MST Chapter 104 : Pain and Happiness

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After the end of the slogan, the entire program is finished.

The employees have come back one after another, and the three brothers of land, sea and air are also fascinated by listening, and they have quickly turned off the camera. Fortunately, this shooting is relatively simple, just point the camera at a good point, just shoot it against Ye Guang alone, you don’t need to move around, otherwise you are really afraid that they will forget the work because of the rise of listening, and the camera will fall.

Ye Guang speech is not slow, and the storytelling rate is actually similar to that of speaking, except that the storytelling needs to pay more attention to tone, emotion, and occasionally pause, so the speech rate is slower than usual, Journey to the West in first round, the punctuation is actually less than 6,000 words, and the punctuation is about 6,800 words. It took more than half an hour to talk about the whole story.

The first round is finished.

Ye Guang stepped down.

The filming of the program was smooth, and there were almost no flaws. Shang Shan did not call the “Cut”. The employees did not say anything bad. Of course, this is because they are all immersed in the story of Journey to the West. He also did not check for a while.

Honestly, Ye Guang’s performance can only be regarded as a fair, not too good, barely worthwhile, but the story is good, as long as the story is good, this is the biggest color, enough to cover up all other deficiencies.

The employees headed by Liu Chiyan and Yiyi were all surrounded him.

“Great, Advisor Ye!”

“Ye Guang, Ye Guang, the story you told is so good, I have to listen!” Yiyi cheered.

“Advisor Ye, it’s amazing, I’m fascinated!”

“Advisor Ye, this story is awesome. Although the words used are all ancient and literary, there is a little bit in front of them that I don’t understand, but I feel that this is enough!”

“Advisor Ye, I am taking it, you will definitely be able to fire this show!”

‘Yes! It’s those TV stations that don’t know the pearl!”

Everyone was half-hearted and half-compassionate.

There are also employees pouring cold water. This person is Shang Shan. “Not necessarily, it is a book-like program. The audience is too small. It is not easy to get fire.”

Ye Guang’s face is black, “Old Shang! Why are you like this, are you trying to find fault? I don’t think you listened to it just now? It’s your loud voice, why? After you listen, you will sing.”

Shang Shan turned red and shouted. “I don’t want to quarrel with you.” Maybe he felt a little faceless, and muttered, “…When I say the truth, you are screaming. ”

Ye Guang began to roll his sleeves, and Liu Chiyan hurriedly pulled him.

“There is nothing wrong with Director. Your story is very good, but the comparison is a storytelling program. It is really not easy to get fire.”

Well, Liu Chiyan, the wife and the leader, said so, Ye Guang didn’t have a temper, murmured. “Why don’t you look forward to it, wait, there will be a day to make you stunned.”

“Ye Guang, Ye Guang, you will continue to talk, I have to listen.” Yiyi took Ye Guang’s clothes and looked at him with big eyes.

Ye Guang touched Yiyi’s head and smiled. “Oh, I’m drinking and continue to tell you!”

Ye Guang drank the water, and after some preparation, the second round started.

Everyone is also a member of the audience. The onlookers are all sitting in the auditorium. Some even take time to buy snacks such as melon chips. Yiyi also took a few packs of snacks from the office and took this shot. The scene became a storytelling teahouse.

After a long day, except for eating and drinking the water or to toilet, Ye Guang never stopped, and talked about eight rounds

A lot of employees were still listening to the excitement at first, but they couldn’t bear it until the end.

Sitting for too long, back pain!

What about back pain? Hold back! How can I miss such a good story? This is absolutely not allowed!

It can be described as painful and happy!

The most satisfying is Yiyi, she has always looked like she has never been tired of listening. When eating, she urged Ye Guang to eat quickly and continued to tell the story after eating. She was very happy.

Ye Guang is also very motivated. He talked for seven rounds in a row. He kept talking and talking all the time and his throat was about to smoke. The employees also listened for too long. They had a backache and were not willing to leave. They even advised him not to take pictures today and continue tomorrow.

Only Yiyi can never hear enough.

Finally, under the strong insistence of Ye Guang and Yiyi, Ye Guang said that the eighth round ended the whole day of recording. The employees were tired enough to listen to it. It was too enjoyable to listen to, but they couldn’t stand the time. However, in everyone heart has a little more attention to Ye Guang.

“Persevere, perseverance, the most important thing is to write stories and tell stories!”

“Scourge Ye is still very powerful, very capable.”

“No wonder people can be consultants, or President Liu sees a hero!”

“Oh, yes, he is a relative of President Liu. It seems that a bit of ability should be considered accidental, um, by chance! Otherwise, what is his usual proof that President Liu can discover his hidden talent? Anyway, I don’t believe it!”

Going home at night, after dinner, before going to bed, Ye Guang wanted to go to Yiyi to tell the story as usual, but this evening Yiyi unexpectedly told him not to talk, and said something very warm.

“You’ve been talking all day today, throat must be very uncomfortable, do not say, you have to rest well, your story is very good, I will continue to listen tomorrow, and they do not believe your story can fire up,  But I believe you, you can do it, because what you said is really nice, much better than what grandma said, so many, many, many, don’t be discouraged, come on!”

Ye Guang moved and kissed Yiyi’s face several times.

Yiyi wiped her face with disgust.

The next day.

Ye Guang also talked for eight rounds in a crazy way. Many employees couldn’t afford it. They sighed of Ye Guang’s crazy power. Was his voice hardened? Wouldn’t you be tired after saying so long? Listening is tired!

Ye Guang is also tired, but Ye Guang is such a person. Although he usually takes care of himself, he is very attentive, serious, and persevering in doing things.

Remember that he kept writing Ghost Blows Out The Light all day long?

Remember that he wrote iPartment and forgot to get off work?

Remember that he was almost stuck at his desk and wrote Journey to the West for a few days?

The employees were overwhelmed and hesitated to continue to listen to Ye Guang, but they were not willing to give up this good story and fell into a dilemma.

The three brothers of sea, land and air heard about the difficult things that employees had to decide. One of them was full of contempt when he finished the day shooting. “I said, what kind of trouble do you have? I really thought that you are listening and reluctance to go, this is the case? I said that you are stupid? Our three brothers can’t walk, we have to control the camera, you are stupidly doing something, wait for the video to watch it directly! When do you want to see when you look at it, it’s a brother of a company. Can I still not give it to you?”

The employees are dumbfounded.

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