MST Chapter 124 : First Day Rating

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With a group of employees, take the elevator or climb the stairs, everyone went to the office of Jiang Fengxian on the third floor.

Some employees knocked on the door. “Manager Jiang, open the door, President Liu and Advisor Ye are coming.”

Inside, Jiang Fengxian, “Don’t lie to me, you have cheated me three times today, and I will not tell you the ratings without waiting for President Liu and Scourge Ye.”

Ye Guang was still smiling, and suddenly there was a black line. What? Even Jiang Fengxian called him Scourge Ye privately?

The staff screamed and Liu Chiyan also covered her mouth.

Ye Guang is angry, “Bang Bang Bang” took a few shots, “Old Jiang, you give me out! What did you just call me, let’s come to theory!”

There was choking sound from drinking water inside.

Jiang Fengxian came out, and some smiled awkwardly. “That, President Liu, Advisor Ye, come here…”

Ye Guang squinted, “Old Jiang, this will be Advisor Ye? What did you just call?”

Jiang Fengxian then explained, “Advisor Ye, don’t misunderstand, I just praised you, boasting that you can live in a strange place, very powerful!”

Strange goods can live, very powerful.

This was an excuse that the employee who spoke in front of the reporter in a hurry came up with an anxiety. The employees in the studio knew that Jiang Fengxian did not make any mistakes, and also used this to forcefully explain the wave.

Ye Guang is happy, “Hey, yes, this trick has been learned.”

Jiang Fengxian smiled awkwardly.

Ye Guang didn’t have much trouble with Jiang Fengxian. “Okay, let’s talk about the ratings of yesterday’s show. Everyone is waiting.”

Jiang Fengxian nodded, then said, “I was surprised when I received the program ratings. I repeatedly confirmed it several times with CCTV, and finally confirmed that they told me that the program ratings are correct.”

“Manager Jiang, don’t sell off, let’s talk!”

“Come on, we are all waiting from morning.”

“That is, if the Internet has not been announced yet, I will not wait for you.”

Jiang Fengxian stunned them and said, “According to the data given by CCTV, our program was premiered yesterday, with a rating of 0.98.”

Everyone is a glimpse.

Ye Guang is also a glimpse: “So little?”

He just asked, and the employees have begun to cheer.


“It became, became, haha.”

“0.98, Journey to the West is amazing!”

“I’ll say it’s OK!”

Ye Guang is confused.

What is this? What’s happy about the ratings of 0.98?

Ye Guang: “Why are you, only 0.98, what are you like this!”

Ye Guang’s is not very clear about ratings on TV shows, and the number of 0.98 is naturally considered to be very low.

But most of Studio’s employees are clear about these, more clear than Ye Guang, 0.98, the program rating is 0.98, which can’t believe it, although it is in CCTV, but know that many TV stations are the hot of gold. There are no such achievements in the broadcast TV series!

Some employees immediately explained to Ye Guang: “Advisor Ye, you may not know, 0.98 is already a very high rating, and it is almost broken the record. In this year, there are not many programs that can break 1, and you are still a storytelling program. It’s incredible to have this result! Yesterday was the first day, and there was such a result. If it was two days, then it must not take off!”

Ye Guang has some doubts, “Is 0.98 a good grade?”

All the staff nodded affirmed.

“For real?”Ye Guang is still not sure.

Jiang Fengxian speaking, “Let me show you the ratings of all the variety shows yesterday.”

Said, Jiang Fengxian went back to the office and took out a printed A4 paper. “Yesterday, the ratings of major TV stations are here. In the first place is HN satellite TV Happy Camp, the audience rating is 1.32, the second is JS satellite TV’s non-you, the audience rating is 1.24, the third comedy king, the audience rating is 1.14, the fifth wants to sing, the rating is 1.02.”

After reading this, Jiang Fengxian paused. “The sixth place, Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West, has a rating of 0.98.”

Jiang Fengxian looks at Ye Guang, “You don’t need to go down.”

Ye Guang smiled, “It seems… It is not bad.”

Some employees, “It’s not bad. The ratings on the first day almost broke 1, and it’s definitely higher this evening!”

“I think so too, I bet fifty cents.”

“Our show is definitely going to be on fire. It has just been broadcast and it has this result, hehe.”

All the staff have been talking about it.

When the show was broadcast, it was the sixth place in the country’s with so many variety shows. It’s a good result or not. Ye Guang didn’t quite understand what the ratings were, but when he heard HN satellite TV’s Happy Camp’s ratings were 1.32 in the first place, he instantly understood that Journey to the West’s storytelling should be good.

The show has a good start and studio employees are happy.

“Advisor Ye, the show is going to be on fire, you have to treat us.”

Okay, we have to invite guests to dinner again.

Ye Guang was also happy. He took a look at Liu Chiyan. When he saw that she didn’t respond, she should be there. “It’s done. This is just the beginning. After two days, if the ratings are not falling, I invite guests to dinner!”

The crowd cheered.

Ye Guang: “Don’t be around, why should you go, do not go to work today, get off work, get off work, go back.”

All employees, “Ah? Off work? Not working today?”

“All come, now go back…”

“Advisor Ye, do you want to work overtime today, and recording a few episodes.”

Ye Guang repeatedly waved his hand, “Don’t record, don’t record, go back to rest, I have something to do today. Going off work, getting off work, you are all going back, don’t think about overtime pay! Overtime is not a salary.”

The people laughed and dispersed.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan also left with Yiyi.

Some employees looked at the back of the three people and shouted, “Don’t say, I suddenly found that Advisor Ye and President Liu and little princess, three people walked together like this. It’s like a family of three.”

“…… Don’t say it! However, it seems like… is a bit.”

“You really don’t say, do you feel that President Liu is really different for Advisor Ye? Sometimes I feel that this company CEO is Advisor Ye, and this is not President Liu company.”

“You said they would have something?”

“Don’t scared me, Advisor Ye is a relative of President Liu!”

“Relative, can’t you have something?”

“Fart! You have something to do, your family has something to do! Anyway, no one is okay with Goddess Liu!”

“That is, Scourge Ye can deserve President Liu.”

“Advisor Ye… It seems to be quite good, young and promising, still so talented, and looks good.” Yu Xuejia, speaking at the front desk.

“Nonsense! No talent is enough for President Liu, and people are goddess.” Some employees refuted.

“Hey, Xuejia, how do you feel a little blush…”

“Ah –? Have it? -No, no, and no.”

“You wouldn’t like Scourge Ye…”

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