MST Chapter 299 : Heartbreaking, the crying cry of the hearer

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Kim Tae-seo agent pretended to continue the analysis.

“I have a talent for being a private investigator. His depth can’t escape my eyes. Since he doesn’t have a video, then there is no evidence for anything you have said. If he dares to say it by himself, we could sue him, saying that in order to slander you, he actually said his countrymen are inferior.

With the number of your fans in China and the company supporting you, we can control the trend of public opinion well, and he is just a young man who just debuted. Even if there is Liu Chiyan behind him, they are only individuals. Compared with our company, it is the difference between ants and elephants. It is not to be feared. As long as we operate properly, not only can we extinguish the storm, we can also use this storm to make Ye Guang no longer able to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry!”

Kim Tae-seo listened to his agent’s long talk and made a reasonable analysis, nodding his head frequently, the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Kim Tae-seo’s agent saw Kim Tae-seo staring at him with the little eyes of worship. His heart was quite proud. The detective’s movie he saw these days have not seen it in vain! You are so smart and wise!

Kim Tae-seo: “You said it makes sense. It is true. I am a victim. I am more likely to be sympathized and then control public opinion. Then Ye Guang… hum!” Kim Tae-seo smiled wickedly, his eyes exuding a kind of imminent joy of revenge.

Ever since, the two started a journey of death.

As the saying goes, it is not too late for a gentleman to get revenge after ten years, but who is willing to wait ten years to get revenge immediately? Besides, Kim Tae-seo is not a gentleman. After discussing with his agent, he immediately started a careful plan.

First, Kim Tae-seo started crying miserably on the Internet.

He posted a Weibo : “First of all, I have to apologize to everyone and my fans, sorry, I lied, the content in the previous video is indeed true, I was indeed beaten by Ye Guang. I know everyone must be wondered why I would stand up and lie when I was beaten. Actually, this is not my intention, but I can’t help myself. Who am I? I am Kim Tae-seo, a Korea person, but here is China. For me, Ye Guang is a local snake. How can I fight against him in a foreign country?

You can see it in the video. I was beaten very badly, but is there no way I can resist? No! No! I exercise every day. Fans who know me all know that I have a strong physique, I didn’t resist because I couldn’t resist, but I was in his show group at the time. I was like a sheep in the wolf pack. If I resist, I might be treated more violently.

After being beaten, I was angry, I was humiliated, and I was wronged, but what can I do? What can we do? I am just an artist wandering in a foreign country. Thanks to the love of many fans, I have made small achievements, but I always act cautiously on thin ice. I abide by Chinese regulations and folk customs. I treat everyone with kindness and politeness. Afterwards, when I silently licked my wounds, I didn’t think of revenge, but instead I thought of turning anger into jade with him, because I didn’t want to forge enmity with anyone, when I saw netizens attacked him. I took the initiative to stand up and excuse him, but I didn’t expect that he didn’t appreciate my kind actions, and instead got worse, he even wanted to beat me again.

I want to know why this is? Why can human nature be so evil? What’s wrong with being kind to others? What did I do wrong? Should they be deceived if they are good people? I don’t understand, I really don’t understand, I’m tired, my heart feel very cold. Maybe, I’m not suitable for this country, maybe I should go back to my motherland.”

In order to enhance the effect, Kim Tae-seo pretended to be pitiful. He also attached two photos to the back of Weibo, which were photos of bruise and fingerprints on his face after Ye Guang hit him.

The eloquent long story is unclear. The crowds are simply sad, and the fans of Kim Tae-seo are simply blown up.

“XuXu don’t have to apologize, we don’t blame you, you are the best, XuXu!”

“Don’t cry, XuXu! We will always support you! You are right, the wrong is Ye Guang!”

“XuXu, come on! Ye Guang, go to hell!”

“Asshole Ye Guang! Too much bullying! Get out of the entertainment circle! The entertainment circle doesn’t want your scum!”

“XuXu, don’t leave, don’t return to Korea, we can’t live without you.”

“Always support you, XuXu, come on, severely punish the thug Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang must apologize! Ye Guang must be punished!”


Not to mention,  Kim Tae-seo ‘from the heart’ Weibo did make many passers-by and netizens sympathize with him, and they rejoined the army against Ye Guang, demanding Ye Guang to apologize.

When Ye Guang saw this Weibo, he was already on the crew. Although he wanted to take a good day off, who would have to rush for this matter? It is not the way to let things ferment.

After reading this Weibo of Kim Tae-seo, Ye Guang couldn’t help but smile, “couldn’t help but sneered, “Tsk, it’s so pitiful to say. It’s like the sadness of the listener, the tears of the hearer, the victims is the weak who suffered great grievance. I almost believed in the image. He can really write. It’s a shame this guy didn’t become a screenwriter and became an actor.”

Jiang Xin gave him a white look, “You can still laugh, think about how to deal with it. I said you have such a big heart, don’t you know how hard you are scolded by netizens? You don’t care at all.”

Ye Guang shrugged, to be honest, he really didn’t care much. Before, he might have gotten a headache because of this, but since Teacher Fan passed away, he kept remembering what Teacher Fan said to him.

Live what you want, not just live what others want.

In this sentence, Ye Guang keeps remembering, deeply remembering, and doing it.

Ye Guang: “Right, who uploaded the video at the beginning, should it be the ones in our program group? Did you find it?”

Jiang Fengxian nodded, “Found, a female intern in the scriptwriter team, she says the video not uploaded by her, but his boyfriend found this video when he played her cell phone, then uploaded it, but the video source from her. The things have become like this, we are ready to expel her.”

Ye Guang stunned, “No, why are you expelling people? It’s not easy to find a job as an intern. It’s me who fights. Since I dare to fight, I am not afraid of being known by others, because this, you will expel them. That’s too unreasonable.”

Jiang Fengxian: “But…”

“Stop it.” Ye Guang waved his hand, “Don’t make it difficult for others. It’s not easy to go out to work and make money. Also, I don’t want to investigate what you’re still entangled. This is the case. Don’t impose any punishment.”

Ye Guang doesn’t have too many shining points in his body. Of course, the first thing must be eliminated is the system, tolerant and generous, and to think for others is one of the few advantages of his character.

Jiang Fengxian nodded and agreed.

Jiang Xin looked at Ye Guang a few more times.

Ye Guang thought for a while, and then said, “By the way, where is she now? Call her over, I have something to ask her.” Ye Guang eyes narrowed, “Everyone has moved, so we can’t remain indifferent. Yeah, it just happens to be boring, so let’s play with him.”

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