BTC Chapter 243 : Electric Jet

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Lu Zixin quickly said : “I am talking about civilian drones, logistics and transportation.”

Tony Stark : “Well, I already guessed that you would say that.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: lose interest in an instant.]”

Lu Zixin continued to consult them on this issue and he did his homework of the current logistics drones, in fact, have a lot of running cases.

However, there is still a long way to go before it can be used on a large scale. There are some problems that need to be solved one by one.

What Lu Zixin wants to know is one of key power systems, the drone propulsion system.

According to rotary-wing drones on the market today, the basic use of battery or fuel combustion pushes the rotor to rotate, generating upward force to make the drone fly.

This approach is similar to a propeller helicopter and is not a suitable solution for Lu Zixin.

First of all, this type of drone is limited by fuel or electric energy, resulting in poor endurance. Moreover, this kind of rotor-type unmanned opportunity is affected by weather and has limited limitations.

Most importantly, drone logistics also requires load capacity. Nowadays, the logistics capacity of drone developed by major companies is still insufficient. The way to increase the load capacity increases the number or area of ​​the rotors.

As a result, the size of drone becomes larger, and the energy required, the noise generated, and the like increase.

Such a volume of drones can not be transported in the city, safety hazards, air traffic management, noise, etc., too much trouble, away from the original intention of design.

Lu Zixin’s idea is to make small and convenient drones with relatively good load capacity.

Tony Stark said : “This is very simple, you only need to turn its propulsion device into electric jet, the power and noise problems can be solved, and the volume can be made smaller.”

Mr. L : “Is it a jet propulsion device like a steel suit?”

Red Queen interjected : “The owner, the propulsion device for steel shirt, is a super-energy plasma propeller that has been improved with a new type of reaction device, which is much more advanced than the electric jet device! [emoticon: a sense of superiority in IQ .]”

Tony Stark : “Red Queen is right, the plasma propulsion device can theoretically achieve the speed of light. You need a logistics drone that only needs to fly at low altitudes, with a low enough atmosphere at low altitude to provide airborne materials.”

“And the electric jet device is perfect for such flight requirements. It can be lifted vertically, reducing wear and tear, and improving efficiency… Of course, you have to provide it with a higher energy reserve.”

After that, Tony Stark sent Lu Zixin an exclusive Red envelope and said : “All you want is inside. Right, this electric jet is improved, and you can also make military unmanned aircraft.”

Mr. L: “Many thanks Stark.”

Tony Stark : “Okay, little trouble has been solved, I should study my artificial intelligence. It is now much smarter than before!”

Red Queen : “[Imported emoticon: Is it smart?]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: no, you are the fattest.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: mother’s kind-loving gaze.] Silly boy, you use the wrong emoticon. I am a program, there is no fat and thin.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: I have never seen such a funny program.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am my, Red Queen with different colors.]”


Lu Zixin opened Tony Stark’s Red envelope and was immediately prompted by the group:

“You have received exclusive Red envelope from Tony Stark and congratulations on your access to Principles and Construction of Electric Jet Manufacturing Principles.”

Lu Zixin opens the data to view, densely packed, various formulas, principles, and construction instructions. To vote for this research, he has to learn from the beginning.

Lu Zixin simply sent the information to RI-8901, let it understand, and then directly develop and manufacture.

However, in a short time, Lu Zixin received a message from Iron Head.

Iron Head : “Daddy, do you want to study electric jets? Why don’t you give me this! I understand it all at once, and it can be improved!”

Lu Zixin replied : “You don’t have to worry about it!”

Iron Head : “As the only representative of Cybertron planet on this planet, the future car leader, how can you demand me so low? I am destined to become the iron man of car king!”

Iron Head : “Daddy, you can rest assured, I am sure to do this thing well. Not only the electric jet device, but even the drones are done together! But can I make a small request?”

Lu Zixin asked : “What do you want to do?”

Iron Head : “I saw a program called Hip Hop, I want to go, Hip Hop is definitely mine! Do you want me to show you a RAP, my freestyle?”

Lu Zixin immediately replied : “Stop your thoughts immediately! If you play anonymously on the Internet, don’t go out and do things, I will let Zhang Qiang keep an eye on you.”

Iron Head : “Hey, the road to success is always so rough.”

Lu Zixin is still not at ease, and has specially smashed Zhang Qiang again. Fortunately, although Iron Head has a lot of ideas, he still hasn’t gone out.

After the account, Lu Zixin cleaned up and went to Japan to participate in the launch of Red Letter smart product in Edo.

He was accompanied by  Japan company’s business manager and several accompanying employees.

On the way to travel, the business manager gave Lu Zixin a detailed explanation of the business situation in Japan country.

“This time we cooperated with KDDI Telecom, which is the largest telecom operator in country and the top international telecom operator. In the early years, DDI, KDD and IDO merged to ban Vodafone Telecom’s position in Japan nation.”

Vodafone Telecom is a multinational mobile phone operator in UK and one of the largest circulation communication network companies in the world.

“General Lu, according to our survey, in the country, the market share of our China mobile phone is very limited, almost not at all above the ranking. Now Japan smartphone market still accounts for the largest share of Apple, with a market share of 50%. Even some quarters can exceed 60%!”

“Then, the state-owned brands of Kyocera, Sharp, Sony and other Japan company accounted for about 35%, and the remaining 10% were the phones of other brands.”

“The mobile phone market in Japan is very different from the market in our country. There are also cultural differences. For example, the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung have no interest in Japan. China’s birch, VI and other mobile phones in Japan market, the performance is not satisfactory. So the challenge of our red letter entering Japan market is still very big.”

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