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In this way, Lu Zixin started work on Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System project. When Han Jia announced the orders of CEO, the staff of project department was also very puzzled.

“Isn’t this chaos? Our work is going well. Now it’s suddenly stopped. Isn’t it all messy?” Wei Tongfu, a senior programmer in the project department, was dissatisfied and said, “No, I have to tell the boss. Look, can’t play like this!”

“Old Wei, this is the two bosses set, you will be wronged.” Han Jia advised, “Try first, if it really doesn’t work, let’s make another comment!”

Wei Tongfu thought about it and felt that it was a bit bad to directly refute the boss’s instructions. He said, “Let’s try it first. But if he can’t do it, we can submit your opinion with me when that happen! We Red Letter Cloud Intelligent System has finally found this point, but it can’t be destroyed. This is our hard work!”

“Well, I will go with you by then.” Han Jia nodded.

Even if other employees have opinions, it is not easy to mention them. At most, they complain a few words.

“My God, our project has been under development for half a year, and now it has to be like this. The supervisor said, this month is estimated to work overtime every day!” Someone spit.

“Overtime work overtime, anyway, there are overtime pay.” There are also employees who are comfortable with the situation.

“I heard that the head of HQ office came to lead us to do this project. Does the boss know this? Isn’t it going to be a moment?”

“Of course, General is a master in this area!” said an old employee. “I dare say that with computer technology, we a whole company don’t have little General skill!”

When he finished, everyone showed his unbelief face and said: “Brother, are you too far-fetched? People can’t hear it. You have to say that you have money, we are absolutely convinced, but when it comes to us Professional technology, then we will not accept it!”

“I didn’t lie to you! At the beginning, General saved the whole company by himself!” The old staff continued, but those who have not seen Lu Zixin’s level still don’t believe it.

In their view, Lu Zixin is able to create a company like Red Letters at a young age. It is already the same person in the sky. This kind of person can surpass them at the professional level. Is there any reason?

“Do you not believe it? If you don’t, make a bet with me, I dare say that under the leadership of General, our project will definitely make great progress. If I lose, your breakfast in a month, I am wrapped!” Old employees see themselves Can’t convince others, a little anxious.

“Good! If we lose, your lunch in the middle of the month, we packed!” The people quickly promised.


Lu Zixin used his powerful thinking ability to understand the progress and research direction of each part of the current project department within half a day, and then began the project division.

By himself, he has developed a brain, which is the Arabian Nights! The amount of work involved in artificial intelligence is far from being done by one person. It is a team that can’t do much high-energy intelligence in a few years.

Artificial intelligence is just a general statement. The algorithms and operating rules are different according to their different roles. For example, some focus on medical care, some focus on financial data, or smart home system, smart driving system, urban traffic management system, etc., all of which are artificial intelligence, and their roles are different.

Every function, time and effort is unimaginable, and Lu Zixin can only do one of the functions first, which is about the smartphone voice assistant.

Some basic functions such as speech recognition and information conversion have been completed. The red letter cloud intelligent information processing system has been completed. What he needs to do now is to build an algorithm framework that allows the intelligent system to “learn” and process human information more humanely.

To this end, Lu Zixin also consulted several group members, such as Red Queen and Tony Stark, who also provided Lu Zixin with some valuable experience and data.

Lu Zixin started working, and with the cloud host supercomputer, his efficiency can be significantly improved.

The other employees of project department are all working with Lu Zixin, and some of the tasks are done by them.

Every day, the project department is busy, and Lu Zixin is constantly sending out new tasks, asking them to complete quickly.

“Framework, learning, perfection…” Lu Zixin has been improved one by one and uses programs to coordinate with each other.

The prototype of a smartphone voice assistant is slowly forming. On the 28th day of Lu Zixin’s formal research, he has basically completed this thing, and then he checked the leaks, tried to run, and corrected the BUG.

At the end of the month, the smartphone voice assistant, which Lu Zixin personally participated in and designed, was officially announced.

It is part of “Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System” and can also be called Red Cloud. However, the future Red Cloud, with the algorithm framework designed by Lu Zixin, will definitely continue to improve and complement the functions.

“Complete, do the internal demonstration today?” They heard the news, the staff of project department still can’t believe it, and the progress is too fast, right?

The design of main body has always been completed by Lu Zixin. They don’t know the degree of perfection. Now it is only a month after the full calculation, and it is completed. This speed can be said to be the same!

“So fast? Isn’t that a 5% product?” Some people suspect that maybe the boss is too anxious?

“Take him, go see this System trial run, and you will know when you get there.”

The employees went to the location of the demonstration together, curious to see how the intelligent voice assistant developed by the company’s CEO was.

On the demonstration desk inside the company, the staff was preparing things, and the top and important designers of Lu Zixin, Liang Song, Han Jia, Wei Tongfu and so on came.

When people arrived, Lu Zixin stood on the stage and announced aloud: “Today, the intelligent voice assistant independently developed by our Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. has been initially successful. It will be the first of Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System. Full function!”

“In the meantime, thanks to the unremitting efforts and efforts of our colleagues, let us now test whether it is successful or not, and to what extent!”

The next show was operated by Han Jia, who said with a smile : “To be honest, I didn’t even think we could develop it so soon. I really have to admire General here, really a genius!”

“Now we start from the basic functions.”

Han Jia held a HX2 smartphone and said: “This is the first mobile phone with Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant installed by Red Letter. Now I will open it!”

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