BTC Chapter 273 : This moment!

Edited: XiaXue

“The Satellite Star 1 test satellite has entered the scheduled orbit!”

“The Satellite Star 2 test satellite has entered the scheduled orbit!”

“Warning, the satellite signal of the No. 3 test satellite is lost! Warning…” As soon as everything was going on, the ground command station suddenly lost the signal of the Star 3 test satellite!

Everyone’s heart immediately smashed. Given the particularity of the sixth-generation mobile communication technology, there is no interaction between the three test satellites, and the 6G network signal of the satellite cannot be used on the ground.

It’s awful to suddenly lose the signal of a test satellite!

“Start emergency signal contact and track the coordinates of the Star 3 test satellite!” The ground command immediately issued instructions.

At this time, the TV and webcast signals were also urgently switched. The audience was seeing the test satellites for orbital debugging, and suddenly the picture changed to the host to explain.

This time, the audience will fry the pot.

“What’s wrong? The third experimental satellite?”

“The host does not BB, what happened to the third experimental satellite? Did it fail?”

“What about the picture? Cut it back!”

“It’s over, it’s over, there is a satellite problem!”

“If the satellite has a problem, will this launch fail?”


“What happened?” Some entrepreneurs in China also had doubts, and the screen was switched urgently. The discerning person knew the problem at a glance.

Those foreigners are gloating.

“Hahaha, their satellite has an accident!”

“Then their plans should fail? I have already said, how can I research 6G technology in a few months?”

“It’s good to fall down!”


At this time, the whole ground command station was busy with a pot of porridge, and they were taking urgent measures.

Lu Zixin connects RI-8901 directly through smart glasses and asks: “Zhang Qiang, do you know why?”

The RI-8901 also has a signal receiving device that can be connected to the satellite. It sends a voice directly.

“Master, the power supply system of Star 3 test satellite has failed. I am starting the backup power supply scheme. It is expected to recover the signal within 3 minutes. This fault will reduce the service life of Star 3 test satellite by five years.“

“Well, I know.” Lu Zixin sighed in relief, and sure enough, after a small satellite, there will still be various problems.

The five-year life reduction is not a major event. The life of third test satellite is at least seven or eight years, and then it will be replaced by other satellites.

In the past three minutes, the whole team felt like a second, and many people silently prayed in their hearts.

Finally, someone shouted: “There is a signal! The third signal is restored and is entering the scheduled track!”

“Yeah!” Many people cheered excitedly, and even some people in the R&D team of Sky Net even cried!

“Don’t be excited, don’t hurry to connect the ground base station and build 6G network!” the general commander shouted.

On the live broadcast, the host received the latest news and said with a happy face: “As soon as we got the news from the command center, the three stars have entered the scheduled orbit and are building local 6G network.”

“Now, we will hand over the picture to the ground base station staff, waiting for 6G network to connect!”

The video is handed over to the ground station staff, who are commissioning, and the three test satellites will work with the ground base station to form a regional 6G mobile communication network.

“What? The satellite is good!” Those who had been gloating before couldn’t help but scream. “They are lucky!”

Their faces sank and waited for the final process.

At the thirty signal test points set by Red Letter, the tester turns on the electronic device and waits for the signal to be connected.

The test point 11, which is located at the center of the radiation zone of the three test satellites, is also the first place to receive the network signal.

Dai Liang personally worked as a tester here, and he hopes to be the first person to see the 6G network run successfully.

“Old Dai, fast, the satellite has begun to work!” The staff next to him said nervously, while staring at the electronic instrument.

“Yeah.” Dai Liang took a deep breath and stared at the picture.

Suddenly, a brand new signal appears on the device, which shows: “HXCQ”. This is the logo of red letter, Net of the Sky plan, which means that the satellite network signal has been connected!

“It’s here!” Dai Liang was excited to shout, and the network signal was being detected on the electronic device.

“Real-time network data rates reach 11Gbps per second!”

“6G network, this is the real 6G network! And it is still from the satellite, wireless coverage of the whole city! We did it!” Dai Liang could not help but shout, the excited body is shaking!

Not only the test point 11, but also other test points detected the mobile communication network signal from the sky, and it is more than a thousand times faster than 4G network & 5G network!

Thirty test points, from the capital to the magical area, are almost the same good news.

This means that this area has been covered by the satellite wireless 6G network! As long as you connect, you can use the satellite network anytime, anywhere, and no longer limit the distance of any wired device or wireless device!

“Successful!” At this moment, all the satellite launching command rooms shouted, including the chief commander who remained calm.

Tang Gang laughed and gave a hearty laugh.

Su Zhirong excitedly hugged Lu Zixin and shouted in her mouth: “Success!”

Lu Zixin picked her up directly, lifted her up and shouted with everyone.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., watching live news, Liang Song, Han Jia, etc., saw the news, excited almost gave the display.

“Hahaha, President, they have succeeded! With the 6G network, we will usher in a new era of our artificial intelligence technology!”

Red letter game, Liu Tong and Zhu An are excited together. “Success, VR, big production game era is coming!”

Yao Li, Xie Gan, Bi Bosi… Not only the top executives of Red Letter Group, but also the employees of Red Letter Group are shouting.

In the Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology building, you can clearly hear the “successful” shouting.

“Our red letter is the most cattle!” A plain-hearted and competent director actually climbed onto the desk and shouted.

Next to him, a group of employees danced and celebrated!

“Successful! It’s so beautiful!” Rice company, Tian Xiangshan excitedly jumped from the chair, the use of 6G technology will bring earth-shaking changes to China’s electronics manufacturers!

“It’s a success!” Huawei company, President Zhai Zhigao’s eyes widened and looked at the news report. “So fast, it’s so fast! 6G, they really crossed 5G era and directly opened 6G network era!”

“It’s incredible!” Cheng Hao was also surprised. She never thought that this day is so fast!

“Hahaha, I saw it, we have 6G technology!” China Telecom, a group of high-level people are overjoyed. They also participated in the development of 6G network. This test was successful. From today, the telecom industry in China will lead the world!

The same is true of the other two major telecom operators, they are all beneficiaries!

“The world communication industry, we must usher in our time!” The national industrial letter department, the leaders looked at this scene with surprise!

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