BTC Chapter 270 : Star of the Sky

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In communications industry, first and foremost, is a telecom operator. Although under the regulation of the national labor department, the network of telecoms plans to join domestic telecom operators, but once 6G network realizes satellites without dead angle coverage, the signal base stations in many places are of little use.

So they have to adjust the existing telecommunications infrastructure and study corporate policies for the next few years.

In the smart product industry, the mobile phone industry is the first to bear the brunt of the major mobile phone brands. The good news is that if the net of the sky is completed, and the network is available, the performance of the mobile phone can be improved.

Worryingly, 6G mobile phone operations definitely need to adapt 6G’s network technology, which is a big challenge for them!

In addition to mobile phones, other smart or wireless products industries are cheering.

Thousands of Internet, such as Qiandu, Keli, Tencent, and Jingdong, have sent congratulatory messages, saying: “The implementation of Sky Net plan will make the Internet truly enter every corner of human life, and promote artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things development is extremely important.”

Not only that, but the telecommunications industry in other countries has seen this news and has been deliberating and researching.

KDDI of Japan immediately contacted Red Letter and expressed its desire to participate in the project. However, Red Letter did not agree, but only deal with it first, and promised to have relevant cooperation in the follow-up.

For Lu Zixin, the plan is technically successful, but he doesn’t know how much the cost will be.

Once successful, then Red Letter is equivalent to mastering the core competitiveness of the global communications industry. Therefore, telecommunications companies have to seek home to seek cooperation and purchase the right to use the local area communication network.

As for Red Letter’s establishment of a branch in the world and the operation of telecommunications, it is impossible. First of all, each country has the Anti-monopoly Competition Law, which aims to resist monopoly operations.

Secondly, it is impossible for Red Letter to go to the opening and expanding market of a country. To do a good job, it only needs to be the winner behind the scenes, authorize the telecommunications operators of various countries, and then sit and collect the money.

The US Federal Communications Commission, they have to pay attention to it, after all, this announcement is from the official of China.

At the conference table, everyone’s expression is a bit serious.

“I don’t think they can be completed in three years!” Taylor Walker stressed loudly. “Red Letter has mastered the fifth generation of mobile communication technology and some small satellite manufacturing technologies. Even if it cooperates with China official, it is absolutely It is impossible to complete ney of the sky plan!”

“So we don’t have to worry!”

The committee members nodded and they thought so. How many scientific research projects are announced in the world each year? But how much can it really be done?

The US communications industry is also studying 6G technology. As long as it is completed one step ahead of China, they still control the right to speak!

“Mr. Walker!” Someone raised an objection, “If in case, what should we do if they actually made it?”

Taylor Walker was silent immediately. If it was really made, the communications industry in United States would not be able to run the technical authorization of the dead skin. Otherwise, the world is using 6G mobile communications, the United States does not, it will cause serious losses to the economy and the development of Science and Technology.

Other committee members are not good-looking, although they are not willing to believe this possibility, but once this happen, the blow to them is almost devastating.

Upon hearing, the committee chairman said: “Everyone should not worry too much. The practice of Red Letter is to provoke us. Officials from the Ministry of Commerce told me that the recent president may approve the addition of tariffs on Chinese consumer electronics.“

“They want to enter North American market, they must abide by our rules! The sky net plan, there will be no realization of the day!”


China, the plan of Red Letter was approved, and it was implemented immediately. The first is satellite design and orbital calculations. These are all available in Sky Net website. Lu Zixin directly claims to be the research result of the secret research and development team led by Zhang Qiang, which solves a lot of troubles.

In order to plan this network, Red :etter Group has also set up a wholly-owned subsidiary called Sky Net Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the development and operation of telecommunications technology.

In the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology, the microsatellite engineering laboratory, Zhang Qiang, Dai Liang and other R&D team, together with scientists from National Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., China Institute of Information and Communication Research and Development The small communication network satellite in Sky Net plan – Star of the Sky.

“Mr. Zhang, there is a problem with the high-frequency signal transmitter. Do you have time to guide it?” In the institute, a senior researcher from National Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. asked Zhang Qiang.

“Where?” Zhang Qiang’s words were concise and clear, and the institute researcher quickly took him.

They came here less than three days ago. All of them were able to participate in the research. All of them were top researchers, but none of them dissatisfied with Zhang Qiang. It is said that this macho from Red Letter Group is several times more common than ordinary people!

Anyway, if you have a problem, you can go to Zhang Qiang for help, and you will soon be able to break through the technical barriers. For the first time, those people felt that the original research was such a simple matter!

In the general high-tech science and technology field, everyone is crossing the river by feeling the stones, but with the team of Red Letter, it is like driving the boat in the past, as long as the paddle is enough!

The R&D team is working hard and Lu Zixin is not idle. Because of Sky Net program, he must deal with all major parties, related departments, cooperative companies, and so on.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic commercial rocket company with the support of China Carrier Rocket Technology Research Institute and other scientific research departments.

Lu Zixin is here to discuss with the top of aerospace science and technology business rocket launch.

“Our plan requires at least 48 small satellites to form a global network, which will increase the number of satellites to increase user service capacity.” Lu Zixin said to the aerospace science and technology chief Zeng Rui, “Before this, we must first launch three Small satellites, doing 6G communication network test.”

Zeng Rui was in his fifties and had participated in the research and development of some rockets in the country. Later, when the commercial rocket company emerged, he founded China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which was specially used for commercial aerospace, and has already completed some domestic and foreign rocket fired an order.

“With the quality and volume of the small satellites provided by Red Letter, the three test satellites are perfectly fine. As long as the orbit calculation is no problem, our new rocket can carry three small satellites to the scheduled orbit at one time.” Said, “This can also save your money.”

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