BTC Chapter 162 : Low-level intelligence

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It is impossible for the laboratory to say that it will be built soon, but research and development has begun. The image processing software was handed over to Red Letter Software Development Company, and the chip was handed over to the chip development team. The newly formed team mainly studied laser imaging, optical sensors and image display devices.

It is not difficult to create a mobile phone camera. The difficulty is how to improve pixel and image processing functions, smart focus and so on.

Just like the camera, it is also known as 12 million pixels. The image taken with Apple mobile phone looks better than the average domestic mobile phone. The main difference is the gap between image processing technology.

In the lab, Lu Zixin is guiding R&D team of Red Letter, and a group of professional developers are listening quietly.

“The goal we have to overcome first is three directions.” Lu Zixin said, “The first one is the camera under the screen.”

“Red Letter’s current smartphone can’t avoid the ‘forehead’ on mobile phone screen. Compared with other full-screen mobile phones, it seems a bit backward. Make a screen camera to free the screen and give users a better vision experience.”

A researcher said: “General, according to our current technology, will reduce the number of mobile phones ‘forehead’ at most, leaving a bang.”

“So I need you all to study this.” Lu Zixin said. “This is the first.”

“The second one is smart zoom and focus.” he continued. “We not only want to hide the phone camera under the screen, but also keep it consistent with the thickness of the phone. There is no bulge. When shooting, it can be smart zoom and focus. Let ordinary people who can’t take pictures enjoy the fun of photography and shoot professional-grade images!”

When they heard Lu Zixin say these two things, the developers were all embarrassed. These questions are easy to say and difficult for research and development is too high. A screen camera, the technology and problems involved are enough for them to study for a few years, let alone make a small and intelligent camera.

“The third is laser projection. With projection instruments, it is possible to form images in the air or develop micro-projection instruments to directly project light and shadow images onto the user’s retina.”

Lu Zixin saw that everyone is already bitter face, said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, I will study with you for half a month, and I will try to solve any problems together.”

The R&D team is playing drums. What are the three problems? Just list it a bit, the problem of refinement has to be thousands!

When the real R&D started, they discovered that it seems that R&D is not as difficult as it might be. Whenever they encounter some important concerns, General or the company will provide some important reference materials or instruments to let them break through the difficulties and continue to move forward. Sometimes, they feel that the development is simply unreasonable!

Lu Zixin and R&D team exchanged for more than half a month, then went to Jiangcheng to check the progress of software development.

“Face recognition software has been initially successful, and image processing is also being carried out. This is the aspect of intelligent voice assistant, which is relatively poor.” said Liang Song.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. has been assigned to Liang Song for one year. During the year, in addition to the computer housekeepers, Red Letter also developed various APP’s which is Redmail’s web browser, game platform, HX mobile phone system and Redmail mobile phone. It can be said that the merits are remarkable.

“What’s worse?” Lu Zixin asked.

“In the intelligent voice assistant software, voice recognition is transformed into computer information. This is not difficult. We have mastered the relatively mature technology. It is difficult to intelligently process received information. Simply put, the core of this software is a low-level one. “artificial intelligence”.”

Liang Song said: “We are now poor in this level of artificial intelligence, so the project team is working hard to develop Red Letter’s intelligent information processing system. Now the research and development is always unsatisfactory, too stupid.”

“I don’t know what it is, let me see it,” Lu Zixin said.

“Well, go to the project department of Cloud host, the project team is there.” Liang Song just said.

He took Lu Zixin to the project department, where the staff has expanded by more than a hundred people from the original dozens, and the level is not low.

“Director Liang!” The project leader and the top programmer Han Jia came to say hello.

“This is, General Lu?” Han Jia was hired at the beginning of this year and has never seen Lu Zixin.

“Yes, General wants to look at the intelligent information processing system we developed and showcase it to General!” said Liang Song.

“Of course, this System, we named Red Letter Cloud System, referred to as Red Cloud.” Han Jia said while walking, “Now Internet companies are doing cloud data analysis and calculation, in order to obtain “information data” Bonus. This is the trend. Our red letter is no exception, not to mention Red Letter has a powerful Cloud host!”

“Red Letter Cloud System can perform simple analysis and processing according to user big data. It can satisfy some daily requirements, such as simple dialogue, open relationship functions, or quick search, query and the like.”

The functions that Han Jia said, in fact, the intelligent information processing system of other companies can almost do it. If this is the case, Lu Zixin is not satisfied.

They arrived at the place. These are a few specially designed computer devices for human-computer interaction that can perform speech recognition. The main body of the Red Letter Cloud System is here.

“Xiao Song, show some to General several features of our Red Letter Cloud System.” Han Jia beckoned, came a young employee.

“General is good, Director Liang is good! My name is Song Yue.” Song Yue first said hello.

“Get started.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Song Yue nodded and said: “Our Red Letter Cloud System name is called ‘Red Cloud’, and it is first of all possible for daily voice communication.”

“Red Cloud, hello!” Song Yue shouted at the equipment.

A simple image appears on the device. It is a cartoon image with changes in the lines of the lips. It is said by the electronic synthesis sound of female: “Hello, Song Yue.”

Song Yue introduced Lu Zixin: “It identifies my identity through the Face Recognition System. The recognition success rate reaches 99%.”

“Have you eaten?” Song Yue asked again.

“I am artificial intelligence, don’t have to eat, have you eaten?” Red Cloud replied according to the set program.

“Eat. Red Cloud, help me check the weather today.” Song Yue finished, Red Cloud began to search for information, and then replied: “Today is cloudy, the daily maximum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to wear jackets, air index 82 Good, can participate in outdoor activities…”

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