MST Chapter 300 : Being kind to others is good

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After a while, the female intern who was recording the video called by Jiang Fengxian come in.

The girl is very young. It’s estimated that she has just graduated from college or has not yet graduated. It seems to be much younger than Ye Guang. Of course, it may be because she has a baby face and is not tall.

When the girl entered the door, she found that Ye Guang, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin were all there. Except for Liu Chiyan who with Yiyi at home and not present, the three most powerful people in the program group were all here.

The girl is obviously a little nervous, she may have heard the wind before, and the program group will punish her for trouble.

“Director Ye.” The girl greeted Ye Guang, a little cramped.

Ye Guang smiled at her and pointed at the chair, “Hello, sit.”

The girl sat down with Ye Guang words.

Ye Guang: “What is your name?”

“Lin Yao, Director Ye, you call me Little Lin or Little Yao.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes, Little Yao, don’t be restrained. We just ask you to come over, there are some things to ask you.”

Brush” Lin Yao immediately stood up, “Director Ye, listen to my explanation, the video really not uploaded by me. I also learned that the video leaked from me later, if I knew at the time, I would definitely not let my boyfriend upload the video to the Internet. I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t use my mobile phone to record the video while on the crew.”

Ye Guang is a little stunned, he hasn’t said anything yet. This is just explains it. Looks like, this girl also terrified and afraid of being punished.

Ye Guang smiled and waved his hand and motioned for her to sit down, “Little Yao, don’t be nervous, I didn’t mean to punish you, don’t worry, I won’t pursue this matter.”

Lin Yao also a little surprised. She originally came with the determination to die. As long as she was not fired, she would accept the deduction of wages and bonuses! She is already enlightened, but at this moment Ye Guang said, she would not be held accountable, which really surprised her, “Director Ye, what are you saying is true?”

Ye Guang: “Of course it’s true. Why did I lie to you? I’m not an old antique or a black face. Speaking of which we are all the same age, I am older than you. You are like a little sister of mine. It’s not your mistake, so you don’t need to take responsibility for it. Don’t worry about it.”

Lin Yao obviously relaxed a lot in an instant, and then said embarrassingly, “That… Director Ye, I am twenty-six. ”

Ye Guang’s  age is not a secret in the program group, so when Ye Guang said that Lin Yao was like a younger sister, Lin Yao was embarrassed.

Ye Guang coughed, I don’t know what to say, twenty-six… Are you too tender or are we anxious? Moreover, at the beginning, Jiang Fengxian said that she is an intern. Ye Guang has subconsciously regarded her as a senior or a freshly graduated student. Naturally, he was younger than her when he graduated from university. As everyone knows, there is still a student on top of college students in this world. Things called graduate students.

Ye Guang didn’t struggle with this issue anymore, and said straight away, “Well, Little Yao, was the video you uploaded at the time still there? Show it to me.”

Lin Yao looked at Ye Guang and shook her head, “The video on the Internet is all the content I made, not much.”

Ye Guang is a little disappointed. There are not too much evidence, so it is not easy to handle. If there is a video, it is the best and most direct evidence, but if there is not, then you may have to fight with Kim Tae-seo for a while.

Ye Guang nodded, “Okay, forget it, you can go to work.”

Lin Yao nodded and got up, “Thank you Director Ye, then I will go out first.” With that, Lin Yao turned and went out, and when she reached the door, she turned around again, “Director Ye, do you want the video because of Kim Tae-seo Weibo?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, that’s it.”

Lin Yao smiled, “Director Ye, I didn’t shoot the rest. But I know who did it. She should have a complete video from beginning to end that day.”

Ye Guang, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin startled and also looked at Lin Yao curiously.

Lin Yao: “Sister He Miao from the game design team also shooting that day. I stood with her when the accident happened that day. She should have had it, but my colleagues in the show team have been saying the video I made was uploaded and will be punished. So, when someone asked Sister He Miao later, she said that she has deleted it when she went home after the filming, but I guess she still kept it, or should I call her to ask?”

Ye Guang is more than happy, with a feeling of being lost and regained. He nodded and said, “Okay, thank you, Little Yao.”

Lin Yao went out to find He Miao, and soon Lin Yao brought He Miao over.

Sure enough, He Miao still kept the video. The picture was a little shaky, but it was already taken very well and relatively complete. The content in her video started with Ye Guang pressing Kim Tae-seo on the ground and slapped him, until Ye Guang asked people to sent Kim Tae-seo back. It was very complete, but the only regret is it not captured the initial scene. That is, she’s not captured the section where Kim Tae-seo slapped the aunt and pushed her to the ground. There was no such paragraph in He Miao video. There was no way. The incident happened suddenly, but the latter paragraph was enough.

He Miao video is not bad. It’s a bit jittery, but it’s still clear. The most important thing is that the voice can be heard clearly. Although it is a little messy, the voices of Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo can be heard clearly, Kim Tae-seo radical remarks also clearly audible in the video.

After copying the video, Ye Guang laughed, “Lin Yao, He Miao, thank you, I will add bonuses to you this month!” After that, Ye Guang turned his head and said to Jiang Xin, “Sister Jiang, you can remember this, you will talk to finance later.”

Lin Yao and He Miao were overjoyed and thought they would be fined, but they didn’t expect that not only were they not fined, but they were given a bonus. This matter… can only be said that things are impermanent.

After the two thanked them again and again, Ye Guang let them go to work on their own.

Holding the USB flash drive with the video copy, Ye Guang smiled, and said to Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin, “With this, no matter how much he dances or plays, it will be a clown show.” Ye Guang smiled and knocked his Erlang’s legs, “I don’t know, I really don’t know which link between SX Entertainment and Kim Tae-seo is wrong. Who gives them the confidence that black can turn white? When the people who were there that day didn’t have long eyes?”

If Kim Tae-seo agent hears this question, he should stand up and say loudly: Me! It’s me! Smart and wise, I know everything!

Ye Guang took the video and looked at Jiang Fengxian, “Old Jiang, have you seen it? It is good to be tolerant and kind to others. If Little Yao is really expelled, He Miao will be frightened again, maybe this video will be covered by her, and she didn’t dare to take it out.”

Jiang Fengxian has nothing to say, this is also a kind of accidental collision. If Ye Guang didn’t come today, Lin Yao will be fired today according to the previous handling method. If this video is not available, I really have to say something else. He gave a dry cough and changed the subject, “Then, can we post this video now?”

Ye Guang waved his hand, “No hurry, let him jump for a while, I still want to see what moth he can make.”

Jiang Xin: “Then, we don’t do anything now?”

Ye Guang smiled, “Do, why not do it? It just happened to be boring today, play with him.”

Ye Guang has a smirk on his face, with a treacherous look.

Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin glanced at each other, silently mourning for Kim Tae-seo.

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