MST Chapter 44 : Advertising Planning

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After spending more than two hours, Ye Guang finally wrote a complete advertising planner.

In fact, advertising creativity is very simple, but Ye Guang has not done an advertising program. He has to get a complete advertising plan. He is looking for a professional template on the Internet and some professional knowledge, so it took so long.

After all, this is his first project after join Liu Chiyan Studio, and it’s a little more detailed in order to be convincing.

Ye Guang’s plan is not professional, but I’m quite satisfied with it anyway

“Right, what is the name of Studio? Is it called Liu Chiyan Studio?” Ye Guang asked.

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan exclaimed, “I didn’t tell you?”

Ye Guang: “Have you told me?”

Liu Chiyan is embarrassed to say: “It seems… no. The company registered with Studio is Youxianqi Entertainment. But in general, the studios registered by celebrity artists are directly named by the artist name. For example, our studio is called Liu Chiyan Studio, and other artists are also the same. They are all certain studios, and they rarely know the company real name. ”

Youxianqi, the name… It’s not that the name is weird. It’s just that Ye Guang listened to this name. It reminded me of Dream World’s famous website. It’s called a monster, but people’s websites are animated.

Ye Guang nodded: “Do you want to use the company’s registered name Youxianqi Entertainment or Liu Chiyan Studio?”

Liu Chiyan thought about it and said, “Use Youxianqi! This advertisement is to make a name for studio, not to advertise myself, and my popularity is already high enough. Now running studio, I have to play studio’s fame.”

Ye Guang nodded: “Yes, then use Youxianqi, maybe you don’t have to name your name, but you can ask for it. In the future, Studio will become bigger and stronger. Others will not say that it is all because of your fan effect.”

Liu Chiyan smiled mischievously: “I may not need to be a celebrity in the future. I can be a beautiful president.”

Ye Guang chuckles.

Holding a printed planner book, Ye Guang found Director Shang Shan  and Deputy Director Xia Hai.

For the name of the two directors, Ye Guang was so weak that he laughed 800 times in the heart. It would be normal if the two names were separated anywhere, but they met together and were still in the same unit, what’s so special is that there are two inseparable directors, which is embarrassing. This stubble Yeguang can laugh for a year!

“Director Shang, Director Xia, are all there.” Ye Guang greeted, saying that while was handed over advertisement planner book. “I have done the advertising planner, you see.”

“Yo, Advisor Ye.” Xia Hai and Ye Guang greeted each other and then took the planner book. “Get it done so soon, OK, let me see.”

Xia Hai turned over and looked the planner book was not too much. It was two A4 papers, and Xia Hai looked at it casually, and then looked more and more surprised, and looked more carefully. It took a long time to read the entire plan book.

“Old Shang, look at it.” Xia Hai handed the planner book to the mountain.

Shang Shan just saw Xia Hai reaction in his eyes, and he was very curious about the contents of the planner book. Is it too bad to write? Little young is little young!

After taking the planner book, Shang Shan looked up, and then the expression became wonderful. For a while, Shang Shan assured the planner book, and looked at Ye Guang with surprise. “Advisor Ye, did you write this?”

Ye Guang nodded affirmatively and smiled. “Director Shang, you call me Little Ye. I am young and I feel comfortable listening to Little Ye.”

Shang Shan and Xia Hai looked at each other and said: “That line, then I will call you Little Ye.” There aren’t many people in studio. Most of them are very good at personal relationships. They are also casually called. See Ye Guang has no shelf, Shang Shan will follow him. “Little Ye, to be honest, your advertising idea is really good, but if this is an advertising planner, then the advertising planner must have failed.”

Ye Guang stunned, a failure? How could the template that I found on the Internet is doing well.

Without waiting for Ye Guang to ask, Shang Shan went on to say: “Because your planner plan is not like an advertising planner at all, although there are some advertising terminology and a template for the advertising planner, in my opinion, this is more like a script.”

Xia Hai interrupted him: “It’s more like a scenario, it’s more like a scene.”

Shang Shan nodded: “Yes, the scene reappears, just like the already shot with the lens, each picture is written in detail, even how each character plays, how to shoot is clearly written.”

Ye Guang is a bit embarrassed, but it is not a scene reappearing. Where does he know what advertising ideas, advertising planners, and what planners can make this planner, which is written according to Dream World’s excellent advertisement. The Dream World people took out the finished product. Of course, the one he remembered was also the finished product, so this can be written like this, but the details of the necessary changes were changed.

“Director Shang, Director Xia, I am a layman, just write it indiscriminately. If you write badly, you criticize and correct it.” Ye Guang touched the nose and was modest.

Shang Shan smiled and said: “What are we guiding? You are so creative, and every shot is written here. You don’t need me and Old Xia. You can take a machine directly.”

Ye Guang heard it, he was happy. “That doesn’t work, the profession has specializations, professional things are still done by professional people, and You can’t shoot this advertisement without Director Shang and Director Xia.”

Of course, Shang Shan is not really not filmed, just a smile and compliment. “Some equipment is still installed and debugged today, and some have to be shipped in the afternoon. If you want to shoot, it is estimated to be tomorrow.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Okay, no problem, then shoot tomorrow.”

Xia Hai: “The actors really let our company employees come?”

Ye Guang: “Well! This is an advertisement for promoting our company, and I think that the most suitable is the company’s employees, the company’s current employees, have one count, and all come out!”

Shang Shan smiled: “Yes! For your own studio endorsement, how can I find someone outside to shoot!”

Xia Hai: “President Liu is also in? Doesn’t it mean that this advertisement is going to get rid of her aura?”

Ye Guang thought for a moment and said: “It’s also! She is the boss, the company is hers, all the employees are involved, how can she be less, but just give a shot, as long as it is not her starring, it will not Affects the overall advertising, and outsiders will not focus on her.”

Shang Shan: “Well, then do it! I am studying and research with Old Xia to see how people arrange and how to shoot. Although many employees are considered to be in a circle, they are still a layman.”

Ye Guang nodded: “Yes, that’s fortunate.”

The commercial shooting was finalized and started shooting tomorrow!

Ye Guang and the two directors chatted for a while, and then left without incident, Shang Shan and Xia Hai will continue to study how to shoot.

Going back to the office, because nothing is happening, Liu Chiyan is playing cell phone games boring.

“Let’s go.” Ye Guang said.

Liu Chiyan didn’t look at him while playing the game. “Where?”

Ye Guang: “You are not saying that you want to go to the department store to buy things? Come on.”

Liu Chiyan looked up at him with surprise. “Really?” As soon as I looked up, the game was wrong. “Yeah! Dead, I am going to pass the customs soon…” Liu Chiyan is not reconciled.

Ye Guang smiled. “That’s just right, let’s go. Come back, I will help you through customs.”

Liu Chiyan turned off the game, take the bag was on her back, “Help me pass the customs at night.”

Ye Guang smirked and said: “I don’t play this at night. In the evening we play a more fun game between men and women.”

Liu Chiyan understood, shouted: “Hoodlum.”

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