MST Chapter 71 : Shake Before Drinking

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Several reporters have gone.

Ye Guang stood in the front desk, cold-faced, and looked at the employee who had just said the leak. “You don’t think you should give me a Perfect explanation?”

The staff member was guilty and showed an uglier smile than crying. “That… Advisor Ye, hehe…Actually it is not what you understand.”

Ye Guang: “Then give me an explanation!”

The staff was sweating and swaying for a long time, then suddenly the eyes lit up.

Employee: “Advisor Ye, in fact, I am boasting about you, this scourge is not that scourge, it is a cargo!”

Ye Guang is angry: “The scourge will be a curse, and this one, let me say! I can’t tell you one or two. I stabbed your skin.”

The staff quickly and forcibly explained, “Goods are singular and dwellable goods, which is very bad. It is said that you can live in a strange place, very powerful! Boast you, this is not a scourge and a smooth mouth, so I shouted like this, but we really did not say that you are a scourge!”

The staff praised their wit, thanks to his IQ, today IQ went online, forcing a wave of explanation!

Ye Guang: “We?”

He also said that the leaking employees suddenly felt murderous around them, and Ye Guang looked around and looked at the surrounding employees.

“Oh, the weather is very good today, let’s work, don’t stand, walk.”

“Oh, Princess Yiyi likes to eat snacks. I will buy it for her.”

“Old Zhao, walk, I made a planner, you can help me reference.”


Everyone has to make excuses to leave, so as not to be stared by Ye Guang.

Ye Guang and the staff who said the leaked mouth were left in the big front lobby, and the air seemed to be filled with murderousness.

Ye Guang stared at the leaking employee like a wolf, as if to smother him. Suddenly, Ye Guang was in a good position. “Forget it, happy today, let you go.”

The staff suddenly felt the pressure and relaxed.

Ye Guang: “The meaning of the scourge is really a strange commodity, very powerful?”

The staff shouted: “Well, that’s it, the goods are harmful, the odd goods can live, the meaning is great!”

Ye Guang cut aloud, “You wave this to force me to give you 99 points, one less fear of your pride! I understand this explanation, I believe it, let’s go.”

The staff ran away, and while running, they were lucky, too lucky, too wit! Wit like me! Of course, how can you secretly hate your mouth so quickly? This mouth called him Scourge Ye in front of Ye Guang, this is not the light in the toilet – look for it!

Ye Guang is not what generous person, he will not because the staff under hand to call him scourge Ye and indifferent, this is not called magnanimous, this is called lack of root tendons, of course, he is not stingy people, it is not likely because the staff to give him a nickname on the excessive embarrassed them, so, finally people scattered, Ye Guang posture has come out, it is clear to tell everyone, you give me a nickname, I am very angry! Then, you don’t need to be there, then go with him, your mouth grows on someone’s mouth, do you really manage what people call you? At most, you don’t want to call your nickname.

Come back to the office.

Liu Chiyan: “Is the interview over?”

Ye Guang: “It’s over, Yiyi, haven’t she returned yet?”

Liu Chiyan, “No, I don’t know who is going to play.”

Ye Guang: “I didn’t see her. Someone looked at her. Don’t lose her. No, I am looking for her.”

Liu Chiyan: “Okay, it’s okay, studio employees and her are familiar, they won’t let her stay alone, rest assured.”

During the talk, Yiyi came in, carrying two big packs of snacks in her hand.

Ye Guang: “Hey, you are robbing the supermarket.”

Yiyi: “They have to buy it for me, I can’t stand it anymore, Ye Guang, come and help me.”

Ye Guang used to help her pick up snacks. “It’s quite a lot. Did you eat all? Share me a bit.”

Yiyi sighed. “You don’t know how to be ashamed. You big person also grab snacks with children.”

After lunch, the advertisement officially started shooting. Ye Guang’s advertising planner was the advertisement that was shaken by farmer’s mountain spring in Dream World. The advertisement was short and simple. It took only fifteen seconds, and the number of shots needed was actually a few.

The scene required for shooting has been set up, and it is very simple. It is a small beverage sales office. It can be posted in SH newspaper. The other details are slowly modified by the later process.

The advertisement started shooting.

Shang Shan: “Begin!”

The uncle, who was decorated by Ye Guang, and the child played by Yiyi went to beverage sales office. The salesperson played by Yu Xuejia at the front desk put two bottles of beverages on the counter in front of them. The two saw ‘Fruit Run Beverages’ attached to beverage sales office. The fresh fruit is straight pressed, the flesh is visible, and it is shaken before drinking. The poster, the two looked at each other, and Ye Guang said, “Shake.” Then the two held their hands and rubbed their buttocks, embarrassed themselves, the salesperson turned around and looked at them helplessly.

The place where the advertisement needs to be photographed is basically completed, followed by the animation of the drink, accompanied by the narration “Fruit Run Beverages, fresh fruit straight squeeze, the flesh can be seen, shake before drinking.” At the end of the advertisement, Ye Guang took Yiyi away, and the two men walked and swayed their ass.

Advertising shooting is very simple, Yiyi’s performance is also good, but it is still shot three times in a row, only to announce the end of filming, the rest is post-production, these things do not need Ye Guang to worry about, and wait for the final production of the film, he can see the effect of finished product.

It is worth saying that the original advertisement, is an uncle with a small boy, are wearing a small white hat, wearing suit clothes, and Ye Guang slightly changed a bit, Yiyi long and beautiful, like a little princess, this image can not let the fee, he let Yiyi Dressed in the white princess skirt, dressed like a little princess, his black trousers white shirt, two people to the camera in front of a station, particularly like a father and daughter, very photogenic.

After the advertisement was finished, the rest was the later thing. Ye Guang greeted Hou Qi. “When it can finished Old Hou? Fruit Run is waiting for it.”

Hou Qi: “The beverage cartoon of Fruit Run is already sent to us. There is no problem. We only need to do the editing and later modification and retouching. At the latest, We can make the film tomorrow at the latest.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Good, anyway, as soon as possible, let me know.”

After the advertisement was finished, Ye Guang was not idle. The $10 million fee for Fruit Run also included a promotion planner. The advertisement was basically no problem. The planner was almost ready to do.

Ye Guang goes back to the office, turns on the computer, creates a new document, and then flies with both hands to start the codeword.

Liu Chiyan is still in the office. He didn’t dare to type at full speed. He was afraid of scaring her. Although it had already converged a lot, Liu Chiyan was still stunned.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang’s hand speed, suddenly her face turned red, and then came weakly. “I know that you are always sad, but you have to control some.”

Ye Guang froze, what do you mean? After thinking for a while, I saw Liu Chiyan’s cheeky cheek, and he reacted.

Whoops! Goddess Liu can you be so dirty?

Ye Guang: “My hand speed is a gift!!!”

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