BTC Chapter 494 : A miracle?

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“There is no error in the instrument?” Zeng Hong questioned.

“No!” the nurse said affirmatively.

“The number of cancer cells will decrease…” Department Director Xia Mojin didn’t believe it. “With my decades experience in medicine. His condition can’t be improved! This… how is this possible?”

“Judging from the patient’s recent state. He’s indeed improved!” Zeng Hong was surprised. Thinking of Xue Bai condition these days, from his skinny appearance in the beginning, to now, he’s recovered.

He never seen these changes from a patient with terminal cancer. With his medical experience. King of hell already given Xue Bai a reminder. But, now, Xue Bai is going to “repay his Yang” again? [X-N: yang: positive energy opposite Yin]

“Quick, I want detailed information!” Xia Mojin became excited, “Can lung cancer at advanced stage get better? You must figure it out! If it’s really new medicine… I can’t imagine it!”

Like him, Xue Bai himself never thought I could get better. People know their physical conditions best. In the worst few days, his consciousness had been vague, and he felt that he wanted to say goodbye to the world at any time.

Now, after using the new medicine from Lu Zixin. His thinking has gradually become clearer and his physical condition has improved a lot. From the bottom of his heart, there’s another kind of hope, the hope of living!

If you can live well, who wants to die?

Cancer Immunology Research Center, University of Texas, USA. Brewer is congratulating a colleague with a smile on his face: “Allison, congratulations, for winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine! I went to China a few days ago, and it was a pity that I couldn’t watch the Nobel Prize awards.”

Allison is the platform leader of this research center and a professor of immunology. He’s 70 years old this year. Just half a month ago, he and an immunologist from Japan won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Their contribution is the discovery of new immunotherapy in tumor and cancer immunotherapy. It’s another name for malignant tumors.

Allison has long recovered from the glory and joy of the award. He said: “Thank you, Professor Brewer. Now the outside world is discussing the possibility of our immunotherapy ideas to cure cancer. Many cancer patients and medical institutions have found our research center… Ah, I have the most headaches for these things.”

Brewer nodded and said, “This is really a headache. I went to China a few days ago for this, and I also recommended the patient to try our research center’s latest immunotherapy method. It can temporarily suppresses the immune expression of T cells and increases the immune system’s aggressiveness of tumor cells to suppress cancer. Unfortunately, his family didn’t agree and tried a targeted therapy drug”

“What targeted therapy drugs?” Allison curious about it.

“I don’t know the specifics. He didn’t reveal much information. According to him, they have accurately found the inhibitory targets of cancer cells and synthesized related inhibitory molecules.” Brewer shook his head and said: ” I didn’t think it’s very credible. The patient’s family may have been fooled. After all, he’s very rich!”

Allison agreed. As experts in the field of oncology. They have seen many rich people in order to treat patients with advanced cancer. Relatives don’t hesitate to pay and some black-hearted medical institutions or doctors will take advantage of this opportunity to make a fortune!

As for whether it can be cured. Well, of course it can’t be cured. Anyway, it’s terminal illness, and there’s nothing to say if the patient’s family can’t be cured.

“How is the patient now?” Allison asked curiously.

“Oh, these few days are too busy, I have forgotten to ask. But according to the situation I visited last time. It’s probably critically ill now.” Brewer said.

At this moment, his private hemispherical quantum computer received the document, and Brewer looked at it and said: “We only talked about them, and the latest patient situation report came.”

“I think, it can’t help… ” He said and watched it. His voice suddenly stopped and he let out a startled sound.

“What’s the matter?” Allison asked.

“No…this… is this a miracle? The tumor has shrunk! Cancer cells are suppressed by the inhibitory drugs!” Brewer exclaimed, “Oh, God, I can’t believe it!” His expression was a little bit exaggeration, like seeing God.

“Let me see!” Allison hurriedly asked him for information and checked.

When he read the patient’s physiological information before and after. He immediately exclaimed: “Unbelievable, I’ve never seen such case! This is a medical miracle? If they didn’t fake it!”

“No, I must Ask clearly!” Brewer reacted immediately, he must know if this is true.

“Yes, ask clearly!” The two hurriedly asked the other party and got more information. The other party vowed to guarantee this is absolutely true.

“It’s incredible!” Brewer said excitedly, “If it’s true, this new type of drug has an immediate effect on cancer treatment, it’s a miracle like a god! No, I must go to China in person! Be sure to figure it out!”

“I want to go too!” Allison said.

“But aren’t you going to give a speech? President personally praises you!” Brewer asked. Since Allison won Nobel Prize in Medicine. Invitations to events have continued to flow. These days are his busy days.

“What’s more important than drugs for curing cancer? I must go!” In order to verify this matter. Allison no longer cares about speeches and presidential awards!

At his age, the honors he has won are countless. I’ve seen more than one or two national capitals, and the progress in cancer treatment is more meaningful compared to these. Anyway, Mr. President should understand.

In France, Benoit, an oncologist who received the information, made the same decision as them, and was ready to take the flight to China immediately.

Wu Huaide, an old expert from the capital, came the fastest. When he saw the report, he’s taken aback. He immediately came to Jiangcheng in helicopter to know the patient’s condition.

“According to the examination, cancer cell volume is shrinking. This drug indeed suppressed the cancer cells, and there’s no adverse reaction.” Zeng Hong excitedly introduced to Wu Huaide.

According to this situation, if the patient improves further. It’s the first case of drug treatment for terminal cancer to success. As the attending doctor, his mood is naturally difficult to calm.

“A miracle! I’m really more and more curious about this drug! I really want to know more information!” Wu Huaide deeply moved.

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