MST Chapter 68 : Little princess is a detective

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang was very happy after buying the vegetables, spent a total of 75 yuan to buy the vegetables, leaving 25 yuan into his private pockets, these days, every day to save money, finally there is a sum of money! However, Ye Guang suddenly found that he was a bit unprofessional. Why is it so happy because of these 10 and 20 yuan? But think about all the nets in the pocket, 263 yuan, Ye Guang think, a bit touch!

Come back home.

Liu Chiyan took over the food that Ye Guang bought and looked at the weight. She was quite satisfied. She should not have been too greedy, turned into the kitchen and started to work.

Yiyi little princess woke up, sleepy, and came out of the room, curiously looked around the environment, with a scared expression on her face, saw Ye Guang sitting on sofa and seeing Liu Chiyan in the kitchen, only have comfortable look.

“Yiyi, you wake up.” Ye Guang called her, “Come here, come here.”

Yiyi walked over to him.

“Hey, the shoes are worn, come, I will help you wear them.” Ye Guang pointed to Yiyi’s little feet.

Yiyi was suddenly in an unfamiliar environment, she was afraid to put on her shoes in a hurry. Yiyi looked down at her shoes and was really wearing it. The little princess was very red and sat down to sofa. I want to wear shoes again.

Ye Guang saw Yiyi sit down, got up and then squatted, holding Yiyi’s little feet and starting to help her put on her shoes again. Yiyi looked at him with bright big eyes and didn’t speak.

Put the shoes on, Yiyi curiously went to the kitchen.

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Your aunt is cooking, just a little while, will I play with you first?”

Yiyi turned around and looked at Ye Guang curiously. “Is she really my aunt?”

Ye Guang froze, “What are you talking about, isn’t your aunt you still don’t know?”

Yiyi: “She is actually cooking? It must be that I have not woken up yet.” Said, Yiyi also deliberately pinch her little face, “Ah, hurt, is true, she actually is cooking, God! Oh, sure enough, women who fall in love are blind.”

Ye Guang is another glimpse. “What happened to your aunt’s cooking? During this time, she cooked all the food. The food she made was delicious and fragrant.”

Yiyi jumped down from sofa and walked around Ye Guang before and after, looking up and down a few times, and said with an incredulous expression: “Is cooking good? But she never cooks herself. You can actually let her cook for you every day, which is incredible.”

Ye Guang was stunned by Yiyi. “Are your aunt not cooking?”

Yiyi decisively shook her head. “Don’t do it. She also said that the kitchen is her forever restricted area. Keep away from the kitchen forever.”

Ye Guang was shocked. “Have she said this? How did she learn her cooking?”

Yiyi: “My grandmother taught her well, and she didn’t stay away from the kitchen when she was learned to cook. Let me tell you this, I haven’t eaten the food she made since I was this big!” Yiyi said that she was still angry with a small mouth and said that she was angry at Liu Chiyan’s behavior of cooking for Ye Guang without cooking for her!

Ye Guang is stunned, is this really fake? Looking back at Liu Chiyan, who is always busy in the kitchen, how familiar is it, like a person who never cooks? And she is still doing so delicious.

So, Ye Guang and Yiyi were big and small, one sitting on sofa, one  kneeling in sofa, and lying on the sofa back, watching the busy Liu Chiyan in the kitchen.

Yiyi was surprised that Liu Chiyan was cooking for Ye Guang, Ye Guang was surprised that Yi Yi was surprised that Liu Chiyan was cooking for him.

Liu Chiyan was busy, and when she turned around, she saw two small head and big heads on the sofa back, looking at her, and asked with a smile, “What are you looking at?”

The big and small said in unison: “Look at you cooking.”

Four dishes and one soup out of the pot, Ye Guang helped Liu Chiyan to put the dishes on the plate, Yiyi little princess saw the four-in-one soup of different colors on the table, looked surprised and looked at Liu Chiyan’s eyes full of resentment.

Liu Chiyan was a little embarrassed by her, and said with anger, “Look at what, go to wash your hands and eat!”

Liu Chiyan’s craftsmanship is really good, Ye Guang is still gorging, Yiyi seems to be the first time to eat Liu Chiyan’s meal, and it is also very delicious. Liu Chiyan sat with smiled and looked at the big one and small one has a wind and a cloud.

Ye Guang and Yiyi were very happy. Sometimes Ye Guang stretched the chopsticks to clip a piece of meat. Just Yiyi also extended the chopsticks. Ye Guang smiled and clipped the piece of meat into the Yiyi bowl. “Come, Yiyi, eat more. You have a long body, you can eat more to grow faster.”

But, the more to the back Ye Guang feel Yiyi is intentional, as long as he wants to clip which dish, Yiyi also immediately extended chopsticks out, the bowl is almost full of dishes. I don’t see how much she eats. Ye Guang is also a child’s heart. Yiyi grabbed him and he was also excited. Two people you came and went to at the table were happy, Liu Chiyan was not organized, and let them both play a trick. Such a troubled relationship grows fast.

“Liu Yitong! You still grab so many dishes in your bowl!”

“No matter, I want to eat this one!”

“Girls can’t eat too much, they will be fat! Learn your aunt!”

“Hey, you are noisy, don’t bring me.”

“That is, Ye Guang, you are ashamed, you are so interested in grabbing things with children!”

“You are robbing me.”

“I want to grow my body, eat more, you say it yourself, you can’t let me know!”

“No! I also said that you don’t eat, you will become a little fat pig when you eat, how do you still eat!”

“Humph! Ye Guang, you are a Big bad wolf!”

“Hey, hey, don’t spit!”



A meal was eaten and the table was a mess.

Ye Guang and Yiyi both touched the belly and leaned on sofa.

“So full.” Ye Guang got a full meal, “Wife, help me pour a glass of water, I am holding it.”

Liu Chiyan was very obedient to help him pour a glass of water, and by the way also gave Yiyi a cup.

Yiyi looked at Liu Chiyan, the aunt who was just like young married woman, and said, “I still look away, my aunt, you are not looking for boyfriend, you have already married him.”

Ye Guang was surprised and almost squirted the water that had just been drunk in his mouth.

This little girl, this is too… Ye Guang doesn’t know how to say it, you are a child! Can you care about the things that your friends care about, don’t mess around as detectives! Don’t learn a child who has been in the first grade for more than ten years.

Liu Chiyan was also surprised and touched Yiyi’s small head. “Don’t talk about it, especially to grandparents, don’t talk about it, or your aunt will not hurt you in the future.”

Yiyi didn’t talk, crooked her neck, pursed her mouth, frowning and looking tangled, seeming to be thinking about whether to hide this thing for Liu Chiyan.

For a time, the two big men in the house were silent, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan looked at Yiyi and waited for her to answer.

Is it so exposed?

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