BTC Chapter 271 : 6G era prelude

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Lu Zixin nodded and said: “We will send the orbital data of the test satellite later, and hope that we can cooperate with each other.”

“You can rest assured that the rocket launch is no more than other industries, and it is not to be overlooked. Not to mention the fact that our company has received such a large number of orders for the first time, and will definitely complete the launch target!” Zeng Rui assured.

The batch of red letter orders can be said to be rare in the world. A rocket launch costs hundreds of millions yuan. Since their recyclable rocket technology is still immature, the cost per launch is directly cumulative.

Even for the most basic 48 small satellites, the cost of launching is close to $5 billion, which is not a problem. If the number of satellites continues to increase, the cost and quantity of launching rockets will continue to rise.

In fact, Lu Zixin really wants Red Letter to study rocket technology. If you can create an aerospace plane that can repeatedly carry out space transportation, it is a pity that he does not have this energy at all.

The mechanical industry of Red Letter has just arrived at the stage of researching electric vehicles, and Aerospace Science and Technology is still far behind. As for the technology of small satellites, it is mainly mobile communication technology, not the mainstream aerospace Science and Technology.

The development and launch of Star of the Sky is not completed in a few days. During this period, Red Letter made a simple market adjustment.

The plan to enter US market was put on hold, and the third-party sales platform in United States was not sought for cooperation. At the same time, it has not entered European market, but has consolidated the domestic market and Japan market and developed the market in East Asia.

In addition, the main research direction of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology has also turned to hardware upgrades.

If the 6G communication network is successfully deployed, some existing hardware and network facilities must be upgraded to accommodate the 6G communication network.

Among them, smart chips are a key!

Before the red core chip, Red Letter Company used it by itself. Only Rice Company paid a certain patent fee and purchased the red core generation chip from Red Letter.

Other mobile phone products or smart product manufacturers use chips from foreign manufacturers. For example, Qualcomm, because of the core technology of the 4G network, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers must purchase Qualcomm’s mobile phone chips.

The use of Qualcomm’s chips, you must pay a high patent license fee, this cost once reached 5% of the product price, plus hardware costs, matching costs, etc., nearly 20% of a mobile phone price is going to Qualcomm, this ratio is even higher than the profit of manufacturer itself!

This is the use of technology to make Chinese manufacturers become their “workers” and make money for them.

Qualcomm, Inc., has an annual income of more than 10 billion US dollars in China market. Therefore, China has conducted anti-monopoly investigations on it, but it has not achieved much.

In addition to Qualcomm, there are giants such as Apple and Samsung that charge high patent fees through similar technology monopolies. Manufacturers all over the world can only bear it silently, but if Red Letter launches 6G network and 6G chip, everything will change!

At that time, not only the telecommunications industry will change, but other mobile phone brands will be able to use 6G chip technology of Red Letter, nor can they apply 6G network. Therefore, whether it is Qualcomm or Broadcom, or Samsung, Apple, when it is time to pay a high patent fee to Red Letter, to use red core 6G chip.


A month later, the tiny satellite engineering laboratory, the first small satellite of Star of the sky was built!

Everything is difficult at the beginning, and the first manufacturing is the most difficult. As long as one is completely successful, the satellites in the back can be replicated.

“This is the star of the sky!” Lu Zixin looked at the small satellite in front of him. It is a standard cube with a maximum side length of no more than three meters, carrying 6G mobile communication network device and the high-frequency signal transmitter and receiver.

On both sides of the small satellite, it is a solar panel designed by the Kunpeng Battery Factory. It is connected to a high-energy-density lithium-air battery designed specifically for satellites. It can also be used solar for charging. The battery design life is higher than the life of the satellite.

The expected lifespan of this sky star is 15 years, and it is considered to be particularly long-lived in small satellites!

“How about the test results?” Lu Zixin asked.

The R&D staff replied: “The ground detection is normal, and the space operation test has not yet begun.”

Zhang Qiang replied: “There is no problem with the simulation. We are now working on the construction of the ground station and the second star of the sky. It is expected within half a month to complete three satellites of Star of the sky test satellite and from Beijing to Shanghai City main ground signal receives the base station.”

RI-8901’s answer to Lu Zixin is more reassuring, because it is an industrial robot that receives Skynet data, and the error is reduced to a minimum.

The satellite manufacturing and launch plans were carried out simultaneously, and Aerospace Engineering Co., Ltd., based on the orbital and satellite-related data provided by Red Letter, developed the latest launch plan.

Twenty-five days later, China Aerospace Engineering Co., Ltd. will use the latest self-developed commercial launch vehicle to send three Star of the Sky test satellites to low-Earth orbit, and open the first satellite-ground-enclosed sixth-generation mobile Communication technology test!

As soon as this news came out, the world communications industry was on the sidelines! No one had thought that it was only two months after China Industrial and Information Department approved the plan of the Sky Net. The Star of the Stars satellite will begin testing!

This research and development efficiency makes people feel that they are not doing satellites, but doing handicrafts!

The explanation given by Red Letter Group is that the relevant technology has been improved, but the trial is being carried out.

In any case, the eyes of the world are placed on the three test satellites. Once these three satellites are successfully operated, the pattern of the world communications industry will change for this!

“Insane! Let’s experiment so soon, are they crazy?” In the United States, Texas, Ladas, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, John Stankey saw the report, and suddenly stood up and shouted.

If the sixth generation of mobile communication technology is really being developed, the first impact is that their telecom operators, especially AT&T, are also the top three telecom operators in the world!

“When we talked with Red Letter, they never said this before!” said John Stankey. “This is definitely a fool’s trick!”

In front of him, Taylor Walker, who is conducting real-time online communication, said: “Dear Stankey, you don’t have to panic. I think this news is just a fake action used by China to protest. Just recently, Mr. President just signed, They are very dissatisfied with the increase in tariffs on China’s consumer electronics products, so they want to make a fuss, let’s just look at it.”

“I just promised the committee chairman that if Red Letter can complete the sixth generation communication technology in such a short time, I would rather become a woman! Hahaha, that is impossible!”

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