BTC Chapter 274 : Coming too fast!

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“6G network! Red letter is really God!” In front of the TV, countless viewers watched this scene.

The host said with excitement: “The latest news, all 30 signal test stations are connected to 6G network from the Star of the Sky!”

“Up to one terabyte of network download data per second will revolutionize our lives!”

“In the near future, every place in China, whether it is a bustling big city or a remote mountainous area, will use sixth generation of mobile communication technology! Signals and networks will no longer be our barrier!”

“Up to smart cities, smart villages, small smart homes, drones, driverless cars, mobile phones, computers and other mobile communication devices… 6G network will lead us into a new era of networking in advance!”

The host is a veteran reporter from China Central Television, and there is very little emotional excitement. However, when she reported, she accelerated in the whole process, and with an excited look, she was obviously very excited.

The audience also felt the same feeling, many people stood up and cheered excitedly in front of the TV.

“That’s a good thing for him, I want to go out and buy wine to celebrate!” a man shouted.

“As for?” the family asked inexplicably.

“Why don’t you know? What do you mean by this?” said the man with a flushed face. “Our company is doing network equipment. The 6G era is coming, the network equipment in the world has to be updated and upgraded. How big is this market?”

“The most important thing is that the technology is in our country and we don’t need to spend more money to buy foreign technology and products!”

“Hahaha, have a good time today!”

On the Internet, the barrage of the live broadcast room has been so dense that it is not clear.

“666! China’s mighty, red letter domineering!”

“6G network, it’s so cool! I am from Beijing. Doesn’t that mean I can use 6G network soon?”

“Congratulations to success! Applause!”

“The net of the sky! The world’s first network! Brothers jack up!”

“Proud, I didn’t expect that we could have such a powerful technology!”

In addition to the barrage, there are people who give gifts to the live room, even if the gift is for the live broadcast platform, but there is no way to express their excitement.

In the big cat live broadcast platform, suddenly there were local tyrants even brushing 666 rockets in the official broadcast of official news of Red Letter, and suddenly attracted all the netizens to watch. Everyone saw it, it is actually the ID of the live broadcast platform owner!

“Served, 666 rockets, the boss is taking medicine?”

“Is this rocket counting money?”

“The boss is too hobby, this is to advertise red letter!”

“The first time I saw so many rockets!”

The boss of live broadcast platform typed directly on the barrage and wrote: “The big cat live broadcast platform enthusiastically celebrates the successful launch of Star of the Sky test satellite of Red Letter, and hopes that 6G network will serve the public as soon as possible!”

His font is a special edition, so the audience can see it.

This rocket is not a good commercial hype, but a rocket that he himself really sent with his own money.

When he saw the 6G network running successfully, he knew that the spring of live broadcast platform is coming!

To be a live broadcast platform, the biggest expense is the network broadband fee. Not to mention the small platform, that is, many large platforms are operating in debt. If the Sky Net plan can provide them with network services, then this biggest expense will no longer be the burden of the platform! Can he be upset?


This news has also spread to foreign countries, so that countless people look at it!

In Japan, KDDI Co., Ltd., the president of the company, Takeshi Kyugo, clenched his fist and said: “Red letter is too terrifying, and in just a few months, it has successfully tested 6G network technology.”

“Yeah, too terrifying! How did that man do it?” Vice-President Sakata Tetsuya recalled Lu Zixin’s look and said with a tone of voice.

Obviously, they are so younger than them, but they have been able to achieve such a great plan, and they have achieved initial success. It is simply the son of heaven!

“You will immediately send a congratulatory message to Red Letter Group!” said Takeshi Kyugo, “Also, you must get 6G operation right from Red Letter in Japan! This is a matter of the future of our company!”

“Yes!” Sakata Tetsuya nodded. “We have had cooperation experience with Red Letter. As long as we pay a certain amount of patent fees, this should not be difficult.”

“The hardest part is when can we have our own 6G technology.”

European Union, the Communication Network and Technology Enforcement Office immediately convened an emergency meeting to discuss the possible impact of the successful operation of the Red Letter Star of the Sky Test Satellite.

Korea, Samsung Group, the group held an emergency meeting.

Southeast Asia……

The impact of this incident is worldwide, but after China, the most influential is United States!

In the United States AT&T company, in the Headquarters building, John Stankey smashed the expensive collection of small sculptures on his desk, and shouted: “They succeeded! They have been able to use 6G network!”

“Fuck! Damn communication committee, damn Taylor Walker, these idiots! Now we are no longer a technology leader!”

The assistant watched him lose his temper and stood in horror, carefully saying: “Mr… Mr. Walker’s video call.”

“This bastard, dare to look for me? If it weren’t for him, we have already cooperated with Red Letter!” John Stankey groaned, but still connected.

At the end of the phone, Taylor Walker didn’t look good. Just an hour ago, he also laughed at Red Letter’s plan to fool people’s tricks, but now he can’t laugh again.

“Walker, now you can be a woman!” John Stankey words are sharply taunted.

“I didn’t expect it to be like this!” Taylor Walker said in a gloomy voice. “Now the committee is going to open an emergency meeting early. The chairman may have to let me go back. I will resign as a member of Communications Commission.”

“Oh, that’s really good news.” John Stankey said with a sneer.

“My losses are also very heavy. My 80% assets have been replaced by Qualcomm’s stocks. Now I have to deal with them quickly. I just tell you that we are an online grasshopper and hope that AT&T can maintain US communications market together. Stable, don’t arbitrarily contact Red Letter!”

“Take care of yourself!” John Stankey hung up the phone, but felt extremely troubled. Red Letter’s 6G trial run comes too fast, how should AT&T respond? Without 6G technology, they will not be able to stand in the global communications market…

Apple, Cook can close his eyes and don’t want to say a word. The information is constantly coming, it is all kinds of reports, and there are news from the directors.

“Too fast, too fast!” Cook was secretly sighed, and this era became too fast. In 6G era, can Apple still hold red letter? There is no answer in his heart, only hope that all this can come later, give him time to deal with.

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