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Wu Huaide, a Chinese medicine expert, said euphemistically: “Mister Lu, a lot of unapproved drugs, actually have certain drawbacks. Mr. Xue’s body function is already at a very low level. If you try this drugs, it may lead to serious consequences!”

Two foreign experts also agreed with him. Brewer said: “We are studying new treatments these days. I think we can’t use this new drug at this time.”

Benoit said: “Can you show me the information about this medicine? I mean, the kind that can be announced.”

Lu Zixin knew it was difficult to convince them, said: “I can show you some of the information, which is the best treatment I think is the best.”

Several experts were skeptical when reading the drug information Lu Zixin gave them.

“Ah? Targeted therapy?” This impressed Wu Huaide. He saw some information in the brief information and suddenly gained a sense of identity.

For cancer treatment, targeted therapy at cellular and molecular level always favored by the medical community. This is less harmful to patient compared to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Moreover, if the targeted cancer cells is confirmed and the drug molecules is used accurately to make cancer cells die specifically, it can suppressed the disease.

However, there are only a handful of targeted therapies available in the world, and they are all aimed at special diseases.

As for the targeted treatment of lung cancer, Wu Huaide never heard of any research institutions or medical organizations to publish relevant information. This brief look, it’s really like this.

“Have they found a specific drug molecule that can block the production of cancer cells?” Brewer asked.

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “This is the drug.”

“Really?” Brewer widened his eyes and read the information again. He said, “Is this possible? They can find drugs that can block the formation of cancer cells! No, I want to know the details!”

His first instinct is didn’t believe it. There’s too many such things in the medical world. Whenever a team announces XX drugs or means are effective for a disease, 98% of these drugs are eliminated in clinical trials.

The reaction of drugs in organisms is far from being inferred by a few inferences and formulas.

“Detailed ingredients, I can’t tell.” Lu Zixin certainly won’t tell him the detailed ingredients, which is an important medical secret.

According to a report released by Tufts Drug Development Research Center, the average cost of developing a new drug reached 2.56 billion US dollars! One can imagine the value of a new drug! And, it’s special targeted drugs for cancer cells!

“Sorry, I took the liberty. But without knowing the detailed data. I’m not sure of the practicality of this drug.” Brewer said.

“Dr. Brewer right,” Benoit said, “I have read this information and it’s indeed a mechanism for cancer research, but Mr. Xue is a late stage cancer patient, and the rate of failure to try new drugs is dozen times bigger higher than early cancer! It can be said the probability of death is very high.”

The hospital dean Yue Sibo also nodded: “This decision, our hospital can’t decided it alone. The patient, the patient’s family, and the attending doctor must agree.”

“Okay.” Lu Zixin knew. They were unsure, and he said, “I will explain to the patient and patient’s family first.”

Lu Zixin first told Xue Yao about this incident, and Xue Yao also very entangled. Considering it over and over again, she said: “Let’s do it, I ask my dad’s opinion, if he agrees, use it. He disagrees, forget it.”

Lu Zixin nodded and expressed respect for her opinion. When they told Xue Bai about this, Xue Bai was very refreshed. He said, his life is not much left, and it’s better to make a contribution to medical research.

Afterwards, Lu Zixin negotiated with hospital, and Xue Yao signed a related agreement with them. Only then began to test the new drug.

In fact, several experts have no hope for new drugs. They said farewell to Lu Zixin, saying that they would return to their respective locations for work.

“Mister Lu, Mr. Xue’s condition will always be our concern. We will do our best to ease his condition.” Brewer got on the plane and he will return to United States.

“If you have any questions, you can call me.” Wu Huaide left his personal phone number.

The same is true for Benoit. The three world-class medical experts all return, which is enough to show their confidence in the new medicine.

Only patients will blindly believe in new drugs, and they know that to become a specific medicine for a specific disease, it takes countless failures to succeed.

In the end, Xue Bai is probably only one of the failure cases.

The attending doctor Zeng Hong is also under pressure. When Xue Bai took the drug for the first time, he asked the nurse to check the patient’s condition every half an hour.

There’s also Xue Yao who was equally worried as he was. She was afraid of Xue Bai rejection reaction, so she stayed in front of the hospital bed.

To their surprise, Xue Bai didn’t show any abnormality ten hours after taking the drug.

On the second day, Xue Bai diet increased slightly compared with yesterday. On the third day, it was a little better than yesterday.

“From patient current situation, the condition has temporarily eased and there’s no further deterioration. However, the specific situation needs to be observed for another two weeks.” Zeng Hong reported Xue Bai condition to department director.

“Huh? Is this medicine really effective?” Xia Mojin also very surprised. He warned repeated: “If you found out any changes, immediately deal with it.”

“No matter how good the treatment is, you can’t ignore it!”

“Well, I’ve been staring.” Zeng Hong naturally knows the weight of this. After all, the patient’s origin is not simple. The condition deteriorated and the hospital was under great pressure.

In the same way, if the condition improves, it means more! The hospital can see dead people every day, but if there are drugs that can cure terminal illnesses, it will definitely make a sensation in the world!

Glancing at him, Lu Zixin is also following up on Xue Bai treatment. A week later, Xue Bai improvement has actually improved, his diet has increased, and his body can move easily.

Faced with this situation, the doctors expressed their surprise and checked again.

In the consultation room, department director and attending doctor are waiting nervously, even more nervous than those patients. This is not just a treatment, it’s also a new medical attempt.

“The report came out!” The nurse approached with the test results, and the two quickly checked it.

Seeing the data, the two couldn’t help but shout out: “The number of cancer cells has actually started to decrease! The condition already suppressed!”

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