MST Chapter 72 : Popular science soft text

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Ye Guang was busy in front of the computer. About two hours later, Ye Guang squatted on the chair. “I’m exhausted, Liu’er, you print these things for me.”

“Yeah.” Liu Chiyan came over.

Yiyi is eating snacks, “Ye Guang, you are going to die, aunt, you can’t be so used to him!”

Liu Chiyan went to Ye Guang to look at the computer, She saw dozen new documents on his computer desktop.

“How should fruit be eaten?”

“The Ten Hazards of Dispensing Beverages”

“Transfer Drinks = Chronic Drugs”

“Can fruit drinks from industrial production really drink?”

“Why is juice fruit so expensive and the fruity drink is so cheap”

“Do you think that the fruit drink you drink is really made of fruit?”


Liu Chiyan looked at the naming of these documents, was curious and opened one.

“Why is juice fruit so expensive and the fruity drink is so cheap”

There are many kinds of fruits, and the prices of various fruits are also different, the fruit is almost every family’s daily needs, the same fruity beverage has become the popular darling of public, but why the price of fruit, such as cherry, strawberry and other fruits, are often priced dozens to 10 yuan, however, the market of fruit drinks, no matter what the taste, the price is relatively inexpensive, generally in 3-5 yuan or so, but, 3-5 yuan can really buy high-priced fruit? Not to mention the cost and labor costs of the beverage making process, why are the fruity drinks on the market so cheap?

First of all, to understand this problem, please be clear about a concept, fruity drinks are not equal to juice drinks, not equal to freshly squeezed drinks, let’s distinguish the difference between the three.

First of all, freshly squeezed beverages are our common fruit juices, pure natural, no added beverages. There is no difference between drinking such beverages and eating fruits directly. Even because the juice is more easily absorbed by the body, it is very nutritious and healthy.

Then there is the juice drink. The general juice drink is actually a mixture of 10% juice and 90% water and food additive ingredients. Although 10% of the juice content is not as healthy and nutritious as we think, at least, it has juice ingredients.

The fruity drink is completely different. It is just a fruity drink. It can contain no natural fruit ingredients. So where does it’s attractive color and taste come from? Of course, it is a food additive. Although fruit-based beverages formulated with food additives in accordance with national food safety standards do not theoretically pose a safety hazard, safety is not equal to nutrition. If you are buying a drink for your child or patient and want to pursue nutritional health, it is best to avoid such drinks.

This is the distinction between freshly squeezed drinks, juice drinks, and fruity drinks. I believe that you have probably understood the difference between several types of drinks that are stained with fruits. I believe that everyone understands why the price of beverages on the market is so cheap. Yes, most of the hot drinks on the market are fruity drinks and some fruit drinks. Fruity beverages are completely free of fruits and fruits. They are completely industrial products. Naturally, they will not affect their production costs because of the high price of fruits. Although fruit juices contain certain fruit components, they are relatively small. Some of the ingredients are still industrial products, and the production cost is naturally not high.

Although their names are similar, the actual content varies widely, and this difference is naturally reflected in the price. As long as the regular manufacturers meet the national standards for the production of drinks, we all think it is safe, but, choose nutrition? Still cheap? Still just want to drink a cool one? It depends on the different needs of each of us.


Liu Chiyan read an article, some are unknown, “What are you writing?”

Ye Guang: “The promotion plan for Fruit Run.”

Liu Chiyan wonders, “Is this?”

Ye Guang: “Well, what happened?”

Liu Chiyan: “It looks like popular science, how can this be promoted?”

Ye Guang: “Is it not a popular science, it is this, come here, I will explain it to you.” Seeing interest from Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang is also coming. “I am a public interest science soft text! It does seem to be an ordinary popular science, but it is advertising, but not explicitly written out, write it is not a popular science, one eye on the advertising audience is not easy to buy, this is the early burial seeds, you think, read this popular text of the people are not fruity drinks and freshly squeezed drink have a clear understanding of? Knowing which is better or not, when the advertisements of Fruit Run Company come out, when you look at it, you will immediately think of these popular sciences, and you will realize that their home is a straight drink. Think about it, what effect will it be!”

Liu Chiyan eyes bright, “Then people will feel that they are conscience business, directly with fresh fruit directly squeezed juice drinks, natural nutrition, word-of-mouth up, and the original was misunderstood by the outside world, there is a precipitate in the matter also collapsed, others this is freshly squeezed drink, naturally there is a pulp precipitate, And these pulp precipitates are the best evidence of freshly squeezed drinks! More than what test data report works! Double-edged with one arrow.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes! That’s the truth.”

Liu Chiyan was amazed and looked at Ye Guang’s eyes with twinkling stars. “The original advertisement can still be played like this. First dig a pit, do not move, wait until you step on it.”

Ye Guang smiled, “I will send this soft science text to Fruit Run, and then let them publish these articles in the major website, forums, and then hire the water army, put these posts on top forums, Copy the heat and dig the pit first. When the advertisement comes out, someone will naturally jump in.”

Liu Chiyan, “How do I feel that you are a little insidious today, but this propaganda is really powerful, how do you think of it.”

Ye Guang: “Cut, your husband, I am so talented, I have no ability, dare to marry you?”

Yiyi: “Hey! I am still here!”

Ye Guang smirked. “If Fruit Run is willing to spend money, you can use a big killer.”

Liu Chiyan: “What big killer? What else do you have? ”

Ye Guang: “Of course I still have a hand, but I am not going to tell Fruit Run. I originally sold this promotion plan. I still keep the big killer. Maybe we will use it on ourselves.”

“What big killer, you can say it soon.” Liu Chiyan was very curious and urged Ye Guang.

Ye Guang reveals a fascinating smile, saying one word at a time, “Bai, du, pro, motion!”

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan is a bit surprised by this answer. “How could anyone use Baidu to promote science, is Qian Duo?”

Ye Guang: “Why can’t Baidu promote science? Just because no one would like to use Baidu to promote popular science, so it will have an effect!”

Liu Chiyan: “…Your brain circuit is really different from others.”

Ye Guang: “I think this is a compliment.”

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