MST Chapter 301 : Then… end this farce

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Of course, Ye Guang would definitely not stand by, if he let go of the public opinion and let Kim Tae-seo to jump around endlessly, he will not deliberately come to the crew from Liu Chiyan’s home.

Immediately, Ye Guang, who got the killer, sent an article on Weibo.

Tsk tsk, I saw this tear-jerking narrative that you sent, and even I almost believed it. Tell the truth, you are really a genius, this scriptwriter is excellent, you can become a big screenwriter, may I ask, do you remember why you were beaten? @Kim Tae-seo.”

Ye Guang shouted at Kim Tae-seo on Weibo, followed by @Kim Tae-seo. He pointed directly at him. He was sharp and unpretentious at all. Just kidding, everyone got his nose high and Ye Guang didn’t need to be polite.

As soon as he posted a Weibo, many netizens came to comment and leave messages. A few of them were asking about insider information. Most of them were Kim Tae-seo fans and some netizens who couldn’t get used to Ye Guang violent beatings. So, they attacked and verbally abused Ye Guang in the message area, but Ye Guang didn’t even look at it. He’s afraid he couldn’t help being upset, so he just waited for Kim Tae-seo response.

Kim Tae-seo also watching closely.

After Ye Guang posted a Weibo, he got the news within a few minutes.

“What should I do now? He is responding.” Kim Tae-seo asked his agent.

Kim Tae-seo agent smiled, “Don’t worry, everything is under control! Now I am more sure of my inferences. He hasn’t released any other videos yet, instead he’s playing on the side and using aggressive methods to ask you the reason for beating that day. Speaking of the reason, it just means that he has absolutely no other videos, otherwise it is impossible not to send them out. It seems that he has no other way, as long as there is no direct evidence of the video, then he has no way!”

Kim Tae-seo also had a smile on his face, “Haha, then he is dead, what shall we do now? Did we make up a story saying that he was violent and beat me unreasonably?”

Kim Tae-seo agent shook his head, “No, on the contrary, since he wants us to say the reason you were beaten that day, then we will satisfy him!”

Kim Tae-seo is puzzled, “Ah? Why? If you publish the matter, wouldn’t it be bad for us?”

Kim Tae-seo agent squinted, “If it’s fake, there are too many loopholes, and it’s easy to be breached. But if there is truth in the fake, then it’s not that easy to see through the truth. Moreover, we take the initiative to speak out. The initiative can always be in our own hands, and there will be no other changes. We can do this…”

Kim Tae-seo agent and Kim Tae-seo huddled together for a while, and Kim Tae-seo smirked and nodded frequently.

“You’re amazing!” Kim Tae-seo gave his agent a thumbs up, “just do what you said!”

So Kim Tae-seo recalled Weibo sent by Ye Guang.

“It was me who is beaten. How could I not know why I was beaten? In fact, I am a little hard to tell why I was beaten because it’s indeed my fault. Since everyone is curious, I don’t care about the image. Let me tell you all about it. That day, I was invited to participate in the Running Man program. After filming a session, everyone is eating watermelon, but Ye Guang seemed to exclude me, and only I was left alone.

Later, there’s one aunt came over to me with a watermelon. She grabbed and pulled me, but because I didn’t notice it, I pushed it back. This is a conditioned reflex of the body’s self-protection and self-defense. I’m sorry, I accidentally pushed down the aunt to the ground, everyone knows what happened afterwards. Ye Guang couldn’t help but rushed up and beat me. I didn’t fight back at the time. There was also a reason for pushing the aunt down and feeling guilty.

This is how things happened. I’m wrong and punished. So I didn’t hate Director Ye Guang afterwards, but helped him out because I made the mistake first. Even though I was unintentional at the time, I did push down the aunt and should be punished if you do something wrong. But I don’t understand, you have already taught me severely, why are you still reluctant to forgive me?

Do you have to kill me to be satisfied? @Ye Guang.”

This Weibo of Kim Tae-seo suddenly made the lively netizens break out.

Countless netizens expressed sympathy for Kim Tae-seo and yelled at Ye Guang.

“XuXu is very poor, Ye Guang shameless big bastard!”

“Ye Guang gets out of the entertainment circle!”

“XuXu cheers, you are not wrong, Ye Guang is too deceiving!”


This is the current mainstream tone of Weibo.

Ye Guang was angry and happy to see this Weibo. Well, I have seen shameless people, but it is really rare to see shamelessness to this degree. He can say black as white, it is really powerful.

Before Ye Guang had time to respond, Kim Tae-seo might feel that it was not enough to relieve his anger, or that the fire was not burning enough, so he immediately posted another Weibo.

“By the way, I remembered one thing. At that time, Ye Guang seemed to have said that he beat me for nothing. I can’t do anything to him, because I made the mistake first. Even if he beat me, people will say he is brave and have courage. Maybe this is why he is fearless and still wants to hit me again.”

Netizens completely exploded.

Those who were angry before, those who were too late to be angry, and those who watched, all unified their camps this time, and one after another pointed their fingers at Ye Guang.

After hitting someone, you still feel at ease, still feel that this is just a brave act? Can you have a face!

Even many fans of Ye Guang have turned their backs. Although they did not directly participate in the attack on Ye Guang, the subsequent comments on Weibo also expressed their disdain for Ye Guang behavior.

“I  didn’t expect this to be the case. Originally, I guessed that there must be a reason why Luminous hit him. I was willing to believe in Ye Guang, but now I doubt it.”

“It’s wrong for Kim Tae-seo to push the aunt down, but he wouldn’t need to beat him so badly, which just required an apology. Besides, I don’t agree with this behavior because he still refuses to apologize after beating someone.”

“Stop talking, fans turn black.”

“Disappointed, really disappointed. From tearing up clothes and hitting the security guard to hitting Kim Tae-seo this time, it seems that you really have a violent tendency, a violent tendency that goes deep into your bones. You didn’t learn a lesson last time, but this time you got worse.”

“I’m grateful for you to stand up bravely for the smog. I admit that you are a warrior. I also admire your talent, like the songs you wrote and Running Man programs you made, but for your being… Yes, I will only look at the works in the future, regardless of the person!”


This is a message from Ye Guang fans. As for the fans of Kim Tae-seo and some angry netizens, the message is very extreme, and there are all kinds of flawless and personal attacks.

“Shameless Ye Guang!”

“Die Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang out of the entertainment circle, there is no scum like you in the entertainment circle!”

“Strongly request Media Management Bureau to block Ye Guang! Return to the entertainment circle to show justice to Kim Tae-seo!”

“Ye Guang %%¥%…¥. ”


Ye Guang didn’t care about Kim Tae-seo’s fans and other netizens’ comments, but directly filtered it.

But Ye Guang still concerned about the comments of his fans. Looking at these people’s comments, Ye Guang grinned bitterly, “Uh… it’s a big game, forget it, don’t play off.”

Ye Guang still cares about the feelings of his fans.

“Then… end this farce.”

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