BTC Chapter 161 : Clown

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He looked at Zuo Qiuting and said harshly: “There is no need to talk about the endorsement. In addition, you must apologize for the wrong words and deeds!”

“Don’t think!” Zuo Qiuting said that, then turn around to leave.

Xie Gan said: “It is okay not to apologize. From today, the partners of Red Letter Group and Red Letter will refuse to cooperate with you and all the superstar entertainment companies behind you!”

“I want to remind you that you are not clean, your entertainment company will help you block it. But we are Red Letter, we don’t have this obligation!”

After he finished, Hu Jing looked pale. This is the last ultimatum of the other party. If Zuo Qiuting is still determined not to accept the loss, it is a trivial matter not to endorse, but it is a major event.

The channel and network of Red Letter Group can be much stronger than them. Red Letters is a huge pressure for them as long as they are private.

In particular, she knows that Zuo Qiuting’s black material is too much!

There is an entertainment company blocking, Zuo Qiuting can be safe and sound, if Red Letter shot, will soon be able to explode his black material all over the sky, then Zuo Qiu Ting can not turn around, the company will be implicated.

The most important thing is that Zuo Qiuting is not responsible for this matter! This leaves her with no conditions to negotiate with the other party.

“Zuo Qiuting, you stand!” Hu Jing shouted and stopped in front of Zuo Qiuting. Then whispered: “Xiao Zuo, listen to sister, take a soft, do not hard? Count my sister asking you!”

“Impossible!” Zuo Qiuting is arrogant and does not let the half-point.

Hu Jing said: “I know that I don’t have enough face. I told the boss to tell you, OK?”

Said, she called the CEO of Superstar Entertainment, and briefly said things.

Superstar entertainment company’s backstage is always the big entertainment industry, there are many first-line artists, and also has a large theater, film and television website shares.

When he heard Hu Jing’s report, he immediately became angry. “I will ask you, who is wrong in this matter? If it is a red letter, we are not afraid of him. If it is Zuo Qiuting, you call him to answer Laozi phone!”

Hu Jing confided the phone to Zuo Qiuting and said: “The boss.”

Zuo Qiuting sighed and yelled “Hello,” and the other person squatted down.

“Zuo Qiuting, what is your special interest? Who is not in the eyes? Ceo of Red Letter, I have to ask a good question, are you better than God? You are hurting the younger sister of General, and let People rolling? Are you the king of heaven?”

“I warn you, you immediately apologize to me! If the company suffers from the loss of this matter, Laozi will be clear to you! You remember clearly, you can red because you are not the cow, because Laozi is holding you! One person, Laozi can hold it up!”

Zuo Qiuting listened to the blue-bellied violent temperament Mixed in the entertainment circle, he knows the weight of the boss’s words too much. If he does not do it, these words will no longer be arrogant, but will become a reality!

His eyes were red and he looked at Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin is still sitting on the sofa, Su Xiaomeng and Lu Wei two little girls at this time did not dare to speak, do not know what happened.

Zuo Qiuting is full in heart, Hu Jing pushed him again. Zuo Qiuting stood in front of Lu Zixin and squeezed a few words in his teeth and said, “General, sorry.”

“Is sorry what?” Lu Zixin asked.

“You…” Zuo Qiuting’s lungs were all blown up, and Ding Yiran went to the side with interest and pretended to see nothing.

“I should not insult you!” Zuo Qiuting takes a deep breath and admits, “I apologize to you.”

“More than that?” Lu Zixin asked.

If there is an opportunity, Zuo Qiuting really wants to hit him with a fist. But he didn’t dare. He just heard the boss’s words. He still wants to enjoy the current star life, so he still has to endure. When he was not famous, he could easily say this apology. Now it is just a review.

He turned to Lu Wei again and whispered: “Sorry, I accidentally pushed you, it was my fault.”

Lu Wei’s eyes widened, she never thought about it, Zuo Qiuting would apologize to herself! Although she is not now Zuo Qiuting fans, but the other party is still a big star!

Behind Zuo Qiuting, Cheng Ying bit her lip and looked at Zuo Qiiting, who was still alive, and she admits that the world view is subverted!

She looked at Lu Zixin’s eyes with some horror. It turned out that this was what the circle Senior told her, but in a word, Zuo Qiuting had to bow!

Fortunately, I have not done anything out of the ordinary, otherwise it is her now embarrassing!

Su Xiaomeng is even more excited. These two people just yelled at their neuropathy. Now dare not? Still brother-in-law is more amazing!

“Reluctantly, let me go, I am too lazy to see you!” Lu Zixin waved. The tone of his speech is the same as that of Hu Jing and Zuo Qiuting. It was a disgusting and disdainful tone. In less than ten minutes, the positions of the two were completely replaced!

Zuo Qiuting closed his eyes and said nothing. Hu Jing quickly pulled him and said: “I’m sorry, today is our fault. Our boss has already smashed us, General  Lu, I promise, we must correct it after we go back.”

When she finished, she pulled Zuo Qiuting and pulled it away.


After ten minutes, a few people seem to have completely forgotten what happened just now, and they don’t mention it. However, Ding Yiran knows that although Zuo Qiuting apologized, but he went back this time, the trouble is still indispensable.

Knowing that Su Xiaomeng is Lu Zixin’s little sister-in-laws, Ding Yiran also specially took photos with them, chatting and laughing, which made Su Xiaomeng’s little vanity satisfy the explosion, and she was very happy.

After Lu Wei passed this out, there were fewer words, and it was estimated that there was some fear.

In the evening, when watching the concert, Su Xiaomeng also mentioned this matter and said: “Brother-in-laws, you are too domineering in the afternoon, just like the boss in the movie!”

“Don’t say, don’t tell your sister, lest she say I teach you bad!” Lu Zixin said.

“Reassure, we are a front!” Su Xiaomeng said with a smile.

On the other side, Zuo Qiuting moved out of the hotel that day and changed a place. Not only that, the furnishings in the room were messed up by him, and it was broken!

“Xiao Zui, why are you? Anyway, no one knows!” Hu Jing advised, “If you want to mix this circle, you have to learn to bow. You swear, we have to lose money.”

“F***!” Zuo Qiuting said, “Hey, you can’t afford it!”

Hu Jing shook her head and let him vent. When Zuo Qiuting finished smashing of the cockroaches, he was lying on the bed and shouted: “My mom didn’t dare to ask me to apologize, what is he?”

“Hey, don’t say it!” Hu Jing pulled down his face and said: “Before you are willful, I don’t say anything. But in the future, you remember clearly, and converge your temper a little! Otherwise, my sister resigned and let yourself go!”

“Sister Hu, don’t you help me?” Zuo Qiu-Ting said.

“Help you mess around? I have to remind you that this matter is not finished yet. The boss asked us to rush back immediately. You have to admit your mistakes to the boss tomorrow. What are you doing, you are honestly recognized. Also help you. I don’t know what to do!” Hu Jing is also angry.


Su Xiaomeng only played for more than a day in Pengcheng, and was sent to the plane by Lu Zixin the next day. She still had some reluctance.

“Brother-in-laws, I will come to you for the next holiday!”

“You can talk about it after the college entrance exam!” Lu Zixin said goodbye.

The small storm of Zuo Qiuting’s incident had no effect on Red Letter. The influence was Zuo Qiuting. It is said that a movie he was about to starred in was replaced, and the influence of other aspects was even greater.

Lu Zixin didn’t pay attention to these things, and the company’s people would naturally handle it. He began to focus on ‘smart photography’ research.

This is part of Lu Zixin’s next development plan, and smart photography is just the project name. The technologies that are really being developed are laser projection, processing imaging, and smart photography chips. This can be used not only for smartphones, but also for other smart devices, such as the G-551 smart glasses that Lu Zixin already has.

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