BTC Chapter 324 : I knew so

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On this day, “Breaking the Dimension Wall” box office hit a new high, single-day box office 120 million!

The “Alternative Star Storm” predicts that the box office will exceed 50 million, resulting in an actual box office of only 20 million. The box office of “Tomorrow Earth” also fell to 30 million, and the downward trend is serious.

On the eighth day of release, the total box office of “Breaking the Dimension Wall” broke through one billion and officially joined box office club! However, its potential does not stop there. Its daily box office is still tens of millions. Every day, new audiences watch this virtual projection movie because of curiosity or friend recommendation.

There have been cinemas that have extended the release date of Breaking the Dimension Wall to a month, and other cinemas have followed suit.

On the 20 day, with the further increase of virtual projection theaters in cinemas around the country, the Breaking the Dimension Wall box office has exceeded 4 billion!

According to estimates, it is likely that the final box office will exceed 5 billion, breaking the domestic box office total, which is only a domestic box office. Such achievements have already caused foreign major publishers to rush to release the movie “Breaking the Dimension Wall” abroad.

Red Letter Virtual Mutual Entertainment Co., Ltd., Xue Yao smiled and opened her face. Just this movie, it is estimated that the amount of money that can be earned will reach several billion!

And this is only a direct benefit. The development of Red Letter Film, the contract director, and the artist have now become hot stars, distribution channels, etc., and the indirect profits are even more unimaginable.

It can be said that if Red Letter Films wants to take the next virtual projection movie, those directors, entertainers or theaters and brokerage companies are rushing to cooperate, even the investors will rush to invest, which is the effect of fame.

“This film has been successful. Red letter film industry can be said to be officially set sail! From today, we can formally prepare for the joint development of other projects of virtual entertainment!” Xue Yao said excitedly to Lu Zixin, “I am so happy, I will laugh out when I sleep these days!”

Lu Zixin adjusts with a smile : “Now you are a rich woman, ask for support!”

“Then I have to check the goods first!” Xue Yao’s face showed a charming smile, the jade hand down.


“Five billion!” Jiang Hongru saw the latest box office report, and his heart was already numb. These days, the daily film reports are breaking the box office record. It will soon become the highest-selling movie in the history of Chinese movie box office!

In his eyes, director Wang Luyuan, who has become gold medal director of the new movie (virtual projection movie), is the top figure in the circle. In this respect, he has to ask Wang Luyuan.

“If I had promised at the beginning, what would I do?” Jiang Hongru couldn’t help but think that his own strength would be able to get such an opportunity. Become a famous player and become the world’s leading director.

But this opportunity was abandoned by himself! When he thinks of it, he regrets it. As long as he knows this, he does not have to pay for his own wages!

“Teacher, they are too exaggerated at the box office!” His students looked shocked. This data made him look up. I don’t know if he could make such a movie in his life.

“Miracle!” Jiang Hongru muttered. “This is a miracle. It is also a new opportunity.”


“Yeah. Xiao Yan, there are many companies that want to sign you recently? Have you promised?” Jiang Hongru suddenly asked.

The students were psychologically tight and quickly said: “I am still considering, my strength is not enough, I have to learn more from you.”

“Don’t think about it.” Jiang Hongru said simply, “Go to Red Letter Film. The future movie market must definitely develop into virtual projection film. Now almost all theaters are adding virtual projection theaters, but now only Red Letter Film has mastered the shooting technology in this area.”

“Now they are lacking people. If you go earlier, you will be one step ahead of others. Maybe the opportunities in this life will change. People, sometimes it is just an opportunity.”

After hearing Jiang Hongru say this, the students thought carefully for a while and said, “Teacher, I listen to you! I will go to contact with Red Letter Film!”


Lida film and television, Xia Kui sighed, he and other film and television companies struggled to stop it, in the face of the powerful strength of red letter, actually useless.

Now, Red Letter Film has not only entered the film and television circle, but also has unlimited future. Now those film and television companies still want to stop them? Individually, they are fighting for cooperation with Red Letter.

This situation is completely over, it is a mockery! A group of professional, actually playing a new business.

“Science and Technology is the core competitiveness of modern business!” Xia Kui now has a deep understanding of this sentence. He thought that this situation would only happen in the high-tech Science and Technology industry, who knows in the cultural and entertainment industry can bring such earth-shaking changes.

In any case, he can only regain his fighting spirit. In the future, Lida’s competitors in the circle will add a company, Red Letter Film.

The short-term development goal of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. is still to develop Red Letter Film. Lu Zixin no longer intervened, but Red Letter’s business has encountered some situations.

The big sale of virtual projection equipment is on the one hand, on the other hand, foreign cinemas are preparing to release virtual projection movie “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”, which requires the projection equipment of Red Letter.

However, Red Letter Electronics has long stated that it will not consider exporting its electronic products into the United States until it reduces the unfair and high-value electronic product tax on China’s electronic products.

As a result, the situation is a bit embarrassing. From the perspective of the development of Red Letter Film, the sale of virtual projection equipment to United States is most suitable for development.

However, from the standpoint of the group, this has only gained short-term benefits. In the long run, the company’s large-scale profits have all paid taxes and blood losses to United States.

Therefore, Red Letter Group still firmly stated that even if the short-term movie is not released in the United States, it will not export virtual projection equipment into North American market.

In this regard, North American film and television circle did not have much reaction. Because the virtual projection movie of Red Letter Film is not released, there is no loss for North American box office market.

Once it is going to be released, it is definitely a company that introduces movies. Other companies have to face competition, and everyone does not. It just happens to make time to study this new technology device and shooting method.

But for the American people, some people are dissatisfied. Why can Chinese people enjoy the entertainment of such high Science and Technology, and they can’t enjoy it as the world’s most developed country?

Some people have questioned on the Internet, but the relevant departments in United States have chosen to turn a blind eye, virtual projection movies, can not let them change their minds, they are still waiting, to crack virtual projections, to crack 6G communication and so on.

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