BTC Chapter 425 : Logical Reasoning of Continuous Turns

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“Can you start?” asked the event host.

“Yes, I am ready!” The answer is not Lu Zixin, but Hong Xiaoxiao.

“Well?” Xiaozhi was stunned by the side, Hong Xiaoxiao answer made him feel a bit strange.

“Well, your artificial intelligence is going to play against the super AI that our AI masters have gathered more than a dozen professional AI trainers to create. Now the challenge begins, the first question, look at the picture!”

“Describe the scene on the map with the right words!”

I saw a photo in the projection.  On the campus, a young boy with a bag carrying a musical instrument trumpet played to the ear of a girl. The girl covered her ears, her face was unhappy, and the boy looks vengeful.

The intelligence of AI masters quickly spoke, using their low-pitched male voices to say: “On the way out of school, a boy is playing a trumpet to a girl!”

“Good!” Some people have already applauded. This intelligence has been analyzed through pictures. The background location is at school, the time is evening, and there are characters and movements, which are more detailed than those described by some children.

It’s Hong Xiaoxiao turn, and Hong Xiaoxiao novel says: “Is this boy deliberately mischievous to this girl because they have contradictions, such as feelings of disharmony and breaking up?”

Hong Xiaoxiao did not have the same formal description problem as AI Master, but also raised a question! But this is the problem, let the noisy malls quiet for a moment!

“My God, she can actually analyze the pictures, figure out the characters’ behavior and psychology, but also speculate!” Several AI trainers of AI Masters shocked!

The problem Hong Xiaoxiao said is almost the same as that of most adults! The machine will only describe the scene rigidly, but the intelligence can be associative with human beings for logical reasoning!

“Is it really artificial intelligence? It won’t be connected to a real person!”

“Artificial intelligence can think so much? I feel that my artificial intelligence is a fool!”

“You can guess even things like breaking up! I suspect in my eyes, this is a fake intelligence!”

“Yeah, this picture is to analyze by primary school students, and it is not always possible to say such things?”

Everyone has questioned, even Xiaozhi suspects: “You cheated! Can artificial intelligence infer so much information? Or, are you a business owner?”

Su Xiaomeng glanced at him and said: “That is our intelligence! No cheating!”

Xiaozhi coldly snorted and said: “Do you think I will believe? You ask everyone to believe it or not?”

The audience next to “Definitely!” shouted.

“Cheat our feelings! Garbage business!”

“Is it fake before? Deliberately let us challenge it!” The onlookers shouted and let the AI ​​master’s staff sweat.

“Please calm down!” the event host hurriedly shouted, “We can guarantee that there is absolutely no cheating in this event!”

“We have professional equipment here. It’s detected that this contestant connected to artificial intelligence and is detected by Quantum Information Network! You should know, the Quantum Information Network is operated by Red Letter Group and there are no security problems!”

They moved out of the Quantum Information Network and Red Letter Group, and they really convinced everyone.

The event host rushed to save the scene and said: “In order to prove that our questions and answers not arranged in advance, the next story is the Solitaire, which is randomly selected by the audience!”

Fortunately, the host of this event was a bit savvy. This approach calmed the audience and slightly recognized it.

“If you want to ask questions, please raise your hand. Well, this lady, you should start with a head and say a word, ask for the scope of the story.” The event host randomly appointed one person.

The woman said, “Well, I just want to say one. I am playing games at home, and suddenly someone knocks on the door, and hen the next request is a daily life scene.”

AI Master’s artificial intelligence first pick, it said: “I asked: ‘Who is it?’ There was a voice coming out: ‘Your takeaway is here, come out and take it’.”

The AI ​​master trainers showed a satisfying emoticon, and they let the company’s artificial intelligence learn a variety of life, games, entertainment materials. This level of problem, their intelligence can be solved perfectly.

“Well, stop, who will come out of the next scene?” asked the host.

“I, the next scene requires a terrifying scene!”

Hong Xiaoxiao: “I came to the door and wanted to open the door and take the takeaway. I suddenly remembered that I didn’t order any takeaway. I looked close to the cat’s eye and looked away from the blood-red. The knocking on the door became more intense, as if to smash my door!”

“Good! This is a good one!” Someone applauded.

Then there is a new round of applause, and the scene requirements become a warm scene.

The AI ​​master artificial intelligence has a little responsive, and there was no voice coming out. After two seconds, the artificial intelligence forcibly said a story: “Mom called me and told me that the gift for me had arrived. I was very happy.”

“Isn’t this alright?” The audience was dissatisfied. The terrifying atmosphere of the story has not disappeared yet!

The event host quickly said: “Artificial intelligence has received such a degree, it is already very powerful. Its language logic and thinking logic are very good!”

The crowd nodded, they almost forgot, this time the story is computer, not real human.

“Xiaoxiao, you come to pick up this story again,” Lu Zixin said.

Hong Xiaoxiao continued: “The door suddenly opened, father, mother, and friends suddenly appeared, cheering loudly: ‘Happy birthday!’ I discovered that the original take-out was my friend’s, the blood-red on the cat’s eyes. Because the red wrapping paper blocks it!”

“Wow, it’s amazing!” Su Xiaomeng applauded Hong Xiaoxiao.

The audience next to them also surprised: “Respond quickly! This story is good!”

“Is this a win?”

“Should be, this is more intelligent than their AI masters!”

“This intelligence is so strong!”

Aside, Xiaozhi was still frowns, and he suddenly asked: “Take the terrifying scene again!”

Hong Xiaoxiao: “Tears have filled my eyes, I told myself that this is not true. Because my parents died in a car accident as early as ten years ago!”

The style of the story was suddenly terrifying, and the audience cheered: “Intelligent brain!”


“This AI I have served, can go to write novels!”

“There is someone left in this pass!”

“A mountain is still taller than a mountain!”

“Impossible, can it’s logical reasoning be connected?” Xiaozhi shouted in dissatisfaction: “Change again, become a science fiction scene!”

Hong Xiaoxiao was instantly connected: “In a sealed biological culture tank, a human brain is soaked in a green solution. This is the brain of ‘I’. Next to ‘I’, a scientist wearing a white coat says: ‘This owner brain died in a car accident ten years ago. We used brain preservation techniques to continue the life of his brain. When he stimulated his brain with bioelectricity, he would have some illusions.”

“pā pā pā ……” The host of the event couldn’t help but applaud and said, “It’s too good! This is the smartest intelligence I have ever seen logically thinking!”

“Does this AI sell? I want to buy it! Download it!” Others shouted at Lu Zixin.

“Xiaoxiao awesome!” Su Xiaomeng smiled and praised, Xiaozhi and AI ​​masters of artificial intelligence trainers on the side are all stunned. This… Is this intelligence a “real person” hanging? No, it’s a real person. If you don’t have enough association skills, you won’t be able to pick it up!

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