, the entire Yinjiang R&D team is a glimpse.

Listening to what he meant, this completely denied the research results of Yinjiang team, and came back again?

Hou Xinghua’s temper is good, and he has to be angry at this time. He immediately said: “What do you mean by this? The rotary-wing drone we have developed is not the world’s top, but it is absolutely first-rate!”

“When I was in Amazon UAV project department, their current commercial logistics drones were able to achieve the same performance as our research!”

Another researcher from Yinjiang also asked: “What you think is too unrealistic! Logistics drones can’t enter large cities at this stage. First of all, the cost is not comparable to labor, let alone noise pollution, safety hazards, traffic!”

“I hope that you can seriously consider and combine the actual situation!”

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