MST Chapter 47 : Shooting Advertising [2]

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After Ye Guang left the room, the whole person became very arrogant.

“Thanks to Quartet Spirit, thank you Good Fortune Pledge.” [X-N: Quartet Spirit as four sacred beast]

As for the Skill Writer Swift Writing, it is also used immediately by Ye Guang, this is a skill that increases the flexibility of hands.

Go back to studio.

Ye Guang: “Director, who is it now? It’s up to me?”

Shang Shan: “This scene is only half shot. It’s your turn to have a moment. Don’t you say that your part is at the end?”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Have I said this?”

Shang Shan: “There must be!”

Xia Hai also nodded and said yes.

Ye Guang: “That won’t. I haven’t said this, it must be that you got it wrong! Come, come, shoot me first, shoot me first.”

Shang Shan: “First wait, wait for the shots of Jiang manager.”

After a while.

Ye Guang: “Director, Director. My turn, my turn.”

Shang Shan: “Not yet. Don’t worry.”

Ye Guang: “Isn’t Jiang sister finished? My turn, my turn!”

Shang Shan: “No, the shooting plan is arranged, your scene is wrong, you have to re-arrange the scene, you wait!”

Ye Guang is anxious: “No! Shoot me first, shoot me first, can’t wait!”

Shang Shan is speechless, what kind of wrong medicine is this guy eating? In the morning, he was very motivated. He was going to shoot his camera first, but he didn’t do it. He said that he had to give the opportunity to other colleagues first, and he took the initiative to be in the last one. Don’t let it still, who is this?

Ye Guang regardless of him, he just won the Actor Knowledge in the grand prize. The excitement has not yet passed. He is thinking of showing up, but Shang Shan has been pressing him to prevent him from shooting. This makes him suffer.

Shang Shan could not beat him: “…Wait, wait until I shoot this scene and shoot you right away! Okay.”

Ye Guang: “How many people are there?”

Shang Shan count the number: “Four or five.”

“So much? No! Shoot me first! I don’t care, I am responsible for this project! Shoot me first, shoot me first.” Ye Guang is nowhere.

“……” Shang Shan is also angry, “Don’t be noisy, I am the director, I have the final say, I will take care of you later!”

What? Don’t shoot me first, you want to stare at me? Ye Guang’s temper is also coming up. “Hey, Old Shang, you’re pretty good, and you’re still starring, I’ll try it!” Ye Guang did not call, “I am the general manager of this project! I have the final say!”

Shang Shan: “I am in charge of you, I am the director! I have the final say about shooting!”

Ye Guang: “I am always responsible!”

Shang Shan: “I am the director!”

Ye Guang: “I am always responsible!”

Shang Shan: “My director!”


The two quarreled like two kindergarten children, and they became more and more unrecognizable. The staff members who were present were in the eye, and the advertising shots were not taken. They watched them quarreling around each other, and did not persuade them. Smirking and watching the movie, the three brothers of  sea, land and air of the camera also gloated to open the camera and took it with interest.

Just now, Liu Chiyan came down. She also had a shot to shoot. Seeing everyone crowded together over Ye Guang and Shang Shan, in a hurry, and quickly rushed over. “What are they doing?”

Xia Hai explanation of the sweat is full, Liu Chiyan suddenly laughs, the old man still has this tempered side? Ye Guang can still be so skinny? It’s really a big surprise.

“Don’t make any noise,” Liu Chiyan stopped. “Are you just as concerned about this? Really.”

Ye Guang and Shang Shan still listened Liu Chiyan’s words, and they kept repeating the sentence, that I was in charge and that I was the director. I was annoyed, and hummed each other and turned their heads.

“What a big deal, look at what you made, can you quarrel?” Liu Chiyan laughed at them, then take the idea, “Let’s do it, Director you to shoot, Director Xia, you have a good colleague to set up a scene, and you have arranged for Ye Guang to shoot.”

A hammer is fixed.

Shang Shan was not angry. He took the advertising camera and he was not really angry. It was really annoyed by Ye Guang this day. On the contrary, the heart was quite comfortable.

Ye Guang is not noisy, no matter how the process is, the result is still good, he can shoot his shot right away, the first time in front of camera, think about a little excitement.

After more than half an hour, the scenes were laid out, directed by Xia Hai, and Ye Guang’s commercials were finally filmed.

The scene on the other side of Shang Shan was also completed. He did not hurry to shoot. Instead, he forked his hands and watched Ye Guang with their interest. They occasionally made a contact with Ye Guang, and they both turned around and shook each other. They all secretly snickered, and Liu Chiyan also looked at it and was so angry and funny. Hey, these two live treasures.

Ye Guang is the starring actress, but after all, it is a commercial film, the length is limited, his lens is not much, and the lens is also relatively simple, in fact, there is no need for acting skills, plus the lines are next to it, so when shooting without having to read a line, after a few shots, Xia Hai waved his hand: “Okay, it’s finished, it’s time to work.”

Ye Guang is stunned, what? Just finished shooting? Still not enjoyable, busy asking: “Really finished?”

Xia Hai: “Really finished.”

Ye Guang: “…I don’t think it’s very good. I can still play better. Come and come, we are taking a picture.”

Xia Hai: “As far as an commercial film is concerned, it is already very good. It is not necessary to shoot.”

Ye Guang: “No, no, we have to be better! Be strict, come, come, come here!”

Xia Hai: “I really don’t use it.”

Ye Guang Gritted teeth: “The last one!”

Xia Hai: “You just said that it is the last one.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Have I said this? It must be that you remembered it wrong! Come, come, take a picture.”

All Studio employees looked at Ye Guang with contemptuous eyes. Who is this, how can it be so rotten, how can Liu Chiyan ask such a person to come to the office to take up the important position, please come to trouble.

Ye Guang is also a person who wants to face. He is so despised by everyone, and he feels awkwardly touching his nose, but he still bites his teeth and becomes angry. “You can’t shoot!”

“……” Xia Hai has no words. “Yes, I don’t want to quarrel with you. Then I will take the last one. Let me talk about it first. The last one, after finishing this, I will finish the work. Even if you kill me, I won’t shoot it!”

Liu Chiyan sees Ye Guang on the head, not stopping him from letting him shoot, but she also feels that her husband is a little shameful. Although others don’t know Ye Guang is her husband, she is still a little scared, no matter how they go tossing up, I went back to the office first, and I couldn’t see it as a net!

After taking a film for Ye Guang, Xia Hai didn’t say anything about it, and Ye Guang resisted the urge to catch up and make him take a shot, which is a bit unfinished.

Shang Shan and Xia Hai met each other and smiled.

Shang Shan sighed: “This is a wonderful thing. It is estimated that some will be tossed later.”

Xia Hai: “Who said no, you didn’t see it in the last two days.”

Shang Shan: “People can’t be seen, and their hearts are hidden in their stomachs.”

Xia Hai nodded: “Old Shang, you said that Little Ye has learned to perform?”

Shang Shan: “No, he said that he would not act.”

Xia Hai: “Do you believe?”

Shang Shan: “it seems to be a bit of a foundation.”

Xia Hai is a little excited: “It’s more than there! It’s a professional actor, much stronger than some second-line celebrity!”

Shang Shan: “No way.”

Xia Hai: “Why don’t, Old Shang, I can lie to you, I see it really!”

Shang Shan is slightly thoughtful. “Or he just learned it, or he is born genius for this meal.”

Xia Hai: “If it’s the latter, it’s really a promising future. I still don’t want you to say that I have a hunch that we will witness a legendary rise.”

Shang Shan: “Just him?”

Xia Hai: “Well, wait and see!”

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